Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cool week... great for riding

What a couple of gorgeous evenings we have had this week.  Cool temps, sunshine... can't get better than that!
I rebuilt some motors this week... The Parmakit is up for sale on MopedArmy.
I also got all the paperwork in order for my CB400t.  I got some riding time in...
Country roads are the BEST!  
Then follow that up with some grill time...
And then pool time after that... yea it was a pretty awesome day on Thursday.
I worked last night and after work I started painting the fairing to match the bike. I know of a shop in town that said they would help, but the price was triple what the fairing was... and that was with him giving me a deal.  Who knows... Hope it turns out sweet.

As for the weather... get ready for the heat to return.  Highs will be back in the mid to upper 80's most of week ahead and humid... so that means pop-up showers and storms also for the afternoons.  Right now, nothing looks to be severe or a washout.  So much for an early fall... right?  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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