Friday, July 1, 2016

So many photos I forgot to share...

So the last 2 weeks have been CRAZY!  I was going through my photos and realized I forgot to share some of the best memories of the year with you all... So the Saturday before Father's Day we had photos for Summer's 1st Birthday. She was just getting over a cold so she was a little fussy, so it turned more into family photos, which is fine because I am normally the one taking most of the photos. 
It was great to get some good family photos as well. 
Then I made sure Summer got a good long nap.  Dawn went to a bachelorette party so I had a lot planned for Summer and me.  
We stopped by Pride Fest for a couple of hours then went out to the Creekside Blues and Jazz Fest.
Then another quick nap and her first Crew SC match. 
She LOVED watching the soccer game.  
I just wanted to spend time with Dawn and Summer for Father's Day so we filled up the little pool and enjoyed the afternoon.
Dawn got me a new (smaller) for Father's Day.  Summer didn't know what to think about it.
We all had on our Cavs gear and said we were camping out until Cleveland got a championship.
Whew!  We were able to put the tent away.  I slept most of Monday afternoon after staying up all Sunday night after the Cavs won.
Tuesday I was very honored to be asked to play at Scioto Country Club.  It was a media day ahead of the US Senior Open in a month.  Wednesday I went up to Cleveland for the championship parade (lots of photos in a blog entry a few days ago) Then Thursday it was packing before we went on a road trip for the family reunion. 
So... fast forward 1000 miles to Rhode Island.  Summer loved the cabin.. (More photos in yesterday's blog).
Nothing better than bacon and black coffee on a cool morning in the woods.
We were pretty close to Taylor Swift's house when we went to the beach. 
The family reunion was a blast.  Summer won the kids competition thanks to grandma's coaxing. 
Dawn and I came close to winning the couples competition.
Then back to the cabin for the return trip home.
We made a quick stop in Niagara and they just opened up a new park on the American side of the horseshoe falls.
Yesterday I had to tend to the garden and Summer even helped pull the weeds.  She started pulling tomato leaves, but then I showed her to pull the smaller ones in the dirt and she actually pulled some weeds. 
Tomorrow I am heading to Cleveland for a couple birthday parties and taking the motorcycle.  (Dawn's trip will be different timing)  I am SUPER excited for the final 22 miles of the trip.  I have been wanting to take the Rocky River parkway for a while and I am stoked!  Also pretty pumped to ride along Lake Erie as well.  I love seeing water for miles. 
A little rain to finish off the workweek, but setting up for a nice weekend! Today's rain will be scattered so not everyone will see the rain.  A cold front will push through the area today triggering the showers and a few storms.  The rain will be here for the morning and early afternoon then clearing and breezy for the afternoon.  Partly cloudy and mild tonight for Red, White, & Boom.  Partly cloudy through Saturday and Sunday with some rain returning late Sunday or a better chance on Monday with scattered showers and storms for your July 4th.  Heat returns by the middle of next week. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael, Meteorologist.

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