Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A look ahead

Well the models are starting to settle down and starting to agree for the most part on the track and timing for the next system.  It looks like Saturday AM we could see a snow shower or two, but accumulations will be pretty light... Then a brief break of high pressure on Saturday PM and Sunday AM. 

The real impressive system then tracks just to our south on recent models, basically along the Ohio River.  This means another shot of a decent accumulations because anything North of the low will be snow and anything South of the low will be rain.  As great as rain sounds right now instead of snow, we really do not want rain with this snow.... flooding is going to be a major problem when this starts melting and rain would only flash-melt a lot of the snow we currently have, not to mention the ground is still frozen and not going to be absorbing much, if any, liquid until its warmed up a little bit.  Anyways the snow looks to start late Sunday night and provide quite a quick punch of snow Monday morning.  Although I expect the models to move around a little more and these numbers can chance, the most recent data shows the potential for another 4-6+" of snow..... I will keep things up-to-date on here and keep you posted in the coming days, until then, have a good one.

Andrew Buck Michael

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