Saturday, August 30, 2014

Golf, Buckeye's Birthday, Prepping moped, & HOT

I played Bent Tree golf course on Thursday.  Pretty nice course, but the greens were just aerated.  Did a lot better on the back nine than the front.
Today is Buckeye's birthday.  He is now thirteen human years old.... Getting pretty old there fella!
I finished prepping my Puch Maxi for sale.  I am meeting someone in Detroit to buy it in a couple weeks.   Really, really going to miss this bike, but glad it is going to a great home.
It was a smoking hot day today... The second hottest day of the year.   We hit 94 back in June.

The heat and humidity will be sticking around, but Sunday and Tuesday look pretty cloudy and wet and those will be the coolest, but most humid days this week.  Showers continue to push in overnight and Sunday will be pretty wet with scattered storms, especially the first half of the day.  We see a brief break in the rain Monday with only a few isolated showers/storms and warm.  More rain expected Tuesday and then the heat returns for the second half of the week.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fantasy Football draft in the pool

It was a hot day... and Yahoo Fantasy Sports now has mobile platform for draft.  I was pretty happy with the performance and I only got booted once.  The only downside was there was no news.  I should have watched ESPN last night to find out that Wes Welker had another concussion last night.  THAT was a bad draft choice, so I hope he returns healthy soon.

Staying warm and humid tonight.  Some patchy fog possible in the low areas.  There is a slight chance for a stray shower or storm popping up the coming afternoons, although most of the time we`ll stay dry.  Expect the heat to stick around through the start of the week.  The best chance of rain looks to be Wednesday and Saturday... but we could see an isolated shower everyday with the instability just on the cusp of firing something locally and isolated.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tropical Depression 4

This storm has had a LOT of chatter online... It has finally developed into a Tropical Depression and soon to be Tropical Storm Cristobal.  The storm is still developing, so you can see how the models are not quite agreeing on where it is going to go.  Could impact a lot of the East Coast over the coming week and a half.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Friday, August 22, 2014

JAM packed week... with Brutus, OSU golf, fair...

I cherish the days I get to spend with Buckeye.  I was painting my fairing for the motorcycle this week and I brought Buckeye to the garage.  We don't have a yard at our current apartment... and he LOVES to just lay in the grass in the heat.  We had fun waiting for the paint to dry after each coat.
Alright... So Saturday I helped my brother unload four and a half motorcycles out of his minivan.  None of them run, so he will be fixing them up and selling them. I was sweating a LOT. I put on a fleece to keep from greasing up my white shirt. To the lady walking by on the sidewalk asking "what's the weather tomorrow?" I hope you saw Marcus's face. 
Monday I went home to the Great Darke County Fair.  My sister won seven ribbons for her dresses and other clothing she designed, including three first place ribbons.  I also ran into Roma Hicks, who was my babysitter when I was a toddler.  My grandma and grandpa drove up from Cincinnati and we all visited my other grandma so I couldn't pass up the chance to get a photo of the entire group together.  Fun day for sure!
Tuesday I was invited to the Nationwide Children's Hospital Championship media day golf outing at Ohio State's golf course.  We played the Scarlet course and it was very challenging.   Fun day... again.
My wife challenged me to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Here is the video.  It was quite chilly, and despite any people who think it is a wasteful fad, yes we still donated to find a cure. People who don't care about those around them don't plan on making the world a better place. 
I love filling in on the morning show... and I was lucky enough to be on the morning show when Brutus was visiting.  So much fun.
So the fairing is done.  Above is the before and after.  The silver matches pretty darn close.  It doesn't quite have the same metal flake, but ehhh...  Really happy how it turned out.
Today's sunset was amazing.  The chance for rain this weekend will be less than the last few days.  The rain this weekend will be spotty and best chances for any rain will be in the afternoon with pop-up isolated showers and storms.  The heat and humidity will be sticking around through the middle of next week.  Highs will be in the low 90's and the heat index will feel in the mid 90's with the humidity.  A strong cold front will bring our temperatures back down by the end of next week.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cool week... great for riding

What a couple of gorgeous evenings we have had this week.  Cool temps, sunshine... can't get better than that!
I rebuilt some motors this week... The Parmakit is up for sale on MopedArmy.
I also got all the paperwork in order for my CB400t.  I got some riding time in...
Country roads are the BEST!  
Then follow that up with some grill time...
And then pool time after that... yea it was a pretty awesome day on Thursday.
I worked last night and after work I started painting the fairing to match the bike. I know of a shop in town that said they would help, but the price was triple what the fairing was... and that was with him giving me a deal.  Who knows... Hope it turns out sweet.

As for the weather... get ready for the heat to return.  Highs will be back in the mid to upper 80's most of week ahead and humid... so that means pop-up showers and storms also for the afternoons.  Right now, nothing looks to be severe or a washout.  So much for an early fall... right?  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Morning ride, pool, and special weather guest

What a gorgeous morning!  I rode my moped to the garage, then rode my 1981 CB400t around for an hour or so.  The spark plugs were still the original ones form 1981 so I stopped by Autozone to pick up new plugs.  The guy at the counter was shocked to hear the bike only has 2,400 miles on it... so he came out to check it out.  I sold some more moped stuff so I should be able to pick up a decent riding jacket and gloves.
Then I jumped in the pool real quick before heading into work.
I had some lady contact me a few months ago.  She said her nephew does the weather at home ten times a day and his dream is to become a meteorologist.  He even tapes the news if they are ever not home.  Well this week was his birthday and she saw that I have scouts almost every Sunday.  I told her to bring in Austin and we will show him around.  When I walked out of the studio he was shaking with nervousness.  He was super adorable and hope he had a good time.  In the picture above, I had him come and help me with the 7-day forecast during the news.

Scattered showers and storms for Monday and Tuesday.  Highs around 80.  Then we dry out Wednesday and we cool off into the mid to upper 70's for highs and lows back in the upper 50's.  There is a weak disturbance late Thursday into Friday, but right now the chance for rain is only about 10%, so I didn't even put it on the 7-day forecast because the air will be so dry it likely will not materialize.  And other than that... we are dry from Wednesday through the weekend on all the models... looks like a decent deck-staining week.  HAHA!  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Emmy, Throwback, moped for sale...

Bill Kelly finally brought in my Emmy... Still kinda hard to believe.  
I was cleaning up a computer and getting rid of old videos and I came across videos from six years ago.  The above is exactly six years ago.  I had some bad habits with delivery then and it was kinda hard to watch.  Think I should shave my head again?  NO!
So per my lovely wife... in order for me to get a motorcycle, I have to sell my mopeds.  One is gone and my final love... The Weatherman is up for sale.  I love this Puch Maxi. 
k10 forks
Murray swingarm
Front disc brakes
64cc Polini
21mm intake with the Polini reeds
WSL pipe (great all-around, but really rips HARD midrange)
Unstuffed race crank
MLM braced three shoe clutch
Stock points
TTO temp gauge mounted in the speedo housing.
NOS VLX bars
Key ignition kill switch
I know I am missing other stuff, but this is the majority of it... 
I let my brother ride it the other night and he was so surprised how much power the little bike was packing.  So much fun and I am looking forward to seeing it move on to a new and forever home. 
Here is the blog when I rebuilt the bike and powder coated it.

As far as weather... Sunday should be mostly dry.  Rain will try to move into Southern Ohio, but all of the models are showing it having a hard time making it into Central Ohio.  It basically hits the Ohio River and starts to lose energy for Sunday.  So back to the mid 80's, humid, and a chance for an isolated shower or storm for Sunday.  More rain though will push in for Monday and Tuesday.  Then we will cool down some for the middle of the week and dry out.  So keep the umbrella handy and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Sunday, August 3, 2014

3rd Anniversary, Moped sold, Motorcycle bought, and EMMYS!

What an epic week!  I had the Ohio State Fair LIVE weather experiments on Monday(last blog entry).  Then Tuesday I did a story on the cool temps affecting the pools.  Then Tuesday night I rebuilt an e50 motor for the guy who was buying my Puch Magnum moped.  I got the motor rebuilt and mounted, but we wanted to let the gasket sealant to cure a day or two before kicking it over... 

Wednesday was the three year wedding anniversary for my darling wife, Dawn, and me. 
We normally like to take vacations during our anniversary, but since we were in Columbus we figured we would go back to where we got married for a picnic.  Nothing says wedding anniversary like nachos and wings from Roosters!
We walked around Ohio State after our picnic and we went back to the bar where we first "met". We had classes together, but I never knew she was single until all of the meteorology students went out after a particularly long day.  What a fun walk down memory lane.
So I was selling my Magnum to fund a motorcycle.  I drove up to Ann Arbor Thursday to pick it up.  Super minty find.   It has averaged about a hundred miles a year... Needs a new headlight and likely a new solenoid then it is golden.
Friday morning I went back to the garage to finish the Puch Magnum.   It kicked over once I grounded the coil and added some gas.  William said it broke 50 mph at half throttle.  Very happy it was on the road and off to a new home.  He trusted me enough to be dropped off and rode the bike home.
Then after the noon weather I went to Springfield to meet my wife's family and we had our nephew and niece stay with us all weekend.  Lots of fun, including too much food at the Ohio State Fair.
Saturday was a normal night of work... but the Ohio Valley Emmy's were being held.  I still did my normal shift, but I ran downtown during my dinner break.
Here is a picture of the #TeamWeekend crew.  Huge congrats to all that were nominated and those that also won.
I had to leave before they announced the winners for the Weather category... and we won!  My trophy is still at Bill Kelly's house, but I get to hold my hardware tomorrow.  (If he remembers)  Super stoked to have won, but a little bummed that I missed all the action during the ceremonies since the news was happening!
And then today... a little pool action and a BEAUTIFUL sunset to finish the week/weekend.

Monday will be warm with temps in the mid 80's and plenty of sun.  Then the pop-up hit or miss rain showers and storms return for the rest of the workweek.  The best odds of rain will be late Tuesday and into Wednesday and then again on Friday.  As far as the temperatures... our highs will be in the mid to low 80's all week and lows will be in the mid to low 60's.  So almost right where we should be for the beginning of August.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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