Friday, February 5, 2010

Might need to tack on a couple more....

Well it is 1:50 AM Friday morning and my first chance to sit down and check the models, been busy doing a story on all the people heading out to get ready for the snow.

Anyways the new models are showing some enhanced snowfall.... Again, if you see any icing, or especially any prolonged icing, expect your snowfall totals to be less, but if you are seeing all snow, I think 8" would not be out of the question for the mid part of the Miami Valley with some locations seeing slightly more.  The system is ramping up as it is entering our area and the icing and rain/snow mix will be the deciding factor as to how much snow people will be seeing.... Mike Terwilleger and Jeff Booth will be in on Friday and Saturday with extended coverage starting each day at 5 AM, as well as myself doing field reports on the snow....

Here is a thought that I might be able to swing by the boss, leave a comment on here letting me know where you live and why you want me to do a snowfall total there and I will try to make it happen during my field reporting, just leave a comment on here.... Why not have a little fun with this storm!!  Have a good one and travel safely!

Andrew Buck Michael

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