Friday, February 5, 2010

Snowfall totals ramped up!

The most up-to-date models are in and they are calling for even more precipitation due to enhanced conditions.

Now I have gotten a few reports here to the blog, my parents in South-Central Darke County, said they are seeing a few flakes of snow at 9:20, one person in Arcanum said it was freezing rain at 8:15, but now, 9:20, turned to a few flakes of snow, and someone in Celina actually reported rain at 8:15 as well.... If you would like to send in what you are seeing and at what time, I would be glad to repost those so others get an idea of what it is doing.  The radar tries its best to decipher what is falling to the ground, but nothing beats human observation.  

If the evaporative cooling does the trick and we switch back over to all snow, I think 6-10" is definitely within our reach, possibly slightly more in some spots.  If we continue to see a light icing, it will take an inch or two off of our expected totals.  The snow looks to be more enhanced and the atmosphere is basically holding a basket of moisture over us and if it decides to cool down, we are about to get dumped on...

I will be back on throughout the day so keep up-to-date right here, and comment in your observations, thanks in advance.... Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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