Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Fantastic fall weather, but it's about to get chilly!

We normally spend a lot of time outside, but even more so the past few weeks.  The weather has been great.
I did 20 miles at Great Seal State Park last Saturday and it was a GREAT day for a run.  Nice and cool.  This is the last run I have done in the past couple weeks.  Monday morning I threw my back out of alignment.  I have a couple of compressed discs and I have done this before... Never during anything "fun" like lifting a car, but doing simple things like picking up laundry basket or getting dressed.  I need to start doing more core workouts and not just running.
I have been able to bike and Summer and I went on a couple bike rides this past weekend.  Evan came along for the ride and seemed to enjoy himself.  Summer rode great and I am trying to build her confidence in riding without the training wheels.  I think nearly 10 miles did the trick and we are taking them off for good today. 

We also ran into some of the Columbus Westside Running Club peeps out on their long run.  They are training for our group's 50k event we hold each November. I am hoping my back is better this week to get back into running because I signed up for the whole event. 
I did take the kids for a hike on Sunday and we had a great time.  Love seeing the trees starting to change colors. 
Yesterday was a fun surprise.  Grammy has been working hard on Summer's and Evan's Halloween costumes and she had the day off of work and she came down to bring the costumes.  It is a Wizard of Oz theme. Naturally... we spent a lot of time outside.
And we still have a few more great days to spend outside before cooler temps settle in. Our overnight rain is kicking to the east. As the clouds clear we are seeing fog forming in Indiana and that will try to form closer to our area, but it will be a race against time before the sun comes up, so Western Ohio could have some fog this morning. Mostly sunny today with morning temps in the upper 40s and then warming to the upper 60s today with lower humidity and a light breeze. Staying mostly clear tonight with patchy fog and low temps in the upper 40s. More sun to start Wednesday and then afternoon clouds with highs in the lower 70s. More clouds Thursday with scattered afternoon/evening showers possible and highs in the upper 60s. It will also become breezy late Wednesday through Friday with our stronger cold front moving through on Thursday. Friday and the weekend will bring cooler temps with highs in the 50s. Frost possible for the mornings with low temps in the 30s. A mix of sun & clouds for Friday and the weekend with another wave of rain possible late Sunday into early Monday. Enjoy the sunshine and mild temps before it turns cooler. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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