Friday, June 28, 2013

Weekend Forecast

A few pop-up morning showers and storms, but they will kick out of here pretty quickly.  The loop above is from 3AM until 5AM.  This afternoon more pop-up showers and storms.  There is a slight risk for severe weather across the Southeastern portions of Ohio.
The main threat will be hail and strong winds.  The showers and storms will pop up for the afternoon, but weaken once the sun sets tonight at 9:04PM.

Saturday will be the wettest day of the weekend with afternoon scattered showers and storms.  Sunday will still have a few isolated showers and storms.  The good news is that the weekend will be cooler with highs in the upper 70's. 

Heading into next week we will continue with our pattern of warm, humid days with pop-up showers and storms in the afternoon and evenings.  It feels like we are dealing with Florida weather.  Can't wait for a strong cold front to blast through and clear this out of here for a few sunny days.  But no sight of that anytime soon.  Enjoy the cooler weekend and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Morning show... TOOOOO much fun???

So I have been working the full morning shift all week... it has been at least 11 hours each day (depending on the weather)... and it has been a LOT of fun so far.  So while Pete Scalia and Shawn Ireland are doing the 9AM hour, Carolyn Bruck and I have been tossing out ideas on how fun a Bruck & Buck Show would be.  There would be a lot of laughing, naturally.
So today Pete and I decided to get into our virtual car at the green screen and go for a ride.  Guess where we went?  To the fireworks store.
Not really, but we DID have a fireworks segment on-air today.  I would have posted a picture, but I was too busy lighting the fireworks.  All were legal in the state of Ohio...  (Plus the Fire Department was already on our property)   It was like kids at recess.  Too much fun.  Anyway, just thought I would share some of the pics from the fun.  I have the forecast in the previous entry.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

That unforgetable sound...

I have helped Taylor with his Puch Maxi over the last few months and he finally fired it up the other night.  He did a lot of custom work on the bike including a dual silenced WSL pipe.  Pretty sick.

Some may say I am crazy, but I enjoy the heat... to an extent.  I love working out on a hot day than a cool day.  If I am going to work up a sweat, might as well be a solid sweat.  When I run or exercise in the cold I end up heaving and sound like I smoke a carton a day... which I do not.

We had a few severe thunderstorm warnings last night, but most of the severe weather stayed south in Kentucky.  I am perfectly fine with that.

A bit of a soggy start to Thursday, but we dry out a little midday before more isolated pop-up showers and storms in the afternoon.   The isolated pop-up PM showers and storms will continue through the weekend and Saturday is looking like a little better chance to see rain midday.

Temperatures will be dropping about a degree a day heading toward early next week so slow and steady relief from the heat.  Just have the umbrella handy over the next few days, keep an eye to the sky for the pop-up rain, and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Heat wave bust, technically...

The pop-up showers and storms yesterday came through just before we were able to hit 90°.  The radar image above shows a few spotty showers near the Columbus Airport just before 2PM and we only got to 87° because the rain cooled us off.  Oh well... still felt 90° with the humidity, but that doesn't count, it has to be the air temperature.
I did break out the bike yesterday and went for a ride.  I got a little adventurous.   It was very hot and a nice dip in the pool afterward felt awesome.  Might go on another bike ride today... (Can you tell that I love the heat)

The forecast today is the same as the last few.  Highs near 90° again with pop-up showers and storms for the afternoon and evening.  The Northern part of Ohio is under the Slight Risk for severe weather later today/tonight.  I think there is a better chance for storms later Wednesday into early Thursday.  The pattern has shown a strong line of storms pushing eastward and last night a line plowed through Chicago then died out once it hit Ohio.  As the pattern shifts east we will see better conditions to sustain the storms as they enter Ohio.  So keep an eye to the sky and stay cool.  By the weekend we will cool back off into the low-mid 80's for the weekend.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, June 24, 2013

Heat wave?

Quite a hot weekend here in Central Ohio... Above is the radar loop from Saturday afternoon.  A line of storms formed from the outflow boundary from the storms Friday night.   From Cleveland down to Cincinnati.  We hit a high of 90° on Saturday.
For Sunday the rain was a little more scattered and less linear than Saturday.  A few storms popped up again near and along I-71 just north of Columbus and BOY did it pour in those spots.  Over four inches of rain in spots.  Nothing at my place in Columbus.  Sunday's high was 91° for Columbus.

Today the forecasted high is 90° so it would be our first heatwave of the year.  Still keeping a very close eye on the chance for rain later today.
Here is a look at the Future Radar for 2:30 later this afternoon.  It is looking fairly isolated, but there is plenty of energy there for a shower to quickly turn into a downpouring storm.  I would keep an eye to the sky for sure.  The same situation will play out through the entire workweek.  Tuesday and Thursday some of the rain would be a little earlier with a better disturbance rolling through.  Stay cool and relief will return by next weekend.
It was quite the weekend.  I was given a green shirt to wear in the Pride Parade on Saturday... but I decided to have a little fun.  I wore the shirt during the 11PM newscast just to show what would happen.  A lot of people thought I didn't know what I was doing and someone said it ended up on a Failblog website.  Silly people, I did it on purpose for fun and to help promote the Pride Parade.  It was quite comical.
It was warm for the Pride parade and I rode my moped in the parade.  People loved the fans that I was handing out.  Quite hot indeed.
Saturday evening I went to the Columbus Crew game.  It was my first Crew game and it was a lot of fun.  Sadly, they didn't win, but we still enjoyed ourselves.
At halftime they had paratroopers.  If you haven't been to Crew game yet... you should go.  Lot of fun for the entire family.   Sunday we hung out by the pool and just relaxed.  It was really nice.  Well, stay cool and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Friday, June 21, 2013

Weekend forecast

Been tracking storms in Indiana, and had a lot of questions whether they will arrive in Central Ohio.  The answer is no.  The air is still WAY too dry for the storms to sustain themselves to get here.  BUT!  The energy from them lifting the air... (the outflow boundaries we talked about yesterday) will push in for Saturday.  So the winds kicking out from them now will help trigger isolated showers and storms for tomorrow... more on that in a second.

It will really feel like the first weekend of summer with our high temperatures pushing 90° and humidity making it feel even hotter.  Stay cool and hydrated over the weekend.

 The heat and humidity this weekend will help trigger an the slight chance for a spotty shower or storm each afternoon.  The hot, spotty rain pattern will also continue into next week as well.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Supermoon weekend

Thanks to Wiki for this moon comparison.  This weekend the moon will be exceptionally closer to Earth and appear slightly larger.  While you may be able to notice it by comparison, it also will affect us here on Earth.  The moon has a strong gravitational pull on earth... Yes, the moon and Earth may be far away from each other, but every full moon the low and high tide are exaggerated. With the sun pulling on one side of the planet and the moon pulling on the other side of the planet, the Earth actually stretches a little.  Kinda sounds silly, but we are only a few miles of hard rock on top of a molten liquid beneath us.  So if you are going to be any coastlines, you will notice it.  Also with the moon being closer than the rest of the year there is unconfirmed beliefs that earthquakes and volcanoes can be triggered.  The tectonic plates may shift a little more with the stronger pull.  Anyway, keep an eye to the sky for Saturday night.  A few people have asked about this, so I thought I would enlighten you all a little.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

PS. No changes to the forecast in my last entry.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

What the heck!

Today has not been my day.  I couldn't fall asleep last night until nearly 3AM... I woke up around 10:30AM and felt like I slept half the day away.  So needed to run a few errands.  Dry cleaners was quick and easy, so was running to the Crew Stadium.  Then I stop by the garage.  I couldn't get the new garage door opener to program... I think the clicker is too old of a model.  Then I try tightening the triple tree on my Maxi because it is a little loose when I hit the front brakes and no go there.  I felt that I wasted too much time at the garage so I leave.  Luckily I did jump in the pool for a couple minutes to just de-stress before work.  I get to work and everything is going fine.  I run out to dinner and then...
I have only worn the shoes for two days and the heel falls off.  Ugh!  At least I had my golf shoes to pass as dress shoes on-air for tonight.   I plan on going home and going straight to bed...  And set my alarm for 7AM.  I feel that I would prefer less sleep and more daylight to get stuff done than get sleep and not get stuff done... busy body, I guess.

So it did get a little warmer this evening.  The humidity will slowly creep up again for Friday and especially for the weekend when it will feel like the mid 90's.  The big question now is rain.  There will be plenty of heat and moisture to fuel a shower into becoming a storm, but there does not look to be any decent trigger for the initiation.

I explained it briefly on my Facebook page.  Think about it like this... When storms roll in and you are outside, you know that gust of wind that comes ahead of the storm?  That is called an outflow.  On the radar, you can sometimes spot these gusts of wind, or outflow boundaries lifting the air ahead of the storms.  Well even when a storm does, that bit of energy still exists.  (Jump in a calm pool and watch the ripples)  There is a line of storms pushing toward Chicago Friday and dieing at night.  If there is enough energy from that outflow to push through Indiana overnight and into Ohio on Saturday, when we will be getting close to 90°, then we could trigger a shower.  All we need is one or two to fire.  Because by then they will pop-up and not move a lot.  Then if you have two showers pop (two people jump in a calm pool) then their waves of energy will crash and when they crash it will have that extra umph to fire another shower or storm.  The pattern will continue as long as we have something to initiate it from the beginning because there is not major chance in our weather pattern for a while.  That is why I went with a 20% chance of rain starting Saturday and through the middle of next week.  The rain that will pop up will be isolated and bring a decent amount of rain to the few that see it... but with not major shift in our winds or weather pattern then the storms will not be moving much and remain isolated... popcorn rain is what I like to call it.  So the big question is will we have it pop on Saturday.  That will play a huge role in our pattern from Sunday and on.

Anyway, I better get back to work... Gotta say.. these golf shoes are quite comfy.  Anyway, stay cool this weekend, keep an eye to the sky and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


When it comes to weather in Ohio in June... you can't ask for better weather than today(at least in my opinion)!  Wall to wall sunshine, low humidity, and comfortable temperatures.  I enjoyed my dinner on the porch, here at the station.  The air is super dry after the last few humid days... but enjoy it while it is here because this weekend you will miss days like today.
So I have been filling in for Bill Kelly this week and last night it was just Yolanda Harris and myself doing the late newscasts.  Things got a little silly while we were waiting on the NBA Finals to wrap up.  We wanted to have bets on what time the game would wrap up and whoever was wrong... then Yolanda was going to put lipstick on them... I did NOT get any lipstick.
I was out running errands today and I spotted my next vehicle... or at least what I am aiming for.  GMC Arcadia Denali.  I think they look super sharp and I am looking for an SUV for the next vehicle as a family car.  It gets decent gas mileage since it is the midrange of the GMC SUVs.  The one thing I have to give credit to Ford is their gas mileage... not to mention their technology options for the driver/passengers.  I dunno... but my truck has over 204,000 miles and as much as I hate to move on to the next thing... I have to look forward, ya know?

Boy! Today was gorgeous, have I mentioned that?  Tomorrow will be similar, but a touch warmer.  The humidity will start climbing by the weekend and we will be pushing 90° from Saturday well into next week.  With temps so warm and the humidity so high there is a chance for pop-up afternoon showers and storms.  It will be nice to get the run-of-the-mill summer thunderstorms.  I love watching the visible satellite on days like that and try to predict where the first storm will fire.  Nerdy, I know, but it is a lot of fun watching the boundaries in the clouds and see the first cumulus clouds blow up into a storm.  Anyway, gotta get ready for the news.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Funnel? Tornado? Scud?

A few thunderstorms tonight remained below severe criteria for many and low and behold... Newsroom goes crazy when reports of a funnel cloud in Pickaway County keeps coming over the police scanners.  Lots of viewers were snapping photos and there were some impressive pics.  The one above even has a questionable light spot near the surface.  She said that some of the dust started to swirl near the surface.
I talked with the National Weather Service because we were all looking at the same radar data.  There was no impressive rotation on the radar to indicated a strong storm or a storm that could sustain a funnel or tornado.  It was likely a very weak funnel or a cold air funnel.  These are very weak rotating columns of air that are not necessarily associated with the storm's energy feed, or updraft.  So yes, a funnel, but no confirmation of a touchdown... (tornado).

There is no chance for severe weather for the next few days in Central Ohio.  The cold front has pushed through this evening bringing lower humidity and cooler temps.  It will feel fantastic tomorrow!  Plenty of sun for the rest of the workweek.  Friday is the first day of summer and it will be bringing the warmest days of the year heading into the weekend.  Highs pushing 90 through the weekend and early next week.  With temperatures getting so warm and the humidity returning, there is a chance for pop-up showers and storms everyday starting with Saturday.  Good Ole Summer is coming with a vengeance.  So enjoy the next few days and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, June 17, 2013

Day off & sweet graphics

I spent Sunday with my brother and his girlfriend.  We rode mopeds, grilled out, went swimming, and enjoyed the beautiful day.  I have not been able to enjoy a Sunday since August and it was fantastic!  Only thing that would have made it better is if Dawn was in town.
I am filling in for Bill Kelly this week and I love working weekdays because it gives me so much more time to build sweet graphics.  Like above... The scribble is what Bill Kelly drew for me and below is the final product.  We want to make a bunch of Lifestyle Forecasts with grilling, swimming, fishing, shopping, etc, etc.  Building a lot of other new graphics as well.  I know... I am a nerd.

More scattered showers and storms for Tuesday.  Temps will be a little cooler than today, but humidity will still be pretty high Tuesday.  The good news is that lower humidity will be rolling in for Wednesday along with slightly cooler temps.  By the weekend though, the heat and humidity will return with temps near 90.  Yowsers!  Back to the news... see ya shortly!  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Just an average day...

I call Adam Aaro as I am leaving for my LIVE shot, from the Creekside Blues and Jazz Festival in Gahanna, to tell him that his driver's side front tire is completely flat.  He had no idea. 
I went out and did my LIVE shot and only had one minor hick-up.  So I pull back into the station and I see Adam and Joe out there trying to take off a rounded lug nut on his tire.  I know they make a special nut to dig into that and chew into the lug nut to get it off, but that would involve more time.  Instead I crawled under to see what was causing the puncture and it was a screw in is tire... with the HEAD in the inside.  Not sure how THAT happens, but I went down to engineering and grabbed the air compressor and vise grips.  Then I went back out to my truck and got my plug kit.  It took some work to get the screw out, but I got it and plug the hole right back up.  Almost as good as new!  So yea... an average day.
One other sidenote... Phil Kelly will be coming back to a television near you soon!   He dropped by the ABC6 station today to get a rundown of any changes since he has been here.  Today is my last weekend day for a while, until they find a replacement for Lisa Colbert.  Bill Kelly is off next week so I will be working for him for a week... THEN I will be working Lisa's shift until we are back to fully staffed.  We are really lucky to have Phil Kelly ready to go.  Such a nice guy.  So today is my last weekend day for a while.  I have not had a weekend off since August so I plan on enjoying them to the MAX!  I hate that it comes at the price that Lisa Colbert is leaving, but I am sure you will see her around.  And until the morning replacement is found... I plan on taking full advantage of my weekend off.

On to the forecast... Spotty showers and storms for Father's Day, but I think most of the day should be dry.  I would just keep an eye to the sky if you want to fire up the grill.  A few showers for Monday as well to start the workweek, but then we dry out and warm up to near 90 by next weekend.  So pretty quiet and dry week ahead after we kick the rain out of here.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Friday, June 14, 2013

So was it a derecho?

Boy! After Wednesday night I needed a day to re-coup and then today just turned upside down, and quick.  More on Wednesday.  The video above is from one of our weather checkers.  He has an HD camera up on top of a tower and he was just a short distance to the north of a wall cloud that moved through around 7PM.  AMAZING time lapse!
We had a huge team of reporters in the field cover the storm from one part of the viewing area to the other.
Here is a look at the radar from 1:00AM.  You can see the bow echo pushing closer to Central Ohio.  
We were quick on getting out to the damage that was being reported.  We were on-air for ten hours straight with only about five minutes of a break.
There were eight confirmed tornadoes in Ohio with the storm, but most of the damage was caused by straight line winds.  The official word was that the storm will go down as a low-end derecho.  Most of the storm was just under the severe criteria, but still caused damage to many homes and left over 30,000 people without power in Central Ohio.

There were a handful of people trying to make jokes about the storm, but I bet they are the people who don't have the damage like the images above.  Granted it was not NEARLY as strong as last year's storm, but it still caused some decent damage in pockets.

Yesterday I stayed around the house a while and went for bike ride after putting new tires on my mountain bike.  Today I did the same.  I had a meeting at work and road twenty miles to and from and was pretty exhausted when I got back.  I then ran to grab lunch and my truck died.  I had it towed to the repair shop and had to get a new fuel pump.  Not cheap.  I then didn't know if my truck was going to be done in time to babysit across town so I had to ride another four miles to the garage and get my moped just in case.  Turns out I had just enough time to get my truck before babysitting.
So that is where I am at now.  Anderson's parents are out to dinner to celebrate Father's Day so I am watching him.  We went for a walk and had a lot of fun.  But I ran Anderson and the dog so tired that they are both passed out upstairs.  Mission accomplished, haha.  I don't get to see him very often, but he already knows that I am the fun uncle and all he does when he sees me is laugh non-stop.

Taking a look at weather for the weekend and next week... The only chances for rain will be Sunday and Monday.  A few scattered storms, but not likely to be severe.  The temperatures will remain fairly steady around 80's for the highs and lows near 60.  So pretty summer-like.  Not super hot, not cool, and only a chance for rain a few days... Might not be a bad idea to keep the watering hose handy.  Well, I will have another update tomorrow, but until then have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Still on cue for tonight's storms

In at work now.  Here is the latest Futurecast, RPM model.  A few isolated storms are expected to fire along the warm front for Northern Ohio between 6PM and 9PM, but the main line of severe weather will roll through for nearly all of Ohio between 11PM and 3AM tonight.  Be sure to stay alert and again, my twitter account, @AndrewWSYX6 will tweet any and all severe watches and warnings.
The first Tornado Watch has been issued for Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois.   Stay vigilant.  I will be running social media for the station tonight.  There will be a LIVE CHAT on our Facebook page.

Feel free to visit and leave any questions.  That should fire up around 5PM and will be at the top of the page all night.  Seriously, any questions, jump over there to the LIVE CHAT because I will be signing off of the blog for the night.  Be safe and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Upped to High Risk

SPC has upped Northern Illinois, Northern Indiana and a very thin sliver of NW Ohio into the High Risk.  This is the first of the year for the Midwest.  As far as the forecast for Central Ohio.  Same as my breakdown from my last entry.  The SPC is just anticipating a MUCH better chance for severe weather for the High Risk area.

NOWCAST - Still tracking a few light showers pushing through.  They are not pulling much energy from the atmosphere, but the clouds are limiting some of the heating from the sun... but not much.
Future radar for 7PM shows some isolated cellular storms ahead of the main complex building near Chicago.  These storms will pack a punch, but likely not as much as the overnight line.
Future radar for 1PM is showing a quasi linear, (almost linear), storm structure pushing into NW Ohio.  Central Ohio can expect the strongest storms after midnight through 6AM.

Heading into the station soon.  I will have another Nowcast later this afternoon to monitor any changes.  Be sure to tweet or post photos on Instagram of the storms or storm damage using #OHStorm.  Check back in and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

P.S. As a reminder my Twitter account @AndrewWSYX6 will tweet ALL warnings tonight for Central Ohio counties. Follow my Twitter account to stay alert on the go.

Breakdown for tonight's severe weather, possible derecho

 First I want to start off with something another collegue of mine, Scott Sabol, recently posted.  I completely agree with it and URGE you to keep posted to the forecast because it will be changing hour to hour.   If we see storms pop this afternoon it will GREATLY affect how tonight will play out.
I always tell people: Overhyping the weather situation breeds conflict and frustration and ultimately apathy then dismissal. Hard to reestablish credibility when its lost. We at FOX8 will describe the weather situation like we see it with no hype or exaggeration. We always adjust the short-term severe storm threat hour by hour. The forecast on a day like today is a fluid one. Anticipate small scale changes and timing as the situation evolves this afternoon and evening
We are still under the Moderate Risk for severe weather for much of Illinois, Indiana, and Western Ohio.  The fact that we are on the far right side means two things.  This forecast only goes until 8AM tomorrow.  Then they have another forecast for tomorrow.  So means that the storms will be reaching this right edge late tonight since the storms are moving from West to East.
To start off the breakdown, we will look at the Tornado Outlook.  For this and the rest of the outlooks the percent is for an "event" (tornado, severe winds of 58+ mph, or severe hail of 1" or larger) within a twenty five mile radius.  There is also a black circle.  Those are areas that the events will be even stronger than the rest.  So for the Tornado Outlook, there is a 5% chance of a tornado within a twenty five mile radius.

We will likely break our nine month, four day Tornado Warning drought for Ohio.  When there is a strong line of storms you can easily spin up a quick, weak tornado.  Think of it like this... Imagine winds are going 80 miles per hour down your street, the winds moving down the next street over are only going 60 miles per hour.  The 80 mile per hour wind will want to curve over to the 60 because there is less mass there.  This can cause a quick instantaneous spin-up.  This is not the main threat for damage, the 80 mph would would be.
Speaking of the winds... here is the Wind Outlook.  Not surprised with this at all.  Winds will be the main threat for severe weather tonight.  When the storms roll through fast and nasty that wind out ahead of the storms is moving just as strong.  I would be sure to tie down any loose items outside now.  Maybe move the grill to the garage, put down patio furniture, flip the trampoline over now and put some weight on top of it.
And we finish off with the Hail Outlook.  You may be surprised that the hail is as highly warned.  If you remember last year, the derecho that plowed through Ohio had no hail.  You need the storm to be circulating within to keep bringing back up the hailstones and keep adding layers to them.  The derecho moves so fast that it doesn't have time to churn away... It just plows through.   Which brings up the conversation of ... will this be a derecho?

A derecho is a widespread, long-lived, straight-line windstorm that is associated with a fast-moving band of severe thunderstorms.
From what it looks like right now, I do not see a screaming line like last year, BUT that does not mean this will not be as bad.  I still think it could easily be classified as a derecho, but I see this more as a cellular storm structure at first, instead of a line, then slowly develop into a line... Here is why...

The atmosphere is just primed and ready to go.  We have hot temperatures to fuel the storms... especially this afternoon with a high near 90.  The liquid energy for storms, dew point, is already at 68 at 10AM.  If you watched the movie Twister, they made mention of the "Dewpoint is up to 70 sir" and as movies are NORMALLY not very accurate... that was and when you have a dewpoint of 70... you have lots of moisture.  As a matter of fact, if we have storms pop this afternoon, the chances for them to become tornadic is MUCH better than tonight.
So check out these winds.  00z is 8PM EDT (It is in Zulu time)  So you can see before 8PM we will have winds coming out of the SSW along the surface around 950 mb(on the side).  As you go higher up in the atmosphere (lower mb on the side) you can see the winds rotating to the WNW.  So as you go up into the atmosphere this afternoon the winds will be switching directions.  This is good for tornadoes and isolated supercell storms to form, but the question is will we have anything to trigger a storm to fire.  Once we get past 00z the winds generally all come from the West.  So straight line winds will be a huge problem.  Winds at about 600-450 mb are going over 50 knots.  When you have a strong downdraft the downdraft will pull those winds to the surface and along with the quickly moving storms... you will likely see severe winds at the surface of over 60 mph or stronger.

So this afternoon... if we see a few storms fire over Ohio, be on alert for hail, strong winds, and even a tornado cannot be ruled out.  The real threat for damaging winds will be tonight after midnight.  The energy with these storms will be building after sunset.
This is a future radar for 1AM Thursday morning.  The storms are just screaming through Ohio at that time.  Make sure to keep your NOAA Weather Radio on tonight.  I will be joining Bill Kelly for Team Overnights with this storm.  I will also try to post an updated Future Radar and any more thoughts on the storms later this afternoon, so be sure to check back in.  Until then... enjoy the heat and hit the pool (as long as there isn't a storm nearby).  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

PS Send in your storm photos on Twitter and Instagram using #OHStorm

Upped to Moderate Risk

Quick Tuesday night update. The Storm Prediction Center has upped Western Ohio to a Moderate Risk for severe weather. There will be a isolated storms early/midday, but the main threat will be late Wednesday night.
Be sure to check back in mid morning Wednesday for a FULL breakdown. Just wanted to update ya on the Day 2 Moderate Risk.
Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"Safe From The Storm" Severe Weather Special

In case you missed our WSYX Severe Weather Special: "Safe from the Storm"... I uploaded it... in HD, I might add.  Feel free to watch and if you have any other questions, just post them to the this entry as comments and I will answer each of them.

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, June 10, 2013

Severe weather lull about to end?

I did some research over the weekend.  I was interested in when the last time it was that we had a Tornado Warning in Central Ohio.  I found a warning archive but it grouped Flood, Thunderstorm, and Tornado warnings, so I had to sort through them. As it turns out, the last TOR for all of Ohio was for Delaware and Licking Counties 2AM September 8th, 2012.  It has been nine months now since a Tornado Warning.  That is crazy!
Rode the bike down to Ohio State on Sunday morning and it was super quiet.  Summer Sunday morning on campus... who woulda guessed, just kidding.
A few storms fired up this afternoon and the lightning grounded my 6PM LIVE shot on the Stringtown Road construction.  I was planning something super creative too... oh well.  We all play along to Mother Nature's rules.
So taking a look ahead.  Tuesday looks quiet and warmer with a high in the mid 80's... warm and humid.  Wednesday we will get a little warmer and a few pop-up storms in the afternoon.  These storms will be marginally severe and expected to be isolated and single cell storms that could produce strong winds and hail.  This will not be the main threat for severe weather.  There will be a quick moving "mass of energy" for lack traveling from Southern Minnesota down towards Fort Wayne, Indiana and then cut down into Central Ohio.  The timing for Ohio looks to be overnight Wednesday night into Thursday morning. 

There are a couple of players with this system... Wednesday storms may pull some of the available energy out of the atmosphere.  Too many pop-up storms in the afternoon will cut down on storm strength overnight.  Another limiting factor in the strength of the overnight storms will be the timing.  The vort, or mass of energy, will be arriving during the coolest part of the day and the most stable time of the day for the atmosphere.  Still a lot of variables, but if the storms stay strong pushing across Indiana and we have the proper energy then we will likely see severe weather overnight into early Thursday.  It could be a set-up for another derecho.  I will be back with more updates, but the afternoon storms Wednesday and look at the radar Wednesday evening will paint the picture very nicely.  I will let you know if the track of the storm looks to shift as well, so check back in.  We cool off a little for Thursday, but we bounce right back into the 80's for Friday and the weekend.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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