Friday, July 29, 2016

Finally some rain for my garden... more coming???

Dawn and I were coming back from a wedding rehearsal dinner with some heavy rain then started to hit sun.  I mentioned that there should be a good rainbow shortly and as soon as we got closer to home it started to pop out.  So we snapped a photo together.
I went to the backyard to check the rain gauge as the storm was leaving and we got a LOT of rain! With the morning steady rain we picked up 0.77" of rain then the afternoon storm brought 1.85", so daily total at Michael House: 2.62"!  And I watered the garden the evening before... So hopefully my brief watering helped to let the rest of the rain soak deeper into the soil.  I can at least put the garden hose up for a few days!

More scattered showers & storms possible later today, but fog will be the bigger issue for the morning. Rain on Thursday has left plenty of moisture for pockets of dense fog for Friday morning. Fog will clear out by mid morning then partly to mostly cloudy with more scattered showers and storms for the afternoon and evening with highs in the mid 80s. Saturday will be similar with pockets of fog that pick up rain today followed by some isolated PM showers and storms with mid 80s for highs. Another repeat on Sunday, but a lower chance of rain as high pressure starts building for early next week. We dry out next week and heat up with highs near 90 all week. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Summer's soccer skills, moped wrenching, & warm forecast

I was trying to get video yesterday of Summer crawling because very soon those days will be over.  She is wanting to walk as much as possible.  I got a mini Columbus Crew soccer ball a few years ago at Comm Fest and I kick it around the house.  Summer thinks it is hilarious and we kick it back and forth.  So I got video of that too.  This animated image doesn't do justice because you can't hear her giggling the entire time.
One of my friends, William, bought my Puch Magnum a couple years ago and he has been riding it and doing his own touches on the bike.  I have not seen it in person in about 18 months and William asked for help timing the newly rebuilt motor yesterday.  I went over and offered my assistance.  I even got to fire it up and it REALLY made me miss it.  So much fun!
Our weather pattern is really not changing anytime soon... 
Starting out Wednesday morning with some patchy fog, mainly south of I-70. Another very warm day with the humidity making it feel like the low-mid 90s. More isolated showers & storms, mainly for the Southern half of Ohio where a stationary front has been parked. That front will lift north Thursday bringing a better chance of rain for the rest of Central Ohio with more scattered showers and storms. Temps stay in the mid-upper 80s through the weekend with the chance of scattered rain staying around as well. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Walking Summer, gorgeous sunrise, spotty rain ahead

Summer was walking back and forth across the living room yesterday and loving it.  She loves her stuffed Minnie Mouse and Dawn and I kept throwing it back and forth keeping it away from her.  She was loving it!  Laughing the entire time while waking about 8 steps each trip.  Then we gave it to her and she kept carrying it back and forth for us and giggling.  Dawn needed to do some shopping so I put on Summer's shoes and we went walking some on the sidewalk while holding my fingers.  It was a little harder wearing shoes than barefoot, but she loved it. I need to get video of her scooting along the ground today because I feel that very soon there will be no more scooting or crawling.
What a GREAT sunrise this morning!  I am blessed to get to see it every morning.  It may be through the lens of the tower cam, but hey... I'm still there to see it every morning.
Humidity and temperatures have dropped just a little bit thanks to a cold front that will be stalling out and sitting near/over the Ohio River. The stationary front will help trigger a few showers/storms across Southern Ohio over the next few days. That chance of rain moves a little more north heading into the end of the week with some isolated showers and storms for Central Ohio later this week and weekend. Staying humid with temps in the mid-upper 80s through the weekend with a mix of clouds and clear skies. Have a good one!
That chance of rain moves a little more north heading into the end of the week with some isolated showers and storms for Central Ohio later this week and weekend. Staying humid with temps in the mid-upper 80s through the weekend with a mix of clouds and clear skies. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, July 25, 2016

Jazz & Rib Fest, Summer's big milestone, & heat leaving

I was down at the Jazz & Rib Fest Friday for the first shift at the booth from 11AM - 1PM.  There was NOBODY out in the rain, so I had a little fun in the surrounding couple of blocks of the tent. 
By Friday evening the weather was GREAT!  A little warm, but the rain was gone and the sun was out.
Even Summer loved the cornbread and ribs!
Saturday morning we went to watch our nephew Anderson's tee ball game.  It was also picture day.  It is so adorable watching the kids play.  Anderson is actually REALLY good!
Dawn & Summer took naps in the afternoon and I went to pick up a chest freezer.  They were on sale at Home Depot and it was considerably cheaper than some of the outlet stores.
Saturday night Summer was standing on the opposite side of the living room.  I held up the Xbox controller and she walked across the entire room to get the controller.  So we took her out to get ice cream for the first time.  She didn't know what to think of ice cream at first, but she was loving it and eating both of ours by the end.  
Sunday we went back to Dayton to visit our friends and check out their new house.  Summer and their son Caleb had a lot of fun playing together.  It's amazing seeing Summer play with kids just a little older than her.  She really tries walking and keeping up.  We stayed inside almost the entire time because of the heat.
Speaking of heat... This will be my reaction once I actually get my electric bill(since the last 2 months have been estimates)
Scattered showers and storms for Monday with the heat & humidity sticking around through the day. Central Ohio is in the Marginal Risk for severe weather for Monday and Eastern Ohio is in the Slight Risk for severe storms with strong gusty winds as the main threat for severe weather. Rain moves out overnight and clouds clear with patchy fog possible. Temperatures and humidity fall a little bit for Tuesday and Wednesday. More isolated showers/storms by the end of the week and next weekend. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Working in the yard with Summer and heat returning

I spent the morning in the back yard with Summer working in the garden and eating some of the vegetables from the garden as we worked.  She LOVES the snap peas.  Then we wandered over to the flowers and she didn't understand smelling them at first, but she finally got it. 
High pressure building across the Great Lakes bringing more sunshine and a break from the muggy air and storms. We still stay warm and partly cloudy for Tuesday and Wednesday. We heat up later this weekend and weekend with pop-up showers and storms possible. Very muggy and hot air by Friday and Saturday with highs back in the low-mid 90s. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, July 18, 2016

Fun, active weekend, but a stormy start to workweek

Something about being in the middle of nowhere appeals to me.  Even if it is on a gravel road.
My siblings and I went camping Friday night at Mohican State Forest.  I had quite a lot to carry to 0.7 miles back to the site, but a lot lighter when leaving with less water.  This will likely be the last time all of the siblings will be together for over a year since Marcus is leaving soon to go to Bulgaria to teach English. 
Saturday I ran a bunch of errands with Dawn before the family went to the Crew SC match.  Another draw!  I have no luck going to a game where we win.  D.C. United scored with a minute or two left to tie it up.  I wish they would do shoot outs at all games. 
But you can't complain about the beautiful evening!
Sunday we had some pool time and Summer had to warm up to her new floating, but she is a water baby for sure!
This morning was QUITE an active morning with storms rolling in.
We had an impressive shelf clouds roll in along with the storms as well on our tower cam.
Central/Eastern/Southern Ohio all in the Slight Risk for more storms popping up later this afternoon. 
Tracking a storm system for the early morning hours for Central Ohio. Heavy rain likely early then the system will break apart shortly after sunrise. More isolated showers/storms possible this afternoon and Central Ohio is in the Slight Risk for severe weather for later today. Very warm and muggy today. Any lingering rain tonight will move out then likely staying dry through the rest of the workweek. Our temperatures cool down to normal for the middle of the week then we heat up for the end of the week and next weekend. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Friday, July 15, 2016

Summer fun, weekend forecast

Dawn took this photo the other evening of Summer.  She said that Summer looks just like me... I don't see it, do you?  Just kidding.
Last night we went to the Hilliard Station Park, had dinner, and listened to some live music.  Summer LOVED it and was clapping or dancing the entire time.  She also loved watching the kids running around.
A cold front is about ready to move through and a few spotty showers have been popping up ahead of the cold front as well. 
Patchy fog also forming for your Friday morning followed by temperatures cooling a little for the next couple of days with lower humidity. A few spotty showers are possible today as a cold front moves through. By the afternoon a few more showers and storms are possible across the Southern portions of Ohio as the cold front pushes southeast. Partly cloudy later today, tonight, and much of the weekend. Temperatures heat back up Sunday and Monday with storms possible by Monday. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Thursday, July 14, 2016

More storms today

I love cooking.  I love staying clean while cooking so Dawn recently picked me up a Darth Vader apron.  Love it!
More heat, humidity, and storms today.  South and Eastern Ohio are in the Marginal Risk for severe weather today with gusty winds as the main threat. 
Storms will begin popping up midday and then move East and most of the rain will be out of here by midnight tonight.
A few lingering spotty showers are possible Friday, otherwise a little cooler and less humid. The weekend will bring a mix of sun and clouds with temps still in the mid 80s and heating up heading into next week. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Summer trip to the zoo before it gets hot!

I showed you, in yesterday's blog, that Summer LOVES her toy elephant and yesterday I took her to the zoo.  This was the first time that she was able to really enjoy the animals and wave to them and point at them.  The other times she would just watch and not "interact" with the animals.  I think the elephants were her favorite again and waved to them a lot. 
This gorilla came up right up to Summer, but I didn't have the camera ready in time. 
The bears were trying to keep cool in the shade and Summer loved them too. 
I was lucky enough to do a few stories at the Columbus Zoo when they were installing the Heart of Africa exhibits... I learned a few things and the airplane wing in the lion exhibit is air conditioned.  So the big cats lay on it during the hot days to stay cool and it allows you to take awesome photos like this.  Summer didn't know what to do.
The aquariums were packed with people trying to stay cool so we didn't stay too long.  It's so fun watching her observe the animals.
How about this female gorilla?!?!  Look familiar? 
Temperatures heating up again today and it may be just enough to fire up a few showers and storms, mainly south of Columbus. We start off the morning with sun followed by a few clouds in the afternoon and the slight chance for rain. Once the sun sets we will see any rain dissipate and leave. More showers/storms expected to pop up for Wednesday and Thursday with highs near 90. We cool off slightly heading into the weekend, but keeping a very slight chance of rain in the forecast. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, July 11, 2016

Summer's bed head, watermelon, & getting hot

Summer LOVES watermelon.  She could eat it all day long if you let her.  Good thing I have a few watermelons plants in the garden!
Saturday we went swimming, but without a nap she was getting a little fussy by the late afternoon.
Then when she woke up she had quite curly hair.  Looks like she might have picked that up from me.  Because Dawn's hair is VERY straight.
She also got a new birthday present that she LOVES! Summer is blurry because she was dancing.  When you push the mouse on the back of the elephant it will squeak once then it will play a song.  She kept hitting the mouse for about half an hour last night and danced. 
My father-in-law LOVES washing the car and he wanted to detail our Honda CR-V yesterday.  I helped and boy does it shine!  That hood is black where I took the reflection.
It's going to be a sunny & warm day ahead! 
After a beautiful weekend, we will continue seeing sun through the start of the week as our temperatures climb to near 90. Mostly sunny today and Tuesday and then more clouds by Wednesday. A chance of scattered showers and storms Wednesday and Thursday. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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