Sunday, May 31, 2015

Another active week with final baby preps

I love Columbus and even though Bend didn't have men's sizes of their Columbus printed leggings... that didn't stop me!  I love getting a little goofy on TV when it is appropriate.

The nursery is as ready as can be!
I put up the last of the shelves that I stained this week.  I also hung up the nine photo collage that Dawn's mother drew.  It looks awesome.
We also had to boil all the bottles and other baby feeding stuff.  Had to boil it at first to sanitize it all from the factory.
I rode my motorcycle back to Dayton this week.  Had to pick up Dawn's wedding rings because they were cleaned by the jeweler and so we both got what we wanted... I got to take a nice ride through the countryside and she got her rings back. 
Dawn and I are trying to enjoy as much time together as possible.  We had some heavy showers yesterday and we watched from the patio.  No lightning, but a nice shower passing by just west of the house... (Meaning no rain for the garden.)
I am back on the morning show today.  I swapped hours with Phil Kelly so that way I can get back to my sister's graduation.  Well... after a brief nap.  I am going to be TIRED tonight!  But back on GDC again tomorrow morning.
Scattered showers/storms today with a cold front moving through this afternoon. Heavy rain possible across Northern Ohio. Temperatures will fall once the cold front moves through and much lower humidity pushing in for Monday.  Cooler with lower humidity to start the workweek, then all the heat, humidity, and storms return later in the week.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Newsroom golfing, hammock construction, lakeside dinner, holiday forecast

I start off tonight with a little video.  I am not sure why there is golf stuff in the newsroom, but I figured I would pick up a club real quick.  To be honest, that was my fourth shot.  I missed the first two, but nailed the last two. 
So I did a little research and found a hammock stand with only one side attached to a tree.  So all it takes is two pipes, 70", then two other smaller pipes to tie off the hammock.  That, and a railroad nail and some 550 paracord.
So I got it up...
But the smaller pipes sliced the 550 paracord.   I spent a lot of time filing the edges, but the sharp 90° angle still sliced it.  So instead I used a bolt to wrap it around... Not a huge fan of using more metal since the first bolt came flying at my head and left a nice cut on the top of my head... but oh well.  I will swap that out for something softer and less sharp... until then, it is back up and operational.
I had dinner next to the water tonight.  Very nice!  So glad the station cleared out most of the trees behind the station.  It used to be very dense with brush.
Memorial Day is known as the unofficial start to summer and it will start feeling like summer!  We will have one more cool night where you can get away without turning on the A/C tonight, with clear skies and lows in the mid 50's.  Humidity slowly climbs on Sunday, but we will remain dry and partly cloudy.  By Memorial Day afternoon the chance for rain returns and there is a chance of rain every day through the rest of the week.  Temperatures will also be staying in the low-mid 80's all week as well.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Continuing the work streak

I love spending my mornings checking on the garden.  Pulling a few weeds every morning keeps them at bay... for now. The early Sunday morning rain was nice for the garden as well...
But not great during the motorcycle class.  Luckily it didn't rain too hard during the class.  Just a quick passing heavy shower.
Today is my 18th straight day of work and I am getting a bit loopy... There is no way denying that.  I finished my final school visit for the school year at Pataskala Elementary today.  The kids were a lot of fun!
AND then on the way back... I stopped for a quick photo.  Rogue Fitness is a Columbus company that makes professional workout equipment.  I called to see if they wanted to be part of my Made Local, Stay Local segments, but I haven't heard back yet... so I figured I would tweet them...

Spring is making a comeback! Temperatures tonight will fall into the lower 40's and the upper 30's in rural areas. So be mindful of light frost possible in areas that tend to get colder.  Cool with increasing clouds Wednesday with some isolated rain showers possible in the evening and overnight. Most of the rain will be gone by daybreak Thursday.  Partly cloudy skies remain for the rest of the week as our temperatures slowly warm up. By Sunday we will be back in the upper 70's with scattered showers and storms returning.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Saturday, May 16, 2015

CRAZY WEEK - Storms, hospital tour, Wicked song, surprise baby shower, weather update

Dawn says that I do not sit still long enough to relax... and I have to agree... especially this week.  Monday I worked a solid 12 hours with severe storms, including a Tornado Warning for Columbus Metro due to a squall line pushing through that often cause QLCS tornadoes.  Tuesday was an average day of school talks, noon weather, and doing weather duties for Bill Kelly in the studio followed by a 4 hours classroom course on motorcycle safety.
Wednesday was an early morning on the farm for my next Made Local story.  Then back for Noon weather, then off to Western Ohio to see my sister in the final concert before college.  She sang Defying Gravity from the play Wicked.  HERE is a link to the video... Phenomenal job, Amanda!
Thursday was gym, Noon weather, golfing 18 holes, then hospital tour with Dawn.  She is doing amazing during the pregnancy and we are now just under 1 month til the due date!!!  June 15th is getting close.  I have so much respect and love for Dawn during the entire pregnancy.  
Friday morning was allergy shots, Marcs, plant marigolds in the garden to deter rabbits, Noon wx, mow, conference call with Honda for my upcoming Made Local segments, run across town for a couple shots for my Cliff Original Made Local shoot, then back home to relax 10 minutes until running to the store to get stuff to grill out.

This morning I woke up at 5:30AM to get to the riding portions of the motorcycle class by 6:40AM.  That lasted until 1PM, then run home, eat, then a full day at work until 11:30PM... then repeat tomorrow... Whew!!!
And despite this being my 15th straight day at work... my #TeamWeekend co-workers are sneaky and surprised me with a baby shower today.  They are the best!  I love #TeamWeekend.  Thanks so much guys! 
Alright... on to the weather.  Fog is already forming in between the rain showers.  Some of the patchy fog will be pretty dense by daybreak, but rain will clear some of it out.
Keep the umbrella handy!  More scattered rain though tonight, Sunday, and Monday.  Temperatures will stay warm and we will remain humid through Monday as well.  Overnight the rain will be scattered and showers.  More scattered showers Sunday with a few storms are possible Sunday, but not likely to be severe.  Monday there is a slight chance for some isolated severe storms with a cold front.  Temperatures then drop to highs near 70 and humidity dropping as well as sunshine returns for much of the rest of the week.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Baby shower, Buckeye visits the studio and CRAZY weather

So I am working 7 days a week for the foreseeable future... But no complaining here.  Since Dawn is self-employed, technically, she will not get paid during maternity leave... So I will take all the OT possible before the baby comes.  Especially since all the big pre-baby projects are done. Bathroom is remodeled, several rooms painted... Garden started.  But Thursday and Friday was pretty much non-stop cleaning for the baby shower at our house.  Nursery was all put together with what we have so far... which is all the necessities.
And since Buckeye can't see very well at all with his cataracts... AND the fact that he is getting pretty old, at almost 14 years old... He doesn't do big groups well and gets pretty scared and stressed.  So I brought him to work.  He was VERY well behaved, but didn't want to lay down for the first hour.  Just kept smelling his way around the weather center.
I have never put a mirror in front of him.  He can kinda make out shadows and avoid bumping into most objects, but I really think he could see himself in the mirror.  He would stare into it for a while then look back up at me.  It was really cute.  But he went home just before the news and was excited to see me back at home later. 
Today we surprised one of our weekend directors, Sam, with a baby shower.  She is due one day before Dawn.  She had no idea and we got her a little choked up with happy tears.  Her and Dawn have been chatting some during the pregnancy journey which is pretty awesome.  They have never met, but message on Facebook.  
What a great sunset tonight!  Above is the same photo, but the focus is just changed.
And what a two-thumbs-up of a sunset! 
So I have been a weather enthusiast all my life.  I do not know if I have EVER seen quite an active map as Saturday evening.  We had a Tornado Warning, Blizzard Warning, Severe Thunderstorm Warning, Flash Flood Warning, Winter Storm Warning, Tropical Storm Warning, High Wind Warning, Red Flag Warning, Dense Fog Advisory... And that's not mentioning the watches and other advisories.  INSANE!!!
Central Ohio could see some severe storms on Monday.  Tomorrow will be warm and humid with highs in the mid 80`s.  Best chance for strongest storms will be the afternoon/evening.  Tuesday we will dry out and cool off with highs back in the lower 70`s.  Wednesday and Thursday look sunny with highs in the 60`s!  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

School talk and Tornado Warning today

I had a school talk at Grace Community School in Delaware today.  Lots of fun.
Bill Kelly was LIVE from Westerville... so that means...
A tornado warning would pop up.  Luckily no reports of a touchdown yet.  It was indicated on radar that the storm had some rotation, but again, nothing reported to have touched down so far.
Upped the temps a little for the next two days.  Kept a 40% chance of rain for Wednesday, but weak high pressure for Thursday through Saturday.  While that may limit convection, the lingering, hidden outflow boundaries could trigger pop-ups.  This was evident today with a Tornado Warning in Crawford County.

Euro still keeps high pressure fairly dominant on Sunday until 0z Monday, but GFS has rain working in by 18z Sunday.  I went with a 30% chance of rain then 40% on Monday with outflow from approaching cold front and then up to a 60% because all models agreeing the cold front looks to pass on Tuesday. 

If we stay dry tomorrow, the high reached will help fine-tune the highs for the coming higher-pressured days, but for now feel pretty confident keeping things at 84 for the coming days.  Not a lot of WAA from the SW, so it is a pretty stagnant air mass in place.   If we can get some storms to pop tomorrow, it could keep some boundaries for Thursday-Saturday, but if we stay fairly dry then rain will be more limited.    (Personally... this is my favorite time of the year to forecast... watching for boundaries on satellite and using more synoptic observation to make a forecast)

Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Buckeye Lake, robins gone, perfect golf, gardening, and Star Wars day...

Spent the beginning of the week at Buckeye Lake.  They are already seeing algae forming after ODNR drained the lake to repair the dam.  The next five years there will be a VERY interesting story of the change in ecosystem, not to mention the change in the economy.
Speaking of change... the robin eggs in my back yard hatched!  I just checked today and they are gone... so I am HOPING they all are healthy and flying free.
Friday was a special day... First time I have ever played with the same golf ball for the entire round.  Might seem silly... but it was a pretty big moment for my golf game.
I have been working in the garden and a few rogue plants are popping up.  I think the lower left is a tomato from the previous owner letting tomatoes fall and seeding itself.  The bottom right looks like a weed to me.  If you are a gardener and want to offer your advice. 
Today was an average day of work doing the weather in the studio... gearing up for May the Fourth.
Speaking of weather... these beers are real.  I TOTALLY feel the need to try one.  But it looks like they are only sold in Oklahoma... Bummer!

Warm week ahead!   Mild and dry this evening. Take advantage of it!  Monday could be the first time we reach 80 degrees in Columbus this year.  Scattered showers and storms rolls in late in the day, mainly after the evening commute for many.  Temperatures in the low 80`s for the upcoming workweek with scattered showers/storms possible every day.  Humidity will also be on the rise.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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