Monday, August 31, 2015

Back to the Great Darke County Fair & Great Grandma's Birthday

Kinda jealous I was not able to go to the Clippers game on Friday, but it was Summer's first baseball game.  Summer was awake most of the time and getting passed around all our friends at the game.  Friday was my last evening working the afternoon/evening shift until Christmas Eve... Mornings until then on Good Day Columbus!
Saturday we went back to visit her Great Grandma Jean.  Grandma's birthday was on Sunday and she turned 84 years young.  Grandmas was VERY excited to meet Summer.
We also got a picture with my dad and Dawn.  Summer didn't know what was going on!
After visiting grandma we went over to the Great Dark County Fair.  The dress behind Dawn was made by my sister Amanda.  She got three first place awards and a handful of second place awards for her entries. 
Summer started getting a little fussy...
But start walking around and she was asleep in a couple minutes.
Then we got home and watched the Browns.  They looked like a decent team... BUT it is preseason...

Sunday was a very lazy day for us.  It was nice to relax and get some stuff done around the house.
It was also Buckeye's birthday yesterday.  He was following us around begging for treats and love... as if he knew it was his birthday.  We always get him a burger for his birthday, but I will have to pick that up today for him.
Karen Brown is joining the Good Day Columbus team.   Today is her first day on the set. 
Staying hot & humid for the week ahead. With all the heat and humidity there will be a slight chance for pop-up isolated showers/storms for the entire week as well.  No big changes to our weather pattern until a cold front arrives in about ten days. So Labor Day weekend looks warm with isolated rain. Stay cool and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Friday, August 28, 2015

Summer doing the Buck Smile & Tropical Storm Erika's new track

I have been working evenings the last couple days and it was very nice to be there when Summer wakes up in the morning.  She is always super playful so we worked on her #BuckSmile this morning.  She is getting REALLY good at it!  Her awareness keeps growing day by day. 
So Erika has been a really fun storm to watch.  It could really affect a LOT of people, especially their Labor Day plans.  The storm is slowly weakening now thanks to part of the storm going inland over Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  As it heads toward Cuba the latest forecast has it weakening to a tropical depression.  Then strengthen a little more to a tropical storm near the Florida Keys, then move up the Western Coast of Florida.  The track is not set in stone and it has shifted a lot in the last 24 hours so stay tuned.  There is always leeway in the cone forecast, but that's the fun part of tropical storms.  Either way, it will likely move north and affect part of the Carolinas for some of Labor Day weekend.
Heat and humidity returning, so summer is not giving up just yet.  Highs in the mid 80s for the weekend. A very slight chance for an isolated shower/storm on Saturday, but a better chance for scattered showers/storms on Sunday. Not expecting widespread rain, so some of the area could stay dry the entire weekend.  High pressure moves in next week so our chance of rain will drop, but our temperatures will rise with all the sunshine. Staying hot and humid for all of next week. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Weather team photo, Summer's standing, & hot air balloon ride

It doesn't happen too often, but we had the entire weather team together earlier this week for a photo shoot.  Always a good time getting the entire crew together, but with us working such different shifts it only happens a few times a year.  Instead we shoot off hundreds of emails to each other.
So Summer is standing... kinda. Still needs me holding her, but she LOVES it.  Her head is spinning like merry-go-round.  Wanting to see all of the world around her.  As long as you keep walking around with her, she stops crying. BUT that only works sometime...  She has been quite fussy!
I ran a couple errands with Buckeye today.  His arthritis is pretty bad, despite medicine, so he doesn't stick his head out the window anymore... but still loves taking trips.
I got to ride in a hot air balloon tonight!  Never done that before!  It was tethered so we only went up about 40 feet.  
Friday looks BEAUTIFUL! A little patchy morning fog possible, but warmer and more sun than late.  A few spotty showers/storms possible Saturday, but a better chance Sunday.  By Monday and Tuesday high pressure will slowly be building so a lesser chance of rain, but still possible.  But the big story is things will finally start heating up.  So summer is not over just yet.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

More photos from Cedar Point

Summer wore her Kentucky Derby hat to Cedar Point this weekend.
And Dawn wore a LOT of sunscreen.
Summer got her first view of Lake Erie.
And had a lot of fun.
One final family photo before leaving the park.
Love this photo.
So would Winnie the Pooh be the most interesting thing on the couch?
Nope.  Summer is now learning that she can control her feet so she loves moving them and watching them.  On Saturday she was trying to grab them with her hands.  Not quite there, but fun to watch and she is HIGHLY entertained.
The weather has been GREAT for riding the bike!  Rode my Honda in yesterday.
Feeling like a fall week... which works out well with kids heading back to school. Tuesday and Wednesday will feel more like mid-late September.  Partly cloudy for the next few days with more clouds north than to the south. Could see a spotty shower Wednesday, mainly to the north.  Then we stay dry until the slight chance of rain returning for the weekend. We will also warm up heading toward the weekend as well. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, August 24, 2015

Cedar Point trip, morning fog, fall-like week ahead

I will have more photos to come from our Cedar Point trip in tomorrow's blog, but it was a GREAT trip!  We took some great photos from the park and Lake Erie, but they are all on my DSLR camera.  Such a great trip.  Summer even rode a couple rides with us. 
Seeing a little Monday morning fog after the cold front raced through last night. 
We have had short teases of fall-like weather, but this week will be an extended tease. Highs in the mid 70's most of the week ahead with lows in the mid 50's. Sun with a few clouds to start the week and plenty of sun later in the week.  Right now the next chance for rain looks to be next weekend, but it looks rather light. Enjoy the comfortable weather this week! Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Friday, August 21, 2015

On our way to a BEAUFITUL weekend!

I helped babysit Anderson yesterday.  We walked to the park, along with Summer.  Anderson wanted to take a picture of us and this is all I got.  HAHA! 
Quite a bit cooler today.  After yesterday's morning lows near 70... no complaints here!
Ready for a fantastic Friday and wonderful weekend? We have some of the nicest weather of the year on the way. Comfortable temperatures, low humidity, and plenty of sun for Friday and Saturday with a few more clouds Sunday.  We stay dry until Sunday night, but most of the rain will be overnight and gone by Monday's morning commute. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer's first trip to the Columbus Zoo

Why so serious Summer!
We went to the Columbus Zoo yesterday and Summer fell asleep at the brown bears.
But my nephew Anderson was awake and loving it!
Sara has a family pass and I tagged along for Summer's first trip to the zoo.
Wonder what Summer is looking at? 
The other giraffe about to eat Dawn's hair... just kidding.
Maybe Summer gets here serious face from my dad.  This is him feeding Summer on Sunday. 
Cooler temperatures and lower humidity on the way, but we have to get through a stormy next day and a half.  Starting off with some clouds for Wednesday morning with isolated storms developing into the afternoon.  Some may become strong to severe with gusty winds, especially later in the day.  The storms will be on and off with a line of rain expected overnight into early Thursday.  That will be the cold front bringing relief from the muggy conditions.  Mornings will feel like fall Friday and Saturday with lows in the upper 50's.  We could see a few sprinkles Sunday night into early Monday, otherwise we stay dry the rest of the extended forecast after midday tomorrow.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Getting the boot from the weekends

After almost exactly three years on #TeamWeekend, I am finally getting the boot to Monday-Friday on Good Day Columbus.  I will be doing the weather from 4:25AM until 7AM on ABC6, then on FOX28 I will be doing the Social Buzz with Buck and other topical stories on social media.  Very excited for this move.  It will free up my weekends to spend with my family AND it will save a lot of money in childcare.  Dawn works from home so I will get home around 10:30AM every day and take over caring for Summer.  That will be VERY nice! 
I did get to spend Friday evening at Adam Aaro's house and what a sunset!  No wonder he has such amazing sunsets!
I played a little disc golf Sunday morning and another beautiful Sunday morning for that.  I played Griggs again, but planning on other courses soon.  Griggs is great because it is so close to where I live.
Meanwhile Summer and Buckeye were hanging out on my side of the bed.  Buckeye doesn't sleep in the bed a lot anymore with his arthritis, despite his dog steps that we got for him.  So that is a pretty special moment.  Summer did get her 2 month checkup yesterday.  She is 24" and 11 lbs and 2 oz... which was EXACTLY what I guessed while we were on the drive to the doctor.  She also got her vaccines and BOY did she scream! Dawn and I relate her cries to gears when driving.  So pouting is first gear and really hungry is third gear.  Well that HAD to have been fifth gear when she was getting the three shots.  She was find about a minute later, but she didn't like the shots at first.  A few second gear cries the following hour, but then she was fine.
My parents came to visit and brought a black raspberry pie from the farm.  They make everything from scratch... the crust and the filling.  No additives, just amazing-ness.  We raised the black raspberries when we were kids for money for vacation.  It was a lot of work pruning the plants every year, including mulching, watering, and all the other work... So when we went on vacation we cherished it a little more.
I have mentioned that I helped start the DAM Riders, Dayton Area Moped Riders group.  I tried getting a warehouse room for us when I was there, but the group was not ready for that kind of commitment.  Well, I finally got a look at their new set-up and they are legit now!  This is a view of the shop and now business! They are repairing bikes for the Dayton area... in case you know anyone back there that needs some help.
Get ready for the humidity to make it feel more like the Deep South in Central Ohio for Ohio. Isolated showers/storms possible in the afternoon/evening.  Staying humid with the chance of rain overnight into Wednesday as well.  More rain expected heading into late Wednesday and early Thursday with a cold front. That will bring a chance for strong storms followed by cooler temps & lower humidity by the end of the week.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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