Friday, May 31, 2013

Weekend potential storms

Here is a little outlook for the chance for storms for the weekend.  Be sure to stay alert and have some form of communication to know when a Watch or Warning is issued.  Friday and Friday night does not look too threatening for Ohio, but Saturday we are in the Slight Risk area for severe storms.
Here is the wording from the Storm Prediction Center for Saturday:
I will be keeping a close eye on things over the weekend.  ANY watch or warning issued for severe weather for Central Ohio will be tweeted with my work twitter account: @AndrewWSYX6.
By Sunday the severe weather threat will move off to the east. 

Through the next couple of days we will stay hot and humid, but once the front moves through on Sunday we will cool back off into the mid 70 highs for temperatures to start next week.  Looking forward to that!
On a sidenote, hope you were able to get out and enjoy the weather the last few days... even though it was hot.  Just gotta find a way to keep cool ;)  Been riding the moped later with friends to avoid the heat of the day.

Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pinball Run and HOT for Ohio with storms

This is a video I made during my dinner break.  I was asked to help forecast a major moped event.  It will be a 1800 mile (I said 1300 in the clip) race from Maine to the Keys.  The race will be from August 30th to September 8 this year.  I will not be able to go, but I will be doing daily forecasts for the race to help those out that seek some forecast assistance. 
Here locally... getting HOT! We have lucked out today that the rain has stayed to the north for the afternoon and evening.  Our high in Columbus was 86° today and even hotter for the next few days with highs near 90° and humidity climbing as well.  Wednesday does not look wet because we will not have anything to trigger storms to start, but the ingredients are there.  Thursday we may have enough energy pushing out ahead of the approaching cold front to trigger a late-day shower or storm.  Friday the same situation... and again for Saturday with increasing chances each day.  

Think of the approaching cold front as someone jumping in a pool that is nice and calm.  The further away you are from the person, the smaller the wave or ripple.  As the person gets close (or the cold front producing rain marching out) the waves will get larger and that little ripple or bump in the atmosphere will trigger showers and storms once we break through a cap.  The ingredients will be present, but there is a bubble in the atmosphere that we need to break.  Sometimes, if it gets hot enough you can do it without the wave, but you have to get REALLY hot.

Anyway, a few chances for late-day showers and storms later this week, but the cold front looks to arrive on Sunday and that will be our best chances for rain.  By early next week, we are back into the mid 70's for highs.  Until then, keep the umbrella handy, stay cool, and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Forecast

Rain showers pushed in around 6AM today.  The back edge of the rain is almost here into Columbus.  The rain has been rather light and more of a nuisance than anything.
Good news for your afternoon grilling or family get-together is that we will dry out.  The sun will try peak its head out, especially across the Southern half of Ohio for the afternoon.  More showers and storms will try to redevelop for the late afternoon and evening, so keep an eye to the sky.

Showers and storms will continue overnight and be rather strong in some cells.  A few lingering showers early Tuesday and then we warm up quickly for the rest of the week. 

We will be pushing 90 for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with more sunshine.  Another cold front will arrive next weekend.  The timing, currently, looks like late Saturday into Sunday.  With the Memorial Tournament it would be ideal that it comes through overnight to not impact the golf tournament.  I will keep an eye on that.  Gearing up for my LIVE shots from the dragon boat races to finish off the Asian Festival.

Thanks to all those who served our country and put their life on the line for us.  Have a great Memorial Day!

Andrew Buck Michael

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Back in the weather center

Had a couple of great days off.  I rode around town on my moped with friends Thursday.  I had to swing by the station for thirty seconds and security was on us quickly to see what was going on... then they laughed to find out it was me.
Friday I met up with a group of friends in Cincinnati to watch the Reds game one last time before Billy moves to Chicago for his new producing job.  We had a lot of fun and were on TV for a home-run ball.  The fireworks were fantastic!
Today I did the weather LIVE from the Asian Festival at the Franklin Park.  There were a TON of people out for the festival.  I will be back there tomorrow to work the station's booth from 1-2:30 in the afternoon and then again to do the weather LIVE at 6PM.

Weather looks pretty quiet for us for tomorrow.  Still cool and sunny for most of Central Ohio with more clouds out west.  More clouds Monday, Memorial Day, as a warm front lifts through the area.  It could also trigger a late-day shower or storm, but it should only be spotty.  Same for Tuesday, but we are right back into the 80's for highs the rest of the week and staying dry.  Great time to hit the pool!  Gotta get back to the graphics since the LIVE shot threw my routine into a bit of a loop.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Breakdown of today's severe threat

The National Weather Service in Wilmington did a great job depicting what kinds of weather we expect today.  Click the image if you want to see a larger version.  Still looking like winds will be the main threat.  I looked over the latest models and it looks dry through noon then we could see some activity starting in the afternoon and last into the evening.  The one thing holding the energy back would be the fact that there is not a lot of "trigger" mechanisms today.  It will be a day of "now-casting" to really pour over the surface maps and visible satellite to see if there are any boundaries or areas that will help "pop" the first few storms.  That is my favorite part of severe weather... trying to pinpoint the area of initialization. Stay alert and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Stormy Wednesday, Cool Temps Return

Well, after getting hit by the car the other night, I got my moped back to 100% on Sunday night.  Just had to tweak the disc brake rotor back to flush and replace the brake handle... A fun Sunday overnight project on a warm night.  I have been dreaming of warm nights all winter for moped projects... just wish it wasn't necessary.  Oh well, had fun.
Heart breaking story in the Plains with the tornadoes.  Today and tomorrow I will be doing a lot of behind the scenes help with tracking our own threat of severe weather.  Luckily today we had a weak surface high to keep the storms from popping too early.  A handful of storms did fire later, but no warnings with them.  Those are my favorite.
Taking a look at the Ohio Valley threat for severe weather for Wednesday... There is a slightly better chance for severe weather for Wednesday than the last few days.
The map above highlights the chances for a severe thunderstorm within a twenty-five mile radius.  As you can see, Ohio has the best chances for severe weather tomorrow.  The main threat will be strong and damaging straight line winds.  There is a marginal threat for damaging hail and even a less chance for a quick spin-up.  Winds are what we will be watching very close tomorrow.  We all remember the wind storm from June of last year... not looking like that, thankfully.

So a stormy second half of your Wednesday, but not the entire day.  A few lingering showers on Thursday as a cold front pushes through.  Then the weather I have been looking forward to returning. 

Our A/C has been out all week and it has been pretty hot in the house.  For Friday and into the weekend, our highs will be around 70 and lows around 50.  Looking forward to that!  There is a slim chance for rain early next week, but the models not quite agreeing on timing or location.  So just sit tight through the storms tomorrow, enjoy the weekend, and I will have more updates.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Another busy week, moped crash, hot and stormy

Another crazy week... Luckily I got to shoot some "nice weather video" on Wednesday... which was my Friday.
Final story to shoot was people enjoying the swim-up bar... Kinda jealous.
So I finished off Wednesday at the pool at our complex.  Great way to cool off.
 Here is another couple pics from my sister's concert on Thursday.  Check out my last blog for the video of her singing.  Fantastic!
Friday was a mess...  It was fun.  I went to the doctor early, went on a moped ride (helped fix Bruno's bike on High St), then finished off the evening at the pool.  But the ride home was not fun.
I got side-swipped by a car and bit the dust.  My disc brake got bent and I broke my brake lever.  Should be pretty simple fixes.  I also took a beating on my knees and elbows.  Luckily my Dickies pants and jean coat took most of the scraping.  Oh well, you live and learn and I wish the guy woulda stuck around to see if I was all right... Oh well.
Buckeye had a visit to the vet this week and he is doing better thanks to lots of love.

Weather... Getting hot.  Highs in the mid-upper 80's through the middle of next week.  With the heat and humidity we will see afternoon pop-up showers and storms.  The best decent chance for storms will be the middle-end of next week as a cold front pushes through.  Next weekend is looking comfortable and drier.   Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Super proud of my sister

I had heard my sister sing in choir and around the house, but when she really puts her vocal chords to the task, she can REALLY belt out a tune.  The video above is from her concert at Arcanum earlier tonight.  So proud of her.  She even made the outfit too by herself.  High five Amanda.

As for the weather... staying unsettled.  Warm and scattered showers and storms.  Nothing will be a washout... just hit or miss, but if you do see rain, get ready for a quick dose of some heavy rain.  That pattern will continue for a while...

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Moped sold, HOT weather returning!

Thinned the moped herd today.  Taylor and I finished rebuilding Caleb's Magnum and we got that back to him.  I also sold the orange 1973 Puch Maxi this morning.  Sad to see them go, but I am glad to have some moving around room in the garage.

Couldn't ask for a better day!  Well it was kinda cloudy and cool this morning, but beautiful this afternoon and warmer.  More warm temperatures tomorrow, as a matter of fact, pushing into the mid to upper 80's!  Record for Columbus tomorrow is 92... don't know if we will be getting that hot.  We will "cool off" a little Thursday with a high of 77, but right back into the low-mid 80's for much of the rest of the 7-day forecast.  

The one other BIG story of the 7-day forecast is the chance for rain showers and storms for the entire 7-day forecast.  None of the rain will be a wash-out, but we will be dealing with the pop-up showers and storms of the scattered variety.  The best chances for rain looks to be late Wednesday into Thursday and again toward the middle of next week.  The weekend looks to be the least chance for rain, but still a spotty shower or storm is possible thanks to a stationary front packing along the Ohio River.  Keep the umbrella handy and see ya at the pool tomorrow!  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tracking more rain...

Had a great moped ride Thursday.  We met at Sonic and then rode around a little more.  Had seven of us all together.  Slowly and surely building a solid group of riders.
It seems like every time I am on the blog I am tracking rain.  Yesterday was pretty nasty with the storms and then steady showers through the afternoon.  Today there is a second cold front, but only a few gusty showers with it.  It is moving through Western Ohio currently and will be arriving to Columbus about 9PM - 9:30PM.  Once this moves through then we will cool off a lot for the upcoming days with highs in the upper 50's and overnight lows dipping into the upper 30's with some outlying areas getting even colder.  So you may want to cover the plants.

The good news is that the chilly days will be short-lived.  By the middle of the week we will be right back into the 80's.  Pool time!

As for the rain... It looks like a VERY slim chance for a sprinkle across Northern Ohio Sunday.  You can see in the radar look that there is enough lift for a stray sprinkle to the far North.  Tuesday a warm front will lift through Ohio (bringing the warmer temps) and could trigger a shower or two, but not a very good chance.  The next decent chance for rain will be Thursday and mainly later in the day.  I will have an update on that tomorrow in case there are any timing changes. In the mean time, early Happy Mother's Day, and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Filling in...

I love days when I get to do the weather and I have been blessed with a few extra days this week.  I am filling in for Dana Turtle this morning since he is at Cedar Point to ride roller coasters.
I also got to fill in on Tuesday for Lisa Colbert when she was filling under the weather.  Fun times with Terri Sullivan
The rest of the day Tuesday I helped breakdown the timeline for the #MircleInCLE.  I love using the interactive TV and I broke down each event over the last decade with the missing girls. 

Taking a look at the weather... Just a few isolated showers or storms for the afternoon today, but a MUCH better chance for rain on Friday as a cold front will push through Central Ohio.  Highs will be pushing 80 for today and then a little cooler Friday due to the rain.  Most of the rain will move out Saturday and then we dry out just in time for Mother`s Day on Sunday with cooler temperatures.  Next week is looking MUCH drier.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, May 6, 2013

Pesky showers

The sun tried to peak out for a little bit today... even when it was still trying to spit some rain.
We are still in the far northern borders of the rain.  Tomorrow will be a bit drier and we will continue with that drier trend through the middle of the week.  We will also keep warming up.  Friday will be wet as a stronger cold front arrives.  Maybe a lingering shower on Saturday, but we then dry out and cool off a little next week.  70's this week and then possibly dipping into the 50's for Sunday and early next week.  Keep the umbrella handy and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Workweek Forecast

Well, the rain showers are taking their good ole time just spinning to our south.  The main area of low pressure is moving by to our south and pushing off to the East Coast.  The Southern portions of Ohio will see the most rain over the next few days.  Here in Columbus, we will see scattered rain showers, and the north will see even less.  The best chances for rain with this system will be Monday and then Tuesday the system finally starts moving off to the east.

I included the model loop for the next ten days.  Wednesday and Thursday all of the models are trying to pop a quick shower for a few of us, but most of Ohio will be staying dry.  A stronger cold front will bring a much better chance for rain for Friday into the weekend.  Then we quickly return to a dry pattern for early next week.

Make sure to keep the umbrella handy, especially if you are heading south.  The good news is that our temperatures will remain rather mild for the entire week... next week, a little cooler.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Week in review...

Monday I did a story on a fuel spill in Ross County where a semi tanker had its fuel tank drop and drag along the ground until it punctured and spilled about a hundred gallons of fuel on the highway.  I covered that for the noon then did a brief update on the Olentangy River Restoration for the dinner time shows.
Tuesday I did a story on mosquito and tick testing getting cut by the state due to funding issues.
Wednesday I did a story on a natural gas liquid pipeline that will be going clear across the state.  The current construction is just clearing for the new line to be installed.
For the Wednesday pipeline story I got to enjoy the countryside and all the pleasant people waving to everyone passing...
Thursday was a nice relaxing day.  I went over to the garage in the afternoon and rode my moped around later.  I rode to a meeting at work and added some more stickers to my moped helmet from moped clubs.
Later on in the evening I got together with some of the Columbus mopeders and we rode around town.  Lots of fun.
I let Taylor borrow my Maxi and I figured since I can't get both of my mopeds downtown by riding them... so I wanted to get a picture of them at night in front of the skyline. 
As if I was not outdoors enough on Thursday... Friday I went golfing with the wife and another couple.  We ended up playing a scramble later to keep the pace up.
I then found out that the pool at our complex is about ready to open... Stoked for that!
I noticed that our yard gnome went missing and found it down the street so I took it home and it is now resting in our backyard so he doesn't walk off again.
And I finally leave you with a picture of my beautiful tan line from the couple of days outside... I am sure it is just the start of the seasonal tanline.
As I mentioned last weekend... the cut-off low has just spun out over the Plains.  It is still trying to slowly move east and it will stay mainly south of Central Ohio.  Sunday should remain dry except for the far Southern portions of Ohio.  Monday may be a little different with some moisture trying to work into Ohio, but it should be spotty light rain showers.  Tuesday a little less rain and then things begin to dry out for the middle of the week.  Next weekend is looking wetter as well, but the good news is that highs should be in the 70's for the entire workweek.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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