Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cold, Snowy February

Well this month will be one for the record books. This month's snowfall, set at the Dayton Int'l Airport, was 23.0".  This is the second snowiest February on record, the first place was set in 2010 with 31.6".  Not only have we see a snowy February, but a cold one as well.  It wasn't super cold, as a matter of fact we only dropped to -2 degrees on the 8th for the coldest temperature. The warmest was 42 degrees on the 21st, but once you compile all of the temperatures we were at 24.4 degrees for the monthly average, which is 5.8 degrees BELOW the average.  So if your electric bill has been slightly more than years past, there is a reason for that.

This week high temps will be above freezing, but will fall below freezing at night, so refreezing of untreated pavement will cause icy spots this week.  The good news is that we will not be seeing a lot of snow in the near future, just flurries.  The east coast system looks to be out of our hair for Tuesday and Wednesday and, at most, we will see a light dusting.  Warmer temperatures on the way for the rest of the week and some sunshine as well, but another wintry mix possible next weekend.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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