Sunday, June 29, 2014

Human hampster ball, World Cup, & HOT temps coming

Friday I filled in for Bill Kelly and I got to do the Friday grilling segment.  Needless to say... I had a lot of fun.
Check out the video for a good laugh.
It was a pretty nice week... a bit hot, but that is why you stop for ice cream during the walk. ;)
I had quite the set-up this week in the living room for the World Cup games.  Super happy that USA made it to the Round of 16... despite backing in.
Anderson, my nephew, was over this week while his parents were out to dinner... He wants my job.
I went down to ComFest this morning for some food and to check out all the vendors.  Always a good day if you get to listen to a few live bands before noon.
The hot weather will be sticking around for the start of the week.  Tuesday will be the hottest with highs in the lower 90's and the heat index approaching 100 in the afternoon.

The heat and humidity will help fuel pop-up showers and storms in the afternoons for Monday & Tuesday.  Chances for severe weather are low.  A cold front will arrive Wednesday bringing more scattered rain and then cooler temperatures and lower humidity for the end of the week.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I'm BAAAACK from vacation (With lots of pics)

Tried getting the Parmakit to work before I left, but SuperClutch would not engage again... So I braced a two-shoe than had to run home to get ready to leave for vaca... no time to tune the carb or test it out.
Up in the air...
Nice lady on the second flight gave us her drink coupons.  
The view from the 16th floor of the Panama City Beach was amazing!
Of course we missed Buckeye, but we got constant photo updates from our house sitter.  
Father's day was fun.  Buckeye got a trip to Athens and made a new friend.  
I didn't have anything American for the USA World Cup game, so I wore my Columbus Crew jersey.
We met some fun people for the game.
The next day we rented jet skis and went out to the Gulf to see some dolphins and also went over to Shell Island.
Then we raced home to catch an impressive storm coming our way.
Then the next morning we went exploring and had to take a shark-selfie.
Then I got brave and tried Dusty's oysters.  It was my first time eating oysters and I really liked them... baked of course.  (Lots of people eat them raw... no thanks)
Then we had a lazy day by the water and then Pineapple Willy's for dinner.  Luckily the trolley was free that day!
Dawn could not keep up with my tan.
The final dinner was at Barefoot Club and a beautiful patio overlooking the water.
Saying goodbye was tough.  One thing I really was surprised by... no bugs.  I was shocked by that.
Then when I got home a friend had a grand opening for his moped shop.  Back to the swing of things... Haha!
We had a LOT of rain last night at the Michael residence in Columbus.  I measured just over 3" yesterday afternoon... then emptied it and we got another 2" overnight... CRAZY!

Hot and humid the rest of the week.  A few lingering showers today then most of Ohio should be dry for Thursday and Friday. Our temperatures will stay in the low to mid 80's later this week then we bounce back to near 90 for early next week with more pop-up showers and storms returning this weekend.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

5th straight Wednesday with severe weather in Ohio

And so the pattern continues. Most of Ohio is under a Slight Risk for severe weather for Wednesday, June 11th.  Main threat will be strong winds and even some hail possible in the isolated cells.  A few lingering showers and storms for Thursday and Friday then we begin to kick this out of here.  The weekend is looking particularly nice.

I will be taking a break to head to Florida for a family vacation, so I will be posting from there.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael
Oh... and a special thanks to everyone who comes and checks out my blog... Today was a historic day for the blog... we broke the 100,000 page view mark!  Thanks to all of you!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Golf with @VinceTornado, @ColsArtsFest, & Wedding

Alex and I were scrounging to find a fourth to join our golfing excursion last week and I thought... Hmm ... what about Vince Tornado?  He really just wanted to drive around and enjoy the beauty... and harass the other in our foursome.  He stopped doing that when he started playing on the fourth hole.  Good times.
Friday was the start of the Columbus Arts Fest.  I was there right at the kickoff and it was a lot of fun with Rob Wells in the tent.  So many people.  Great to meet some of you guys!
I had to go at the kickoff because Dawn was in a wedding Saturday so we went back to Cleveland for that.  Lots of fun.
Tonight I did my LIVE weather chat on YouTube... and then I found out that I spilled some of my dinner on my shirt...  It is at 16:24 in to the video:
There is a decent chance for rain through the middle of the week.  Monday will be dry for Central Ohio, but then from later Tuesday through Friday we will have scattered showers and storms, so keep the umbrella or rain coat handy.  Saturday and most of Sunday look dry.  Temps will be in the 80's all week long so if you want to hit the pool between the rain, it should be nice.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Update on Today's Severe Weather

 Yesterday was quite a doozy for the Plains.  Over 40 reports of hail over 2" in diameter.  YIKES!
The latest forecast outlook today has shifted the severe weather for Ohio a little more south.  The cold front has pushed in drier air and Northern Ohio will be a little too calm for a lot of severe weather, but still possible there.
The odds listed in these next three images is the chances for tornadio/severe hail/severe wind within a 25 mile radius.  So above with the tornado odds, it has Southern Ohio with the best odds of seeing a tornado.
The same goes for the severe criteria winds, 58+ mph.  Southern Ohio has the best conditions.
And hail falls in the same location.  Do keep in mind, Central Ohio is still on the fringe of the area of concern.
Above image is the current radar as of 9AM.  Round 1 of the rain is the Indiana-Ohio border.  That will likely stay below severe criteria.  Then behind that we will pump in warm, humid air before the second line that is pushing into Indiana.
Above is the forecast model of what the radar will look like around 2PM.  Notice the first round firing up some storm cells.  The timing is a little slow, but it keeps the heaviest cells mainly south of I-70 for Ohio.
The above image shows the FutureRadar for 9PM and the cells are leaving, but the heaviest cells are again, south of I-70. 

Still a very real threat for severe weather and time-frame still looks like midday showers and storms and then between 3-9PM for the most severe weather.  Always keep in mind, my Twitter account, @AndrewWSYX6, tweets ALL severe weather warnings and watches, so be sure to check that for any up-to-the-second updates. Stay alert and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Severe weather expected for Ohio

Always a good day when I get to see Sky6.  I had to run over and swap out video cards with the pilot yesterday.
I was also invited back to Ohio State last night to offer my thoughts on the $330+ Million revamping of North Campus.  While the buildings are set and construction has started on the structures the brainstorming session was what they can do to better the students experience, especially in the residence halls.  It was great to be back on campus and throw ideas around with previous RAs and help shape a HUGE change to the campus.  Honored that they asked me to come back.
So I always love getting good weather questions and the one above got me thinking... and I did a little extra research.
It may feel like a "quick switch" but what we are seeing is fairly common.

I made this image above to compare the last 5 years.
-2012 was a VERY warm winter.
-2010 was a very cool spring.

But other than the fact that this winter, 2014, was colder than normal, the temperatures for late spring are very close to what we saw in 2011 and 2013. So the shift was not super drastic once you average out the entire season. We just remember this winter as much colder because of the few very cold days.

So on to our current weather set-up.  we had a few severe storms move through the Southern viewing area.  Athens County was the first with a Severe Thunderstorm Warning, but never heard any problems with the storm.  The image above was from a viewer in Waverly, OH.  You can see the shelf cloud about to arrive.
Another viewer sent in this picture of tree limbs down on Gordon Ave in Waverly.
While we were not in the "Slight Risk" area today, they did say there was the chance a few of the storms may just skirt into the severe criteria.  Tomorrow is another story...
Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 4th, we are in the Slight Risk area for severe storms.
As a matter of fact, they have Southern Ohio in the Significant Severe category and they said they may upgrade the Ohio Valley up to Moderate Risk for tomorrow.
The atmosphere in Southern Ohio will have GREAT shear for storms and that's the reason for Significant Severe.
Take a look at the wind direction as you would go up in the atmosphere.  That is classic rotation with respect to elevation.  So any rising air... or updraft... will easily start to rotate tomorrow.  Wind speed also is REALLY fast about 20,000 feet up.  That will help pull the air up.  Good recipe for severe storms.   
So the above image is FutureRadar from the WRF forecast model for Noon and there looks to be some midday rain showers and storms.  While they may get strong and just barely severe, the main threat will be later.
The main time-frame for severe storms looks to be between 3PM and 9PM tomorrow.  The above image is for 7PM tomorrow.  You can see the isolated cells and that is where tornadic storms will be possible... the individual cells will sustain a rotating updraft better than a line of storms.   Large hail and strong winds are also likely in these cells.  Regardless of what you experience, be sure to take the weather serious tomorrow.  Make sure to share the information with others as well to make sure they know.

The good news...  Humidity then drops and Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will have plenty of sunshine and cooler temps.  More rain by Sunday... but let's enjoy the sun before then. ;)

I will have another update on here tomorrow morning so be sure to check back.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael


Just recieved this email from a viewer: James Rose in Piketon, OH
"High winds uprooted this tree from storm earlier"

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