Monday, February 15, 2010

Today's Snow: Good and Bad

So I don't know how many of you have shoveled the snow yet, but it is VERY fluffy and light.  The good news is that it wont be as hard to shovel as the past snows, but the bad news is with winds picking up to 10-20 mph and gusts close to 30 mph, we are going to see this snow blow and drift MUCH easier than the last couple of snows.  The reason is that the temperatures have remained in the mid to lower twenties for this snow, where the previous snows have been closer to 30 degrees.

We could still see about another 2-4 inches between now, 5:00 PM and tomorrow afternoon, so the snow isn't over just yet, although it will start to lighten up and become a little more scattered.  So with about 6-8 inches of this fluffy snow, I expect a lot of problems for commuters, especially in the rural areas. 

Wednesday and Thursday a few lingering flurries, or light lake effect snow, but not a lot in the form of accumulation.  A look ahead at the next clipper system swinging down for next weekend has it tracking through the middle of Kentucky as of the latest models, as time nears, these systems, about 95% of the time, tend to pull more northerly so we will need to keep another close eye on this system in case it trends the same as many clippers.

Andrew Buck Michael

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