Saturday, November 30, 2013

Amazing day! OSU wins... Alabama loses. #AnimatedGIFs

I spent all morning moving family.  It started at 8:30 and we finished around 2:45.  So I didn't get to watch any of the game until the fourth quarter.  So I re-live the game thanks to SB Nation and their animated GIFs.  I was able to hear the play, above, where Braxton Miller launches a 53 yard bomb for a touchdown.
Braxton then running for 53 yards... No GIFs of Hyde running for 226 yards... the OSU vs. UM record.
Michigan scored a touchdown and could have tied the game with a fieldgoal with under a minute left... but they decide to go for two.  DENIED!
Womp. Womp.  I DID get to see this play and the house erupted so loud that the one year old started crying because he had no idea what happened. 
And then... Auburn. came. to. play.  I was on my dinner break and was able to watch this.  At first it looked like Alabama ran out of bounds with no time left on the clock... but wait, there was one second.  So Alabama brings in their second string kicker because the first guy had blown three kicks in the game.  From 57 yards out... it is... caught by Auburn and ran all the way back.
Alabama fans didn't know what to think.

GREAT day for Ohio State football... But MAN some real nail-biters.  And this could mean the National Championship game if Ohio State beats Michigan State next week in the Big Ten Championship game.
OH!  And Marcus Hall got ejected from the game and... well... I know we "don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan" but... I will let his actions speak for themselves... (Sorry to those who were offended by his actions)

UPDATE: Marcus Hall did appologize later tweeting:
"I would like to apologize to The Ohio State University, The University of Michigan, my teammates, my family, the fans and the TV viewing audience for my behavior during yesterday's game. Wearing the scarlet and grey uniform is a privlege and an honor. I let my emotions get the best of me and didn't conduct myself properly in the heat of the moment. My actions do not reflect who I am as a person and teammate. I love The Ohio State University and appreciate everything it has done for me. From the bottom of my heart, I am truly sorry and hope everyone can accept my sincere apology."

As for the weather here in Ohio... Briefly falling below freezing tonight with a lows near 30.  Increasing clouds for Sunday with highs back in the mid 40's.  A slight chance for a passing light rain shower Sunday and Monday, but most of the area will remain dry.  We continue to warm back into the 50's by the middle of the week ahead of rain expected for the second half of the workweek.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving in the weather center

Weather is 365 days a year... I am working tonight.  I did manage to get a thanksgiving dinner with my brothers earlier today.  His girlfriend made an amazing spread... including a cheese ball with BACON on the outside! Amazing. For dinner I ran home and made some fork phillies and bake potatoes.  Not too bad.  I encouraged my wife to go home with her family... no need for her to sit alone while I am working.

The forecast is looking pretty awesome for the week ahead.  We get back above freezing tomorrow and start melting the snow.  Watch out for refreezing though overnight.  Highs back in the lower 40's for Saturday and Sunday. There is a VERY slim chance for a passing shower Sunday and Monday, but most of Ohio will stay dry.  We continue to warm next week... pushing 50 by next Thursday.  But... then... another cold front comes through later next week bringing us back to winter.  Will keep a close eye on the timing of that, but for the days ahead... spend them with your family! Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Let it snow, let it snow!

Here is the Tuesday morning update to the Winter Storm Watch/Warnings for Ohio.  The NWS finally all got on the same page, but I am a little surprised that some of the farther SE Ohio Counties are not part of the Warning.  
Here are my latest thoughts on how much we will see.  The heaviest band of snow will start in South Central Ohio and move up towards Youngstown.  Generally 4-6" in this swath, so the shift that I mentioned last night is quite clear comparing it to yesterday's model runs.  This does pug Columbus in the 2-4" range.  I kept the + in because this system will track fast and if a localized spot happens to see the heavy handing of snow, it is very likely to exceed the top of the range. 
The National radar shows all the moisture down South with the low pressure centered just south of New Orleans currently.  As the moisture pushes into the cold air from the cold front that is moving through Central Ohio then it will turn the rain to snow as they collide for Ohio.  Days like this are fun to watch on the radar to see who is seeing the heaviest banding of snow.  Anyway, be safe out there and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, November 25, 2013

Update on snowfall totals

Newest forecast models are coming in and they are showing a very subtle shift West in the track.  (By subtle shift... About 10 miles west) So my earlier snowfall totals map in my earlier blog entry will likely verify on the higher option of the range. Below are the newest forecasted snowfall totals by Wednesday morning. Again, the majority of the snow will fall later Tuesday.

Roads will be treacherous late Tuesday and early Wednesday for anywhere East of I-71 for Ohio... Especially along the I-77 corridor. Any changes and I will let you know. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Breakdown of the coming snow

First, let's talk about timing.  Ohio will have some light snow showers for Monday night into early Tuesday, but that will not be the main event.  By Tuesday midday we will only have a dusting to light accumulations.  The ground is cold enough for the snow to stick so it will be enough to make it slick on the roads.  The majority of the snow will come later Tuesday into Tuesday overnight and be done by daybreak Wednesday, except for some light scattered snow... and the accumulating snow will mainly affect the Southeastern and Eastern Ohio.  So how much?
Above is the Canadian model.  Most of the snow for Ohio will ride right along the I-77 corridor. 
The next model above is the GFS, American, model.  It is bringing the snow a little further West and still giving Columbus and Southern Ohio a decent accumulation, but still keeping the majority of the accumulation along the I-77 corridor. 
Lastly, the NAM.  This is the one that I agree with the most... as far as where the heaviest snow will be... but I do disagree with the amount of snow.  I think it is overdoing how much snow we will see.

The Euro is also agreeing with the NAM, but the output shows liquid equivalent, so I didn't include the image as to not confuse anyone.

So how much snow will we see?
Pardon the crude map, but today is my day off (Since I am working Thanksgiving and Black Friday) so I baked this up with Mircosoft Paint.... The Easy Bake Oven of graphics programs.  I put the + sign because There will likely be pockets of higher snowfall totals, mainly in the eastern portions of each section.  Again, these are snowfall totals by Wednesday morning.  Most of the accumulation snow will not start until later Tuesday.  We then see high pressure build in for Thanksgiving so drier weather.  The roads will be in their worst condition early Wednesday.  It shouldn't be too big of an issue by later Wednesday as crews plow off any of the Eastern snow.

Well, I am off to the gym.  Bill Kelly will be in tonight with an updated look at snowfall totals on ABC6 & FOX28.  To check the radar and the latest Winter Weather Watches/Warnings check out the station's weather page, just click HERE.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pre-Thanksgiving Snow Storm... for some

Models agreeing more today than they did yesterday on timing and track of the early-mid week storm.

High pressure building in tonight, but quickly moving off to the east coast.  Another bitterly cold night with lows in the mid to low teens.  So starting Monday cold with generally clear skies, but increasing clouds thru the day ahead of the next cold front.

The low pressure in the Gulf is spinning up and will collide with the cold front.  The track of the Low will go from the panhandle of Florida to the East Coast around the Carolina s then race up the East Coast and be out of Maine by late Wednesday. 

Light snow will arrive for Central Ohio Monday night and into Tuesday.  We warm up enough for a wintry mix, mainly SE Ohio, for Tuesday afternoon.  Then most of the precip will stay to Eastern Ohio Tuesday night as temps fall and the system pulls NE.

For Western and Central Ohio, I think up to an inch generally for snowfall(if not less, especially west).  Far Eastern Ohio could see 2-4+" but most of the snow will be in Western PA & WV by midday Wednesday.  Winter Storm Watch for Guernsey & Noble counties from midday Tuesday midday Wednesday.

High pressure builds in very quickly for Thanksgiving, and thus kept the threat for lake effect action down for now.  Another weak front arriving by Sunday.

TRAVEL PLANS: Wednesday will be a little sketchy on the roads if you are planning on heading east.  Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Eastern Kentucky will have a significant snowfall by Wednesday afternoon.  These areas should have clearer roads by Thursday as the storm system races up to Eastern Canada and the high pressure builds in for the Eastern US. 

Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

First helicopter ride

I was scheduled to do a school talk today and we were flying in with our news helicopter.  I was a little nervous because I get motion sick from roller coasters, but just fine in a helicopter.  LOVED IT!  It was really awesome to get to fly over the Shoe and see the city from the sky.  It was amazing to be able to see the rolling hills off to the east, even from a fairly low altitude.  Another cool aspect was the planes flying overhead to land at Port Columbus.
Here is another shot of the city as we were coming in for the landing.  Awesome.

Another pretty nice day on Wednesday, but then rain returns mainly for Friday.  We could have a few late-day showers sneak in Thursday and a few lingering flurries on Saturday, but it should remain pretty light.  Falling temperatures for Saturday and MUCH colder for Sunday and early next week.  Possibly staying below freezing for the afternoons as well.  YIKES!  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, November 18, 2013

Severe weather & notifications

It's a story I have wanted to do for a while... I love Facebook and social media, but there is something that has really bothered me.

First off... last night was crazy.  My heart goes out to those in Illinois and Indiana with the deadly tornadoes.  Ohio had a few up near Toledo, but here in Central Ohio, we only had straight line wind damage.   The damage in Pickaway County was rated at about 80 MPH due to the damage.  Doesn't matter how you shake it, winds THAT strong will cause severe damage.  Straight line winds are far more common in Ohio than tornadoes.  As expected, the storms did weaken as they approached Central Ohio, but were still severe with many gusts between 65-70 MPH, and a few tornadoes near Toledo.

So about being alerted to severe weather and social media...  Facebook used to have the settings so you would see ALL of the recent Facebook posts. It was the "Most Recent" setting.  Well, now as Facebook grows they have algorithms to only allow "Top Stories" in your News Feed.  So some posts do not go to everyone's News Feed.  For instance... Our ABC6 Facebook page has just over 100,000 followers.  But the Tornado Warning for Franklin County last night was only viewed by 35,000 people.  Not very good to rely on Facebook for life threatening weather.  Twitter works well, but only if you are already on there checking the Twitter Feed. 

However, our Ohio WX app will automatically send notifications for the county that you are currently in at the warning time.  So if you are away from home, you will be alerted for your new location.  Other apps offer the same option.  When it comes to life threatening weather on the way, it is very important to protect yourself and your belongings.

The good news is that no dangerous weather is on the way.  We will stay sunny and chilly for the next few days.  Rain returns for late Thursday into Friday.  By next weekend we are looking at MUCH colder air.  Possibly staying below freezing heading into Sunday and Monday.  Enjoy the sunshine and "cool" temps while they are here.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Storms upgraded to High Risk

Take today serious. Indiana in particular has te potential for historic storms today. Have a severe weather plan now. 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Severe storms expected Sunday

Still on target for severe storms for Sunday in the Midwest.
Day 2 Moderate Risks do not happen very often, but they all have produced severe weather, some more dangerous than others.

The main threat with tomorrow's storms will be the winds.  The above image shows winds over 30 miles per hour for the afternoon and early evening.  The winds will be the big story, but we could also see some tornadoes.
 Not much hail expected with tomorrow's system... as a matter of fact, I am interested in how much lightning we will actually see.  There will be three areas to watch tomorrow.  Morning rain showers should remain below severe criteria, but worth watching closely.  Then in the later afternoon a line of storms will form in Indiana.  Any cells ahead of the line will have the potential and energy to spin up a tornado and possibly keep it sustained for a while.  Then when the line of storms arrives... THAT will be the strongest winds of the event.  Winds over 70 MPH are possible.  With winds that strong, a gustnado is possible.  (Just like the 4 Ohio had on Halloween)
I grabbed this image from Skybrary.  A gustnado is formed ahead of the storm when the winds that kick out with the gust front.  They are normally weak and short-lived, but still can do some moderate damage.  With the winds as strong as they are expected... I would not be surprised with a few of these with tomorrow's event.  I am not trying to put fear in anyone, but please be prepared and have some way of getting warnings tomorrow.  And most importantly, take the warnings serious and get to shelter if it is in your area.  I HIGHLY recommend our "Ohio WX" app for Android and Apple products.  Just search "OHIO WX" and it will pop up.  It will alert you for a Tornado Warning... wherever you are thanks to GPS.

So here is the timing breakdown for Central Ohio for tomorrow:
---Sunday Early AM: Scattered showers, breezy, winds 10-15 MPH.
---Sunday Late AM: Scattered showers, few rumbles, becoming windier, winds 10-20 MPH.
---Sunday Midday: Showers breaking up with a few dry spells, winds 15-25, gusts 30+ MPH.
---Sunday Early Afternoon: Windy, few lingering showers, winds 15-25+, Gusts 35+ MPH.
---Sunday Late Afternoon: Windy, isolated storms developing, winds 20-30+, Gusts 40+ MPH.
---Sunday Evening: Windy, isolated strong storms ahead of a line of storms, winds 20-30+, Gusts 50+ MPH. Even higher gusts with the leading edge of the line of storms.
---Sunday night after midnight: Storms quickly push east and we begin to dry out, staying breezy, winds 10-20 MPH with gusts dying down. 

PLEASE be alert, let others know, and stay tuned to the forecast for any changes.

Gotta get back to prepping my show.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Severe Storms Likely Sunday

Ohio is now under the MODERATE RISK for severe storms Sunday. The storms will be similar to Halloween, but stronger. The main threat will be straight line winds, but just like Halloween, where Ohio had four tornados, tornados cannot be ruled out. The timing will be late afternoon for Western Ohio and push through Central and Eastern Ohio during the evening. Stay tuned for more updates and be alert. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Results for #BucksFirstInchOfSnowChallenge

RESULTS FOR #BucksFirstInchOfSnowChallenge. Thanks to all to entered! This list is comprised of all the entries received before the 72 hour deadline of the official time of the first inch of snow, which was this morning, 11/12/13 at 2:00 AM.

Rank  -  How many days/hours you were off   -   Name   -   Forecasted date/time

1 00 09:00 Bianca Pyles 11/11/13 17:00
2 00 19:00 p0tt34 11/11/13 7:00
3 00 22:00 Leesa Beittel 11/13/13 0:00
3 00 22:00 Keith Staschke 11/13/13 0:00
3 00 22:00 Buckeyenuts2 11/13/13 0:00
3 00 22:00 Cyndi Murphy Kozak 11/13/13 0:00
4 00 23:30 Sheri Snyder 11/13/13 1:30
5 00 23:37 Nancy Saunders Voorhes 11/13/13 1:37
6 01 01:00 Nikki Snell 11/13/13 3:00
6 01 01:00 Roger Higginbotham 11/13/13 3:00
7 01 03:25 Brian Miracle 11/13/13 5:25
8 01 04:00 Sean Kelly 11/13/13 6:00
9 01 05:00 Lora Sissel 11/13/13 7:00
10 01 08:00 Shaynah T. Johnson 11/13/13 10:00
11 01 10:00 Shannon Lynn McGuire 11/13/13 12:00
11 01 10:00 Jennifer E. Williamson Parsons 11/13/13 12:00
11 01 10:00 Shannon Lynn McGuire 11/13/13 12:00
11 01 10:00 ShannonMcGuir15 11/13/13 12:00
12 01 21:00 Sherri Mcpeek 11/13/13 23:00
13 01 22:00 Rachel Allen 11/14/13 0:00
13 01 22:00 Luella Epler 11/14/13 0:00
14 01 23:00 Jim Kirn 11/14/13 1:00
15 02 04:45 Eric Davidson 11/14/13 6:45
16 02 07:00 Doug Owen 11/14/13 9:00
17 02 15:00 Tracy Gaskill 11/14/13 17:00
17 02 15:00 Richard van der Lek 11/14/13 17:00
18 02 18:00 Brad Sheets 11/14/13 20:00
19 02 19:30 Raymond Salyer 11/14/13 21:30
20 02 22:00 Mike Rochester 11/15/13 0:00
21 03 22:00 Mary Thompson Altman 11/16/13 0:00
21 03 22:00 Mamawnana1 11/16/13 0:00
22 04 13:00 Amanda Dickens 11/16/13 15:00
23 04 13:46 Tammy Tack 11/16/13 15:46
24 04 17:00 Taunya Palumbo 11/16/13 19:00
25 04 23:15 Angie S Winters 11/17/13 1:15
26 05 01:15 David Valladares 11/17/13 3:15
27 05 02:30 Bruce McPeek 11/17/13 4:30
28 05 15:00 JulesV1997 11/17/13 17:00
29 06 00:00 Alan Burgett 11/18/13 2:00
30 06 01:00 Rusty Dane 11/18/13 3:00
31 06 14:45 Jackie Stooksbury Russell 11/18/13 16:45
32 06 16:00 Larissa Lorene Palmer 11/18/13 18:00
33 06 22:00 Heidi Cunningham 11/19/13 0:00
33 06 22:00 Rhonda Connell Matheney 11/19/13 0:00
34 07 03:00 Joe Henry 11/19/13 5:00
35 07 12:00 Carlene Watson Yantis 11/19/13 14:00
36 07 22:00 CinLin BlakeJennings 11/20/13 0:00
37 08 00:00 Brook Johnson-Ruoff 11/20/13 2:00
38 08 01:15 Cathie Lane 11/20/13 3:15
39 08 12:00 Jessica Wells 11/20/13 14:00
40 08 19:30 Kourtney Rochelle Black 11/20/13 21:30
41 08 23:00 Stephanie Paige 11/21/13 1:00
42 09 02:00 Andrew Hollenbaugh 11/21/13 4:00
43 09 05:00 Linda Lawrence 11/21/13 7:00
43 09 05:00 Tiffany Williams 11/21/13 7:00
44 09 05:30 Jerry Martin 11/21/13 7:30
45 09 13:00 Ishrat Sanjida 11/21/13 15:00
46 10 02:00 Blake Ryan Stults 11/22/13 4:00
47 10 04:00 Janice Burke Gibson 11/22/13 6:00
48 10 13:00 Lindsey Reeves 11/22/13 15:00
49 10 14:55 AJ Willey 11/22/13 16:55
50 11 01:25 Katie Foster 11/23/13 3:25
51 11 17:00 Crystal Trice 11/23/13 19:00
52 11 18:00 Ken Buckley 11/23/13 20:00
53 11 21:00 Sandy Bobo 11/23/13 23:00
53 11 21:00 Sandy Bobo 11/23/13 23:00
54 12 01:00 Amanda Marie 11/24/13 3:00
55 12 18:00 Andrea Cavallaro 11/24/13 20:00
56 13 22:00 Karen Diamond 11/26/13 0:00
56 13 22:00 Kylee Priest 11/26/13 0:00
56 13 22:00 Joshua Michael McLaughlin 11/26/13 0:00
57 14 00:00 Julie VanHoose 11/26/13 2:00
58 14 06:00 Kathy Mullet Holden 11/26/13 8:00
59 14 13:35 Karen Diamond 11/26/13 15:35
60 14 14:00 Tom Workman 11/26/13 16:00
61 15 06:30 Christina Short Marklevitz 11/27/13 8:30
62 15 07:00 Nancy Hutchison 11/27/13 9:00
63 15 12:30 Jeremy D Lang 11/27/13 14:30
64 15 22:00 Debbie Nelson  11/28/13 0:00
64 15 22:00 Anna Cowgill Bare Price 11/28/13 0:00
65 16 00:00 Alexis Holbrook-Hilyard 11/28/13 2:00
66 16 01:00 Angel Talbert 11/28/13 3:00
67 16 10:00 Austin Wright 11/28/13 12:00
68 16 13:00 Linda Pratt 11/28/13 15:00
69 16 15:00 Stuart Osborne 11/28/13 17:00
70 16 17:00 Penny James Gilpen 11/28/13 19:00
70 16 17:00 Ryan Brightman 11/28/13 19:00
71 16 22:00 Ed Krohn 11/29/13 0:00
71 16 22:00 Jessika Stinson 11/29/13 0:00
71 16 22:00 Ken Arnold 11/29/13 0:00
72 17 00:00 Desirae Sisler 11/29/13 2:00
73 17 01:00 Missliss24 11/29/13 3:00
74 17 06:00 Mary Gibson 11/29/13 8:00
75 17 09:00 Judith McInturff 11/29/13 11:00
76 17 16:30 Ocie Wilden 11/29/13 18:30
77 17 22:00 Michelle Luther Reed 11/30/13 0:00
77 17 22:00 Darla Satterfield 11/30/13 0:00
78 17 23:00 Amber Keeton 11/30/13 1:00
79 18 00:00 Wendy Greene Gibbons 11/30/13 2:00
80 18 02:00 Tater Tater Bug 11/30/13 4:00
81 18 13:30 Rose Undeutsch 11/30/13 15:30
82 18 16:00 Tammy Mullins Donahue 11/30/13 18:00
83 18 19:00 Deb Marriott 11/30/13 21:00
84 18 22:00 CLsne 12/1/13 0:00
85 18 23:00 Denise Crawford 12/1/13 1:00
85 18 23:00 Tyler Shane Smith 12/1/13 1:00
86 19 17:00 Bradley Combs 12/1/13 19:00
86 19 17:00 je_jd 12/1/13 19:00
87 19 22:00 Steph Powers 12/2/13 0:00
88 19 22:30 Byron Troutman 12/2/13 0:30
89 20 01:00 TurneRound Farm 12/2/13 3:00
90 20 12:00 Donna Jack Collinsworth 12/2/13 14:00
90 20 12:00 Debra Burgett 12/2/13 14:00
91 20 12:22 Jenny Jones Shirkey 12/2/13 14:22
92 20 14:37 Thrisa Correa 12/2/13 16:37
93 20 15:00 Cathi Singledecker 12/2/13 17:00
94 20 17:30 Lauren Rector 12/2/13 19:30
95 20 21:55 Rhianne Scarborough 12/2/13 23:55
96 20 22:32 Whitney Benson 12/3/13 0:32
97 21 00:30 Bob Smith 12/3/13 2:30
98 21 02:30 Gary Fox 12/3/13 4:30
99 21 04:45 Rob Shaw 12/3/13 6:45
100 21 05:00 Jimmy Smith 12/3/13 7:00
101 21 12:00 James Cooperrider 12/3/13 14:00
102 21 12:45 Beth Brotherwood 12/3/13 14:45
103 21 13:00 Amy Page Schwab 12/3/13 15:00
104 21 16:00 Amy Setty Cuckler 12/3/13 18:00
105 21 16:37 Charity Armbruster 12/3/13 18:37
106 21 16:45 Stacey Hall 12/3/13 18:45
107 21 22:00 Vicki Garner 12/4/13 0:00
108 22 01:30 Amber Warner 12/4/13 3:30
109 22 03:17 Melanie Gannon 12/4/13 5:17
110 22 04:00 Kim Cummins 12/4/13 6:00
111 22 04:45 Benjamin Salzgaber 12/4/13 6:45
112 22 05:30 Stephanie Davis 12/4/13 7:30
113 22 06:00 Mike Woods 12/4/13 8:00
114 22 22:00 Jack Watkins 12/5/13 0:00
114 22 22:00 Jackie Kessler 12/5/13 0:00
114 22 22:00 Jack Watkins 12/5/13 0:00
115 22 22:20 Gina Rambo 12/5/13 0:20
116 23 08:20 Viki Hartley 12/5/13 10:20
117 23 09:30 Amy R Miller 12/5/13 11:30
118 23 11:00 Randy Kinney 12/5/13 13:00
119 23 17:15 Ashley Blake 12/5/13 19:15
120 23 22:00 Kevin Benson 12/6/13 0:00
121 24 00:18 Keri Hickman 12/6/13 2:18
122 24 06:39 Helen Chan 12/6/13 8:39
123 24 12:00 Jessica Crist 12/6/13 14:00
124 24 16:00 Treena Coniglio-Meyers 12/6/13 18:00
125 24 18:30 Frank Bender 12/6/13 20:30
126 24 20:00 Lonnie D Root 12/6/13 22:00
127 24 22:00 Cheryl Lynn Leach 12/7/13 0:00
128 25 09:00 Robyn413 12/7/13 11:00
129 25 16:00 Karen Detty 12/7/13 18:00
130 25 18:00 Susie Catalina Gilpin 12/7/13 20:00
131 25 20:00 Brandy Good 12/7/13 22:00
132 26 03:45 Beckie Willis 12/8/13 5:45
133 26 06:00 James Galbraith 12/8/13 8:00
134 26 22:00 JessikaBeltz 12/9/13 0:00
135 27 03:38 Lynn Griffith Hall 12/9/13 5:38
136 27 11:33 Steve Finley 12/9/13 13:33
137 27 18:27 Courtney Harper 12/9/13 20:27
138 27 22:00 Heather Cliff Montgomery 12/10/13 0:00
139 27 23:45 Nicholas Geer 12/10/13 1:45
140 29 14:30 Ronett Miracle 12/11/13 16:30
141 29 17:00 Robyn Young 12/11/13 19:00
142 30 22:13 RissaBaybee2010 12/13/13 0:13
143 31 03:30 Bull Doggin 12/13/13 5:30
143 31 03:30 McNultysgirl  12/13/13 5:30
144 31 04:40 Randa R Hobbs 12/13/13 6:40
145 31 10:00 Teresa Meade-Shultz 12/13/13 12:00
146 31 12:19 Peggy Ullman Bell 12/13/13 14:19
147 31 12:25 Cassie McNulty 12/13/13 14:25
148 31 18:30 Lacie Imalady Elgin 12/13/13 20:30
149 31 22:00 William Sharp 12/14/13 0:00
150 32 02:30 Rosemary Barrie Nicoletti Gray 12/14/13 4:30
151 32 18:00 Courtney Noelle 12/14/13 20:00
152 32 19:03 Jerrica Marie 12/14/13 21:03
153 32 21:00 Justina Renee Lott 12/14/13 23:00
154 33 10:00 Adam Jones 12/15/13 12:00
155 33 18:47 Anthony DeSimone 12/15/13 20:47
156 34 16:00 Shawn Mcclure 12/16/13 18:00
157 35 08:00 Christy White Murray 12/17/13 10:00
158 35 22:00 Cynthia Scott McElroy 12/17/13 0:00
158 35 22:00 Brenda Mayfield 12/17/13 0:00
159 37 02:30 Lori Holbrook Smith 12/18/13 4:30
160 37 14:00 Mary Strickland 12/18/13 16:00
161 39 03:30 Jeni Dickerson 12/20/13 5:30
162 40 01:00 Jessica Lanier 12/21/13 3:00
163 40 09:11 nickanderson08 12/21/13 11:11
164 41 22:00 Leeka Acres 12/23/13 0:00
165 41 22:00 Leeka Acres 12/23/13 0:00
166 43 05:00 Kendra Kay Ihle 12/24/13 7:00
167 43 13:00 Connie Fain 12/24/13 15:00
168 44 05:35 Wendy Currens Barton 12/25/13 7:35
169 46 00:00 Connie Starkey 12/27/13 2:00
170 47 03:00 Jorge Morales 12/28/13 5:00
171 47 04:00 Laura Scott-Fitzgerald 12/28/13 6:00
172 52 12:35 J.t. Mcgrath 1/2/14 14:35
173 54 00:00 Tamara Anderson 1/4/14 2:00
174 56 03:00 Tracie Greer Sampson 1/6/14 5:00
175 63 01:00 Sherrie Williams 1/13/14 3:00
176 63 06:00 Drew Yaussy 1/13/14 8:00
177 68 02:30 bender_unit 1/18/14 4:30
178 139 22:00 Mandi Lea 3/30/14 0:00

Again, thanks to all who entered... We will do it again next year and make it bigger and better... Big prize??? We will see :)

Andrew Buck Michael

Snow coverage = crazy hair

I love it when I call in and talk to the producers and they tell me I am going to be outside in the cold and snow... That means I don't have to do my hair.  So I had hat hair all morning long... until I was told that I would be in the studio for 45 minutes of team coverage.  Not a lot of snow, but it was enough to cause a dozen or so of accidents and a few dozen school delays.  The first is the worst... when it comes to managing the snow on the roads each season.

The snow came, the snow has left... or at least it isn't falling any more.  It seems that everyone was in the 1-2" range.  We stay very cold for today and tomorrow with wind chills in the teens and twenties.  More sunshine though later in the week will slowly warm us back into the 50's for highs and we stay dry for the most part until Sunday.  Maybe a shower Friday/Saturday, but not a very good chance.  There is a better chance for rain showers for Sunday and Monday as our temperatures warm up even more... then they take a dive again next Tuesday.  Gotta love Ohio!  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Sunday, November 10, 2013

OSU 4 Miler & Snow on the way

Finished the OSU 4 Miler run today.  I put my body on the line and some of my breakfast 60 yards from the finish.  So yea, I got sick in the north end zone at Ohio Stadium.
My goal was 32 minutes, but I finished 34:41.  Not bad... but I know I can get my times down.  And I will.
Snow on the way, but rain first.  The timing above is for Columbus with the temperatures on the bars.  We see rain starting around 4-6PM and then switching to snow between 8-10PM and then snow winding down around daybreak Tuesday.
Snow will melt, but generally expecting about an inch.  The above image is for how much snow WILL FALL by Tuesday morning... again, some will melt.    Maybe a few flurries to the North for Tuesday due to lake effect snow.  Then we stay dry for a while and MUCH colder for the middle of the week.  Stay tuned to the forecast for any changes to the snowfall totals.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Friday, November 8, 2013

Update on next week's snow

I am listening to the low hum of washers and dryers at the laundromat.  Our quilt is too big for our washer at home.  So I have been entering the forecasts for the Snow Challenge.  Up to 157 entries now.  Pretty awesome!  I am hoping for more, so pass the word along, and send someone this link:
As a word of advice... I dunno if I would put next week for our first inch of snow.  The image above is the last day's model runs.  The top is the most recent, so you can see that the models are trending to less and less snow.  The most recent model only shows flurries... if that!  Big change in the models over the last 48 hours.  From several inches of snow to nothing... and THAT is why I didn't jump on here telling everyone to get a shovel, haha.  I will still keep an eye on it, but right now it is looking to be a pretty quiet cold front next Tuesday.  So a pretty dry week ahead, and staying cold... especially later next week.  Got to run and rotate the laundry.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Thursday, November 7, 2013

#BucksFirstInchOfSnowChallenge, Snow on the way?

It seems like I may have fired up my Snow Challenge just in time!  More on the possibility of snow shortly... but for anyone who has NOT entered the challenge, here are the guidelines:
Here's how it will go:
-Forecast a date and time of when you think the first inch of snow will be reported, at Port Columbus Weather Observation.
-Send one Facebook direct message and/or one Twitter direct message to me of your forecasted date and time, Andrew Michael on Facebook and @AndrewWSYX6 on Twitter (only one entry per account, so if you have Facebook AND Twitter you get two shots)
-It must be submitted 72 hours before the first inch is reported (so you're not waiting for the last second)
-Invite your friends because I will release the rankings of who was most accurate after the snow.
-Have fun and good luck.
Remember to send a direct message to be entered!  (That is important so I keep it organized because if it was comments, then the comments could be on someone else's page and I would not be able to see it if it was private, so that's why I am doing the messages)
So snow?  Shovel-able?  Ehhh, I dunno.  The models yesterday were looking pretty impressive.  Look at the 12z (7AM), 18z (1PM) and 0z (7PM) models from yesterday.  They looked like a couple inches would be possible, but now the most recent models have really lightened up on the precip, meaning much less.  All of the models are agreeing on a drastic drop in temperatures.  I still think some snow is possible next week, but an inch???  I dunno at this point.  We will have the big drop in temperatures later next week then the models separate.  One shows a BIG warm blast of air for the middle to end of November, then the next model run goes cold again for the long, long term.  I would say that next Tuesday could be interesting for the Snow Challenge, but if we don't see an inch there then all bets are off as to the next round of snow.   

Until Tuesday... we see clearer skies heading into the weekend with temperatures slowly trying to warm up.  We also look to stay dry until Tuesday... so fall-like and dry until then.  Stop by my page for the Challenge and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Saturday, November 2, 2013

e50 rebuild, dry weather returns

I spent this week scheduling school talks and it had me working in weird places.  If a school called back I would have to drop what I was doing and get it all taken care of.  Happy to have everything all set up.
I worked on another e50 today.  Always fun to crack open a motor and check out the internals.  I was hoping to just check the bearings and get away without new bearings and seals, but there were a couple of bad bearings so I had to take them off.  Looks like it will be about a week before I can button the motor back up.  I also worked on the headset of my white Maxi today.  I think I have the issue solved.  It kept wanting to walk loose and I made a locking washer and used a different nut for the top of the triple tree.  I also think I am going to mount the Motion Left pipe that I have. 

As for the weather... a few rain showers for Saturday night, but then we dry out.  Mix of sun and clouds for the coming days.  The clouds will be pretty pesky for a while.  We will stay on the cool side and try to slowly warm up heading toward midweek.  Another strong cold front and the potential for strong storms Wednesday night into Thursday.  Very similar set-up to the storms we just had Thursday night, although not quite as strong.  I am running the Ohio State Four Miler next Saturday and right now it is looking pretty chilly with temperatures in the mid 30's for the morning low.  Yikes!  Stay warm and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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