Friday, September 23, 2022

Gearing up for my next race, fall has arrived, Florida hurricane?

We have had some really nice weather lately. A little warm at times, but I was off earlier this week and once I dropped the kids off at school I was able to go run 13 miles out at Prairie Oaks metro park. Beautiful morning because the rain had moved out a couple hours before. Only got caught in one quick shower. My next race is in one month. I am running the Empower Backyard Ultra on October 22. This race is a backyard ultra where runners run 1 "yard", which is 4.1666 miles at the start of each hour. If you finish before the next hour then you rest until the start of the next hour. And you keep going until runners drop out or don't make it back in time. So the runner who keeps going the longest wins the race. I am excited to see how long I can go. I have a good buddy, Mike, helping to crew it and will be manning my tent so when I get back to camp I can rest before heading out for the next "yard". 

We have been monitoring Hurricane Fiona in the Atlantic, but a new tropical depression formed at 5AM today. This will likely become Hurricane Hermine and impact the gulf coast of Florida next week. Stay tuned to the forecast!
It is a chilly morning with temps dipping into the 40s, so grab the jacket! We will start the day with sunny skies and then more afternoon clouds as we warm to 66 for the high. More clouds tonight with a few sprinkles possible. Saturday will be mostly cloudy with a stray shower or two possible. A few peeks of sun possible Saturday with a high around 71. A warm front will lift through Saturday night for a few more showers overnight and then a 40% chance of rain on Sunday with scattered showers/storms and a high around 74. A cold front will pass through heading into early next week and our highs dip back into the 60s. A couple stray showers possible Monday and Tuesday, mainly north, with mostly cloudy skies and highs dipping back into the mid 60s. More sun Wednesday and Thursday, but we remain in the mid 60s for highs and overnight lows in the 40s. So our best chance of rain will be Sunday, but even that will be scattered; not widespread. Sunday is also our “warmest” day, in the mid 70s, but most of the 7-day will be chilly in the morning and cool in the afternoons. Welcome to Fall! Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Checking in...

Hello! It has been a while. A lot going on over the summer. We had the funeral for my grandmother in July and that was a whirlwind of events. Then a couple days later we had scheduled to leave for Michigan for a family vacation. It was a lot of fun spending time with the kids fishing in the mornings.
We had a great time in Southwestern Michigan. We did some dune riding and spent lots of time at the beach in Grand Haven. Such a great place to take a family vacation.

The garden has been doing pretty well! We made some salsa again this year, but the tomatoes have slowed down their turn from green to red. Lots of green tomatoes right now. 
We spent Labor Day in Cleveland to visit Dawn's family. We also went downtown to watch part of the air show. Such a great show and we really enjoyed the Blue Angels flight. 
Fall and early winter is normally one of the busiest times for Balm By Buck. I realized yesterday that I never actually wrote a mission statement. I always knew why I wanted to make the product. Now I use this product for so many things. At first it was just to style my hair each morning. But then I found out that it works great as a barrier for my skin & face on really windy, cold winter days to keep my skin from drying out. It also works great as an anti-chafe barrier to avoid hot spots and blisters when I am doing really long runs. 
We have a beautiful stretch of weather on the way! Today we have a couple pockets of fog, but we will become mostly sunny this afternoon with high temps in the upper 70s. There may be a stray shower, but most of us will remain dry until late Saturday. So a very pleasant afternoon today. Cool and mostly clear tonight with low temps in the upper 50s. Mostly sunny for Thursday and Friday with highs in the lower 80s. Cool mornings then warm afternoons with low humidity. Enjoy the warm sun! Saturday we will see more clouds and high temps around 80. Some isolated showers and storms later in the day possible. More scattered showers and storms on Sunday and Monday with high temps dipping back into the 70s. Some of the rain may linger into Tuesday, but the bulk of the rain will likely be Sunday into Monday. High temps likely staying in the 70s through the end of next week. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, July 18, 2022

Niagara Fall, Picnic with the Pops, Hilltop USA 5k, and more

This summer is FLYING by!  A few weeks ago I went to Niagara Falls with my wife's family. We had a lot of fun while we were there a few days.
I got our for some runs around the falls and it is a magical place in the morning because you can find rainbows on the American side during the morning, in the mist.
They I came back and emceed the Hilltop USA 5k. Great run to help local veterans. I managed to get second place in my age group.
The following weekend I ran in the Dash for Donations 5k. Fred Girscht was a transplant recipient 21 years ago and asked for me to run on his Team Superman group. I ran the entire race with him and he got his personal best!
Then I went to Picnic with the Pops with our Good Day Columbus crew. 
Back to running... The station is shooting a new promo video and they needed to get a shot with me running with my run club. So I asked and had about 20 people show up for the shoot.
This weekend started off wet, but I still got out and ran 19 miles with my good buddy Mike. 
Then I went back to my parents because my brother was in town. So all 5 grandkids were at my parent's house for the first time. 
We have a wet start to the week then we heat up. Scattered showers and storms today, mainly early and to the south/east. The rain will continue moving to the south/east through the day with the clouds breaking up a little later into the day with highs in the lower 80s and humidity high. Clouds break up a little overnight and we cool down to around 68 with patchy dense fog forming. Tuesday will start with some fog in the morning then mostly sunny and a high around 88 in the afternoon. Humidity will make it feel like the lower 90s. Humidity will remain high all week and weekend. Wednesday we will heat up to lower 90s and scattered showers and storms possible later in the day and overnight with a cold front. The rain should kick out early Thursday and then a high in the mid 80s with afternoon sun. We heat up again heading into the weekend. Mostly sunny for Friday with highs around 90. The weekend looks hot with highs around 90 with scattered showers and storms. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Father's Day Weekend

Good morning! It has been a while since I ran at Great Seal State Park, but I went down there Saturday with my buddy Mike. The mountain doesn't look too tall in the first image, from a distance. Once you are on the trail though and climbing up to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain, it is definitely a climb! Great to get back down there and do about 19 miles in a great park. Well maintained park as well. It was a nice and cool morning.

Saturday we made smores and caught lightning bugs in the backyard. This was me roasting the marshmallows with the kids.
This week I had a lunch with my coworkers at the new Agave and Rye restaurant. The food was SOOOO good! Huge epic tacos! 
The heat returned this week. Did a quick run in the heat Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday I went to the pool with the kids and that zonked me out. Trying to keep an eye on two kids at the pool is tiring. 
Good Thursday morning! Storms are gone and some refreshing air will be replacing the heat for today. We will be mostly sunny today with lower humidity and a high around 84. Tonight mostly clear skies with low temps dipping into the 50s with some patchy fog. Friday we warm up to 88 with mostly sunny skies again. We heat up more this weekend with a high of 92 on Saturday with sunshine early and then a few more clouds by the afternoon and evening. Humidity will also be higher for Saturday and Sunday. A cold front will pass through the area Sunday night so there is a chance for scattered showers and storms Sunday, ahead of the cold front. The best chance of rain will be Sunday afternoon and evening. High of 90 on Sunday, ahead of the rain. Rain should leave before daybreak on Monday. Next week we cool down a little more, with highs near 81 for Monday and Tuesday. Mostly sunny skies will be returning. We start warming up again into the mid 80s on Wednesday, but remaining dry and sunny. So plan on watering your plants because Sunday’s 60% chance of rain looks to be the only rain on the extended forecast and we are evaporating about 1”-1.5” of water from the soil per week right now. Have a good one!

Best, Andrew Buck Michael

Friday, June 17, 2022

Charlotte Trip with the kids, no electric, heat returns

Back from a fun trip to Charlotte, but so many photos that I made a video of the trip:

We went around and saw all the sights that we could. One of the coolest areas is the Whitewater park. I could have spent a lot more time there.
We come back home to a lot of our flowers in full bloom! 
We have been doing our best to stay cool this week. This is our first year getting a pool membership, so we will be there a lot cooling off.
I have limited my runs to no more than 5 miles the last few days because the heat index has been between 90 to 100, but Tuesday's run was a 3 mile run with the heat index 115 while I was running! I like experiencing the extremes because it makes you appreciate the run of the mill 90 degree day a little more. 
I had the pleasure of running with a good pal, Carl, last weekend. We ran around Tar Hollow State Park. He ran the 9 mile south loop with me at first then I did the 9 mile north loop solo. It is one of my favorite parks because it is so remote. 
Some of the views are amazing!
There are two downfalls to the park though. Downed trees and logging. The park is notorious for trees knocked down over the trail that you will need to climb through or over. There was a storm the week before and there were at least 40 trees down on the 18 miles. The park does not regularly clear them, so if you want to head there, be sure to be able to cross the downed trees. The other issue is logging. There always seems to be logging going on in different parts of the state park. With the lack of tree-cover there is more light at the surface for briars. So you will be running through a lot of thorns. If you know those two things going into the adventure, then you know the worst of it. I ran with running poles and tried using those to block most of the briars, but my legs came back pretty shredded. 

This weekend is looking GREAT! We will get a break from the heat and humidity, but it will be back soon...
A warm and humid morning, but humidity will be dropping slowly through the day setting us up for a pleasant weekend. We will still be hot today, high around 87, with mostly sunny skies. There will be more clouds to the south as showers and storms pass by to our south. Mostly clear tonight with a low around 58. You can open the windows to the house! Beautiful Saturday with sunny skies and a high of 76. Mostly sunny Sunday with highs around 78. Low humidity all weekend long. Don’t let your guard down with the sun because the UV index will be high this weekend. Monday we start heating back up with humidity slowly climbing. Partly cloudy with a 10% chance of rain with a warm front lifting through Monday. Partly cloudy with a 20% chance of rain Tuesday and we heat up to 95. The best chance of rain will be scattered showers and storms on Wednesday with a high of 95. Some isolated rain also possible Thursday with a high of 90. So if you did not get much rain yesterday, you will need to water your plants because we stay dry until the middle of next week. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Run with Nick Ashill, wrapping up the school year

Had an amazing run yesterday with Nick Ashill, more on that in a little bit...
We have wrapped up a school year for the kids. Summer is done with Kindergarten.   
Which means more time for bike rides and smelling the flowers.
I did go on one final weekday run without the kids at the Quarry Trails Metro Park. 
I am excited for more fun stuff with Summer.
I was able to wrap up the school year with a school talk and had a lot of fun being back in-person. Hoping to do more school talks in the fall.
Evan has been mastering the swing on the swingset and also riding his bike better and better. 

Had the opportunity to share an amazing story yesterday. Nick Ashill was running across the country in 2017 when he was hit by a car in Central Ohio. His legs and hips were shattered and the doctors didn't know if he could walk again. He was determined to finish the run to raise money/awareness for pulmonary fibrosis, which took the life of his mother. Yesterday he returned to the accident scene and we ran, about 30 miles, from there to the OSU hospital where he had more than a dozen surgeries. Honored to be there for his return run on Day 1 of Part 2 of his cross-country journey. Here is a link to the LIVE shots from yesterday, while we ran:
Quick look at your forecast:
Good Tuesday morning! Hottest day of the year expected today! We have hit 87 a few times, but today we are going to give 90 a run for its money. Humidity will be making it feel like the lower 90s today and we will have mostly sunny skies. There is a very, very slim chance for a spotty shower or storm popping up today because of the heat, 10% chance. Warm and mostly clear tonight with low temps around 68. Wednesday we will have an approaching cold front. Highs around 87 with high humidity then we will cool down with scattered showers and storms in the afternoon. Central Ohio is in the Slight Risk for gusty storms in the afternoon, mainly between 2PM and 9PM. A few lingering showers possible overnight and Thursday with a couple rumbles of thunder possible, but severe weather not likely overnight into Thursday. Both Wednesday and Thursday it will be a 60% chance of rain, so most of the area will likely see rain, but not a guarantee for everyone. We will be cooler on Thursday with a high of 72. Mostly sunny Friday and Saturday with highs in the upper 70s with low humidity. GREAT weather! We will warm up to 81 on Sunday with a high of 81. There is a slight chance for an isolated shower or storm, 20% chance. More scattered showers and storms early next week and we will stay warm for the start of the week. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Could this weather get any better?!?!

Loving this spring weather! We all have been enjoying the beautiful weather outside before the heat of summer arrives.  

I worked over the weekend, but when I got home Saturday we worked on Dawn's Mother's Day gift. The last few years I got take-home wine and canvas kits for Dawn and Summer to do. Evan was 2 last year and insisted on helping. Dawn really loves doing it and it is a great memory. I think the business closed up since last year, so I had to get creative. I bought some canvases and sketched the state of Ohio split up on the four canvases and then drew the word HOME on the state. Each person got three colors to paint the letters, state, and border. We started the letters and the state, but we need a second coat on those and then doing the outside colors. We may finish that this coming weekend.
Good Tuesday morning! Mostly sunny and beautiful today. The morning temps are in the mid 50s and we warm into the mid 70s this afternoon. More clouds tonight and temps dipping into the mid 50s again. Mostly cloudy Wednesday with scattered showers and storms likely. Highs will struggle to warm into the lower 70s as rain moves in and cools us off. Severe weather is not likely for Central Ohio, but Southern Ohio could see a few stronger storms. Thursday we start with patchy fog then some sun followed by a chance for few isolated showers or storms. We start warming up on Thursday, lower 80s. Friday we will have a big push of heat and a high of 89. There is a slight chance for a stray shower or storm, but most of us will remain dry and partly cloudy. A strong cold front arrives later Saturday, so we warm up again into the 80s Saturday before the cold front arrives. Scattered showers and storms look to arrive during the second half of Saturday and we could see some stronger storms later Saturday. Some of the rain may linger into the early hours of Sunday. Cooler air for Sunday and Monday with highs back in the upper 60s. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Final big run before a bigger special run, storms this weekend

I spent yesterday morning logging as many miles as I could while balancing parenting. I woke up early and ran a little more than 7 miles around the neighborhood before the kids woke up. Then I took the kids to preschool/school. Then I went to Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park for another 14 miles. This is my final big push of miles because I am going to start tapering now and cutting back on my miles before Memorial Day. 

You may remember the story of Nick Ashill in 2017. He is a professor from New Zealand and he was running across the country to raise money for pulmonary fibrosis, lung disease. He ran all the way from the Pacific Ocean and on his way to Coney Island, but was hit by a car in Madison County, Ohio. He had more than a dozen surgeries at Ohio State University Hospital before getting back on his feet. He has been training to come back and finish the run. He will be returning to the scene of the accident on Memorial Day and running the 35 miles to the OSU Hospital before continuing to the East Coast. I will be running the 35 miles with him that morning and doing LIVE short interviews on Good Day Columbus throughout the morning. Then I will be putting together another news segment for later in the day. So I will be resting up my legs for that long run. 
It has been a hot week, but Evan has been fighting a cold. We kept him home on Wednesday from school and he didn't mind hanging out with dad. I put up the hammocks to try to encourage him to rest instead of running around the backyard.  
Be prepared for some storms this weekend. The chance of severe weather is pretty low, but it is possible.

The best chance for rain will be early Monday morning. 
Good Saturday morning! Warmest weekend of the year(so far), is here! Today we will have partly cloudy skies and humidity will be a little higher than it has been all week. We will see isolated showers and storms popping up today. We have already had a couple spotty showers pop up, so there is a chance of rain any time today. The best chance for rain will mainly during the afternoon/evening when we warm up into the 80s. We will stay humid and hot for Sunday with morning temps in the lower 60s and then warm into the mid 80s. The chance of rain is a little lower during the day tomorrow, from a 40% chance of rain today to a 30% chance Sunday. Partly cloudy and hot will sum up Sunday for most of us. Then the chance of rain goes up more Sunday night and Monday morning with a cold front triggering a line of showers and storms. Due to the timing of the cold front (late-night into the early morning) the threat for severe weather has been downgraded to a Marginal Risk for Central Ohio, which on a scale of 0 to 5 puts it at a 1. So be aware there may be strong storms, but widespread severe weather is not likely. A few lingering showers possible Monday as cooler air pushes into the area with a high temp around 73 on Monday. Then we get a break from the heat. Mostly sunny Tuesday with a high of 72. We warm to 72 again on Wednesday with increasing clouds and then more rain returning late Wednesday and early Thursday. Temps warm into the upper 70s on Thursday then mid 80s on Friday. So we have a little dip coming early next week before we return to a summer-like pattern. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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