Thursday, July 30, 2015

4 year anniversary & Summer goes swimming

Hard to believe that it has been four year since Dawn and I were married at Ohio State.  
That day was so much fun.
Yea... it was a LOT of fun!
And couldn't ask for better friends to surround us.
So we finally got a good camera.  We were taking cell phone photos and we noticed when we got them printed how horrible they looked.  We want to capture memories clear and crisp, so we looked around for a great deal on a DLSR camera.  It's been fun getting some practice around the house.
My sister had a coupe days off of work so she came to visit.  We went to the pool yesterday.
Summer was not a fan at first, but Dawn and I convinced her that the water was better after you were in it for a while. 
A cold front is sweeping through the area for your Thursday morning. The rain and clouds will be moving out to the east through the morning. More sunshine by midday with lower humidity and cooler temperatures.  We stay sunny Friday with another weak cold front early Saturday. There is a very slight chance of rain with that cold front, but then we clear out again heading into Sunday.  More scattered rain returns Monday and Tuesday. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

BIG news! I am moving to Monday-Friday!

I will be leaving #TeamWeekend soon.  The official word came out Monday that I will be moving Monday thru Friday to join the morning show.  The plan is doing weather from 4:25 until 7AM on the ABC side of Good Day Columbus, then when we switch to FOX28 I will be doing more social media, with Social Buzz with Buck.  Covering the cool stories that you will be talking about at the water cooler and what is trending... So tune in to make sure you know what your co-workers will be chatting about.  Not sure when I will officially start... whenever my replacement on the weekends starts.
Garden is doing REALLY well!  I made Philly cheese-steak stuffed green peppers the other day.  Just chopped off the tops of the peppers(from the garden) and clean out the insides. Fry up some beef, onions, and a little garlic. I also added a little of the chopped extra green peppers tops to the mix too.  Then a layer of provolone at the bottom of the pepper, then the mixin's, then one more layer of cheese. Thin sliced cheese was plenty.  Bake for 15 minutes at 400°... Enjoy!
The bees are loving the sunflowers in the garden too!
Monday was my Grandma Judy's 74th birthday party.  The family got together and it was great seeing so much of the family. 
With Summer, it is really hard to find time to get to the gym... So I cancelled my membership and have been taking Summer on runs around the neighborhood.
I worked a double the other day and was pretty tired, but Summer took care of the sleeping while I did the running. 
Summer is slowly able to see more and more.  This is from yesterday while we were laying in bed, don't worry... she doesn't sleep with us, she sleeps in her crib.  Anyway, I grabbed my phone and turned on the camera and put it in selfie mode so we could see ourselves.  She was amazed.  So I started making silly faces.
And she thought it was hilarious.  
One more hot, hazy, & humid day!  Heat index nearing 100 degrees today, so be sure to stay hydrated even if not thirsty.  A cold front will arrive this evening and scattered showers/storms are expected in the afternoon/evening.  A few will linger into the overnight, but the rain will likely push out by daybreak Thursday.  More sun on the way Thursday as our humidity drops and highs return to normal, the mid 80's.  Other than a slight chance for rain Saturday, we look to stay dry until next week.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Friday, July 24, 2015

Things are starting to heat up!

What a fantastic sunset out there tonight!
Dawn said that Summer was very fussy and she seems to quiet down in the car, so I told her to bring her into the station.  Yolanda was complaining that she had not met Summer yet anyway.  So Yo and Summer got to meet.
And since Yo calls me Babyface, she said we had to get photos together, the real baby with Babyface.
Temperatures returning to normal/above normal for the weekend and next week.  A weak disturbance will arrive late Saturday and bring a very slight chance of rain for late Saturday, mainly north. A few more scattered showers/storms Sunday as well.  Temperatures will warm into the mid-upper 80`s for much of the 7-day forecast. With the heat and humidity, there is a slight chance for afternoon pop-up showers and storms most of the extended forecast for Central Ohio.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Thursday, July 23, 2015

28 hours off work = jam packed fun

I worked yesterday on the morning show and I got off work at 10:30 in the morning and then back at 2:30PM today.  So that means LOTS of time for just about everything!
Right after work yesterday we loaded up and headed back to the family farm.  We had a lot of fun, but my mom let Summer sleep all day so she was a fussy mess all night.  Thanks mom!  Dawn, Summer and I did grab dinner with Marcus at Nasty's last night for their wing night.
I brushed thoroughly before my dentist appointment today.  Got two thumbs up from that.
And then we decided to take a family trip to Ohio State.  The sun was out strong so I let Summer wear my hat for a while since hers fell off her head more. 
Summer wasn't too excited to be unpacked for a quick family photo inside the Ohio Stadium.
She liked the bjorn much more.  This photo is almost identical to the one we have just after getting married.  So we plan on doing a before and after photo next week on our anniversary. 
Mirror Lake was on the way back to the car...
And so was Brutus.  The GoPro makes her head look a lot like Brutus's head. 
So then rushed into work.  Then during my dinner break I ripped out the broccoli plants and planted a couple tomato plants and seven green pepper plants.  My other pepper and tomato plants are doing well, but I wanted to plant a few late-season plants since the water has hurt a few of the other plants.  Some think it is too late into the season, but considering how wet and cool June has been... I think it is the perfect timing for some late-season bloomers.
High pressure keeping the skies mostly clear tonight and Friday for Central Ohio. Our temperatures will continue slowly warming over the coming days.  A weak disturbance will arrive late Saturday and bring a very slight chance of rain for late Saturday. A few more scattered showers/storms Sunday as well.  With temperatures warming to to the mid-upper 80's for much of the 7-day forecast, we will have the slight chance for afternoon pop-up showers and storms most of the extended forecast as well.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Buckeye, naptime, glorious garden, & dry weather coming

Despite these photos... I DO spend time in other places than the bedroom.  Sunday I was laying down to rest before brushing my teeth, but Buckeye came up to snuggle and it was hard to wake him up to brush my teeth.
Monday we went up to Cleveland to visit newborn twins... I didn't snap any photos because we were in the NICU while they were stabilizing their temperatures... and cell phones are VERY dirty.  But we came home yesterday and we were going to have nap time in bed... But I have a hard time taking naps.
Summer and Dawn had no problem taking a nap without me.  I kept an eye on Summer and watched a movie instead. 
My garden is doing GREAT!  We have zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, green beans, and broccoli coming from the garden.  I need to pull the carrots soon.  Sunflowers have started blooming and cantaloupes have started forming.  Watermelons are doing poorly due to the cooler temps and excessive rain.
Central Ohio is now entering the driest stretch of weather since two months ago. Enjoy the next several days!  Sunshine to start your Wednesday with a few afternoon/evening clouds. We stay mostly clear overnight and through the upcoming days with just a few passing clouds. Temperatures stay just below normal until the weekend.  As our temperatures approach 90 by Sunday, we introduce the chance of rain, but staying dry until then. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer's first few HOT days... and drier days to come.

If that smile doesn't melt your heart... then you may be a tin man!  As Summer can slowly start seeing more and more, her smiles keep getting bigger and bigger.  She can see contrasting things the best, so we have been quite active during my two days off earlier this week...
Thursday we went down to Hocking Hills.  Summer was awake for the start of the trails looking up at the sky and trees, but then fell asleep quickly due to the bouncing bjorn.  
Friday morning I had to emcee a couple stages at the Jazz and Ribs Festival in Columbus.  I made the joke that since I brought Summer Rain with me... that no more rain needed to come to the festival... I had a couple chuckles. 
We came back in the evening with some friends to enjoy the festival and it was a great time.  Dawn said that we were owning the "parent look"  with the bjorn and backpack. 
Dawn snuck in the nursery and snapped this photo this morning.  Dawn wakes up for the feedings throughout the night, then after the last feeding I take Summer out of the bedroom.  Summer grunts and makes noises for two hours before she actually wakes up.  So I let Dawn sleep while Summer and I hang out on the boppy in the nursery.
We broke the 100° mark with the heat index yesterday.  The actual high temperature was 91° for the sixth 90° day of the year.  It was TOASTY!  Today we only warmed up to 87° for the temperature, so the heat index got close to the mid 90's.

We shouldn't warm up any warmer than that... thanks to today's storms.
Tomorrow we will be even cooler.  We have two pushes of cooler/drier air on the way. The first push comes tonight with the first cold front. The cold front will also trigger showers and storms Sunday evening and they will last a little into the overnight with some gusty winds in the storms.  Overnight some patchy fog forming by daybreak Monday. Monday will be partly cloudy with more clouds later and cold front number two arriving Monday night. This will also bring the chance for showers and storms late Monday into early Tuesday.  By Tuesday afternoon the drier and cooler air will settle in and we will see several dry days with pleasant temperatures. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Garden salsa, Summer visits the station, and storms leaving

 The garden is finally paying off.  I made some fresh salsa on Sunday... and BOY it is GOOD!
I worked dayside on Monday with a couple round of storms rolling through.  Dawn brought Summer after the first wave passed through Columbus.  She didn't want to practice in front of the green screen.
But she was a BIG hit in the newsroom.
Yesterday was her 1 month check-up, so we did a quick family #Shelfie with the shelf cloud going into the doctor.  We got inside the doctor's office JUST before it started pouring.  Summer is now up to 9lbs. 10oz. and coming in at 22.5".  So she put on about 2 pounds in the last three weeks and grew 2" since birth.  She is 100% healthy and the doctor said she looks amazing!
When we left there was a Tornado Warning for Knox County, so I went back into work to help out in case we had to go wall-to-wall for more than just the one warning.  Luckily that died out and no extended coverage, but the storms really packed a punch.
Drier weather on the way! Clouds lingering through the start of your Wednesday with some early patchy fog as well. Humidity dropping through the day and a cool evening with clearing skies. More patchy fog forming Wednesday night. Mostly sunny Thursday and a fantastic day on tap for Central Ohio. Humidity and temps on the rise by Friday and staying high all weekend. Slight chances of rain return heading into the weekend too with afternoon pop-up showers and storms. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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