Saturday, May 16, 2015

CRAZY WEEK - Storms, hospital tour, Wicked song, surprise baby shower, weather update

Dawn says that I do not sit still long enough to relax... and I have to agree... especially this week.  Monday I worked a solid 12 hours with severe storms, including a Tornado Warning for Columbus Metro due to a squall line pushing through that often cause QLCS tornadoes.  Tuesday was an average day of school talks, noon weather, and doing weather duties for Bill Kelly in the studio followed by a 4 hours classroom course on motorcycle safety.
Wednesday was an early morning on the farm for my next Made Local story.  Then back for Noon weather, then off to Western Ohio to see my sister in the final concert before college.  She sang Defying Gravity from the play Wicked.  HERE is a link to the video... Phenomenal job, Amanda!
Thursday was gym, Noon weather, golfing 18 holes, then hospital tour with Dawn.  She is doing amazing during the pregnancy and we are now just under 1 month til the due date!!!  June 15th is getting close.  I have so much respect and love for Dawn during the entire pregnancy.  
Friday morning was allergy shots, Marcs, plant marigolds in the garden to deter rabbits, Noon wx, mow, conference call with Honda for my upcoming Made Local segments, run across town for a couple shots for my Cliff Original Made Local shoot, then back home to relax 10 minutes until running to the store to get stuff to grill out.

This morning I woke up at 5:30AM to get to the riding portions of the motorcycle class by 6:40AM.  That lasted until 1PM, then run home, eat, then a full day at work until 11:30PM... then repeat tomorrow... Whew!!!
And despite this being my 15th straight day at work... my #TeamWeekend co-workers are sneaky and surprised me with a baby shower today.  They are the best!  I love #TeamWeekend.  Thanks so much guys! 
Alright... on to the weather.  Fog is already forming in between the rain showers.  Some of the patchy fog will be pretty dense by daybreak, but rain will clear some of it out.
Keep the umbrella handy!  More scattered rain though tonight, Sunday, and Monday.  Temperatures will stay warm and we will remain humid through Monday as well.  Overnight the rain will be scattered and showers.  More scattered showers Sunday with a few storms are possible Sunday, but not likely to be severe.  Monday there is a slight chance for some isolated severe storms with a cold front.  Temperatures then drop to highs near 70 and humidity dropping as well as sunshine returns for much of the rest of the week.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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