Wednesday, July 29, 2015

BIG news! I am moving to Monday-Friday!

I will be leaving #TeamWeekend soon.  The official word came out Monday that I will be moving Monday thru Friday to join the morning show.  The plan is doing weather from 4:25 until 7AM on the ABC side of Good Day Columbus, then when we switch to FOX28 I will be doing more social media, with Social Buzz with Buck.  Covering the cool stories that you will be talking about at the water cooler and what is trending... So tune in to make sure you know what your co-workers will be chatting about.  Not sure when I will officially start... whenever my replacement on the weekends starts.
Garden is doing REALLY well!  I made Philly cheese-steak stuffed green peppers the other day.  Just chopped off the tops of the peppers(from the garden) and clean out the insides. Fry up some beef, onions, and a little garlic. I also added a little of the chopped extra green peppers tops to the mix too.  Then a layer of provolone at the bottom of the pepper, then the mixin's, then one more layer of cheese. Thin sliced cheese was plenty.  Bake for 15 minutes at 400°... Enjoy!
The bees are loving the sunflowers in the garden too!
Monday was my Grandma Judy's 74th birthday party.  The family got together and it was great seeing so much of the family. 
With Summer, it is really hard to find time to get to the gym... So I cancelled my membership and have been taking Summer on runs around the neighborhood.
I worked a double the other day and was pretty tired, but Summer took care of the sleeping while I did the running. 
Summer is slowly able to see more and more.  This is from yesterday while we were laying in bed, don't worry... she doesn't sleep with us, she sleeps in her crib.  Anyway, I grabbed my phone and turned on the camera and put it in selfie mode so we could see ourselves.  She was amazed.  So I started making silly faces.
And she thought it was hilarious.  
One more hot, hazy, & humid day!  Heat index nearing 100 degrees today, so be sure to stay hydrated even if not thirsty.  A cold front will arrive this evening and scattered showers/storms are expected in the afternoon/evening.  A few will linger into the overnight, but the rain will likely push out by daybreak Thursday.  More sun on the way Thursday as our humidity drops and highs return to normal, the mid 80's.  Other than a slight chance for rain Saturday, we look to stay dry until next week.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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