Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Garden salsa, Summer visits the station, and storms leaving

 The garden is finally paying off.  I made some fresh salsa on Sunday... and BOY it is GOOD!
I worked dayside on Monday with a couple round of storms rolling through.  Dawn brought Summer after the first wave passed through Columbus.  She didn't want to practice in front of the green screen.
But she was a BIG hit in the newsroom.
Yesterday was her 1 month check-up, so we did a quick family #Shelfie with the shelf cloud going into the doctor.  We got inside the doctor's office JUST before it started pouring.  Summer is now up to 9lbs. 10oz. and coming in at 22.5".  So she put on about 2 pounds in the last three weeks and grew 2" since birth.  She is 100% healthy and the doctor said she looks amazing!
When we left there was a Tornado Warning for Knox County, so I went back into work to help out in case we had to go wall-to-wall for more than just the one warning.  Luckily that died out and no extended coverage, but the storms really packed a punch.
Drier weather on the way! Clouds lingering through the start of your Wednesday with some early patchy fog as well. Humidity dropping through the day and a cool evening with clearing skies. More patchy fog forming Wednesday night. Mostly sunny Thursday and a fantastic day on tap for Central Ohio. Humidity and temps on the rise by Friday and staying high all weekend. Slight chances of rain return heading into the weekend too with afternoon pop-up showers and storms. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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