Monday, June 11, 2018

Summer gardening, Arts Fest, Summer's birthday, & heat staying

Last year Summer was 2 and she couldn't tell the difference between the weeds and vegetables in the garden. She would see me pulling weeds and would try pulling the onions. Since she is learning so much more I decided to get her busy in the garden this year. She helped plant nearly everything, including the peas. She has always loved the sugar snap peas, so when we were weeding last week it made me so happy to see her walk over and pull some of the peas to eat them.  Gotta love having an organic garden.
This past weekend was the Columbus Arts Festival so the Good Day Columbus team took the first shift at our station's booth and we had a blast meeting so many people.  Not to mention seeing all of amazing art.
I brought Summer and she hung out in her chair and the Columbus Police deputized her for the day. 
How about that mug!  We briefly went down to the Bicentennial Park fountains, but ran back to our tent to ride out a storm.  Then back to the house to get ready for Summer's birthday party on Saturday.
I had a great run Saturday morning for my final long run before the Mohican Marathon next week. This week will be shorter runs to stay lose and get ready for the long haul.  I hurried home to help get the final touches together for Summer's 3rd birthday party. 
It was very warm and humid, but the breeze was a GREAT break from melting.  We also set up a pool for the kids and it was a huge hit.
Leave it to the grandparents to spoil the grandkids.  Summer got a Disney castle and a collection of Disney figurines and she spent all of her birthday, Sunday, playing with the castle and characters.
We had just enough cake left over from the party to celebrate again on Sunday. 
Dawn's brother bought Summer her first bike and helmet.  We spent part of the afternoon trying to learn to ride a bike.  Overall... I think it was a GREAT first day.  She doesn't quite get pushing on the pedals, but I am optimistic she will pick up on it more as we do short lessons each day this week.   She is VERY excited because there is a back seat designed for her to seat belt in her doll to bring along.  
Grab the rain gear! We are tracking some steady rain for Northern and Northeastern Ohio this morning and some isolated showers and storms south of Columbus. Rain is more likely than not today, so you will likely need the rain gear a time or two. We stay warm and muggy most of the extended forecast. More scattered showers and storms on and off today with severe risk very low. A few spotty showers possible overnight while staying warm and humid. Tomorrow we warm up more and more scattered showers and storms. A brief visit from high pressure on Wednesday and early Thursday will mean a much lower chance of any rain. Looking ahead to the end of the week and weekend, there is still some uncertainty. A couple forecast models are going cooler, with highs in the upper 70s and humidity a little lower. Another outlook is going hot and humid with some pop-up showers and storms. Stay tuned over the upcoming days, but for now we are going to go with warm, mid 80s, and a slight chance for some isolated showers and storms Friday and the weekend. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, June 4, 2018

Weekend wedding, Columbus 10k, cooler temps coming!

Had a fun adult weekend.  A good friend of mine, Luke Marshall, was getting married so Dawn's parents had Summer for the weekend.  It was nice to get to spend some time with Dawn and also friends.  This photo is from the rehearsal dinner Friday night.
Here are all the boys in the wedding.  Quite an honor to be part of the wedding.  
I don't want to steal any thunder, but this is the one photo I took that the wedding party said I could share. Congrats Luke and Amy!
The wedding was at the Ohio State Faculty Club and Dawn and were married just a hundred yards away at Browning Amphitheater.  During the cocktail hour we ran out back to get a photo.  LOTS of construction, but I am sure it will look fantastic when it is finished.
As of Sunday, we have been married 2500 days! 
I would have liked to sleep in more on Sunday, but I was back up at 6AM and ran the Columbus 10k.  Fun race through a fun part of town.  I have a couple of injuries so my two goals were to have fun and finish.  I accomplished both and would HIGHLY recommend others signing up.  Maybe next year I will feel 100% to really sprint it.
What a beautiful day on the way! Today, June 4th, will be the first day with below normal temps since April for Columbus. A few early clouds today then sunny with highs in the mid 70s with low humidity and a light breeze. Increasing clouds tonight and cool, with lows in the upper 50s. Mostly cloudy & windy for Tuesday with a cold front passing through and triggering scattered showers and storms. The rain will be in Northern Ohio in the morning for Tuesday then slowly moving south through the day, so rain for Columbus midday and early afternoon then Southern Ohio by the evening. This will push in even cooler air for the middle of the week with more sun. We start warming back into the 80s by the end of the week and more rain returning as well. Most models are holding off on the rain until the weekend, but we may see a little sneaking in here late Friday. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Running peak week, time with Summer, Alberto heading our way

Man it has been hot!  And humid!  Heavy sweating for my run last week, but getting hot runs in, to prepare for the Noon start of the Marry Mo, Mohican Marathon.
Trying to go down the stairs at 1 AM last week was very difficult. Shins and foot were definitely sore. Decided to go with some cross training and spent the time on two wheels instead of pounding my two legs. Quads were definitely burning pulling Summer against the wind. 
No, this isn’t a tunnel under a road, but a tunnel at a playground. Summer loves this park and it was about 13 miles into the ride. We stopped for a little bit to use the restroom and run thru tunnels before grabbing Chipotle for lunch. Definitely happy with that decision. I think Summer was happy too.
Thursday I took her to the Columbus Clippers midday game and we had a blast at the water park and watching the game.
Fun day with my friend Carl Friday. He borrowed this sweet Sprinter. I ended up sleeping on a hammock hitch attachment.
Made pasta dinner on an open fire.
Which was PIPING hot!
The farm that we were staying at had a natural spring.  Drinking water from a natural spring just topped off the day with the hammock for the night.
Saturday was a great day! It was my first time meeting Kathie. She saw a post of me running the Columbus Marathon a while ago and said high and I knew she was a serious running and was planning on running the Mohican 100 mile race in 3 weeks.  She offered to be a trail guide for the full loop for the Mohican marathon, that Carl and I are running in 3 weeks.
These waterfalls were about 9-10 miles into the run (I think) and were AMAZING! Jumping under the cool water and soaking my hat in the cold water was amazing!
 Beautiful course and can’t wait to run it again.  The hills were a fun challenge, but definitely need respect!
Huge thanks for her giving us a guided tour and tips for the trail.  We ended up running the entire course and now I taper! Which means running shorter distances to let my body fully recover to tackle that monster again, in 3 weeks.
Sunday, I helped emcee the Asian Festival and had a few extra minutes afterward. So I was able to get a quick shakeout run done around downtown. Sure is a lot hotter on the urban pavement than on the shaded trails.
I would like to tell you that I spent most of Memorial Day relaxing in these hammocks, but the heat was building quickly after work, so we ended up retreating inside for most of the afternoon.
Well... We hit 91 yesterday and we will top our near that again today.  Mix of sun & clouds today with a high of 90 and humidity making it feel like the lower 90s.  There is a slight chance for some pop-up rain, but most of Central Ohio will stay dry today. 
Southern Ohio is already seeing some rain from Alberto! Subtropical Depression Alberto is over Alabama now and will track up through Indiana tomorrow bringing rain for Central Ohio for Wednesday and lingering scattered rain Thursday and Friday.  There is a Marginal Risk for stronger storms on Wednesday as well.  Generally, we are looking at on and off scattered showers with some stronger cells with lightning and thunder.  Drier air moves in for the weekend with highs near 80 for the final two days of The Memorial. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Weather on the go, running with Summer, sun on the way

I went out to Kinetic Climbing and Fitness last week and we used their green screen to do the weather on the wall... 
It was a LOT more challenging than it looked.  I have a lot of respect for people that enjoy climbing.  My forearms were on fire for the following days. Trying to hold on and rotate around to deliver the forecast.
I went to Pittsburgh over the weekend for a golf outing with a friend.  So I had to get my 19 mile run in before leaving.  So Thursday Summer and I went on a long run out in Hilliard. 
It is weird starting a long run in the middle of the day because a lot depends on how you fueled up in the morning and I didn't get the proper calories/carbs in the morning for the run, but I did find some gummies to help.  Summer wanted to stop at the playground so I did, so she could burn off some energy.
I also found these in the diaper bag too and they were SUPER clutch! I forgot that I tossed them to Dawn during the Cap City Half because I didn't need them.
Well... We finished the first part of the run.   It was a solid 13.1 mile run with Summer.
She behaved so well that I told her I would get her some ice cream.  I took a few sips so it would not spill and enjoyed a blue raspberry slushy myself.
Well... that dairy was a bad idea.  I got an upset stomach from being so hot and had cramps for the final 6 solo miles while Summer napped.  But at least my weekend was free!
Back in the saddle yesterday and notice the sweat dripping off my hat.  I am being smarter about protecting my skin from the sun this year.  No need for any skin ailments any early than needed and I spend a LOT of time out in the sun.  Notice the garden in the background... it is off and doing very well.  
How about those storms?!?! More storms on the way today, but likely not quite as strong. Morning lingering showers are moving east. Just some spotty showers through midday today then more showers and storms popping up this afternoon. This rain will move southeast later into the day. Marginal Risk for a few isolated storms to become gusty with hail for Central, Eastern, and Southern Ohio later today and tonight.

As rain moves out, clouds will start to break up some overnight. We remain partly cloudy tonight with some patchy fog for overnight into the first half of Wednesday. More afternoon sun Wednesday with humidity dropping. More sun Thursday and Friday as temps start warming back up.

Warm and humid for Memorial Day weekend with scattered showers and storms. I would not cancel any outdoor plans, but be sure to keep an eye on the radar for the holiday weekend. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, May 14, 2018

Sold the motorcycle, trail running, storms today

So long old friend... I lucked out and find a gem of a bike a few years ago.  Minty 1981 Honda Hawk CB400T that was garage kept for 31 years because the original owner bought it and rode it for 600 miles then forgot about it in his hanger.

That bike and my Puch Maxi will be my favorite two bikes of all time.  Both were a blast to ride, but the timing felt right to sell the bike and focus on family.  Far too many drivers continue looking at their phone than the road so my safety and well-being is at an all-time high at home with a family that depends on me being there with them.  Life outweighs the risk, and if I want to go for a spin then I know where to find the bike and take it around a block or two.  Plus this allows for more room in our garage for bike trailers and other fun stuff for Summer.
So from two wheels to two legs... I only did one 3 mile run last week during the week as I was still resting up from a few injuries.

I did go out and do a 14 mile run with some friends on Saturday morning and I feel WAY better now, so back into the swing of things as I only have 4.5 more weeks until the Mohican Marathon!
Storm Prediction Center has expanded the Slight Risk for most of Central Ohio now and Enhanced Risk for Eastern #OhioWX. Gusty winds are main threat.
The latest HRRR model bringing some storms into Columbus between Noon and 3PM today. Other models are having this fizzle out some and staying more north. Regardless... stay alert today!
So this stationary front is not going anywhere, but it is showing some patterns to help with the forecast. Based on the past few days, there have been nocturnal or early morning storms about 40-70 miles north of the front, then during the afternoons/evenings there are diurnal storms about 20-30 miles south of the front.... Leaving I-70 to US30 fairly dry over the past weekend. So today we will have a (weak) Low in Kansas ride along that front towards Ohio and lift the stationary front a little farther north today, allowing for temps to warm back into mid-upper 80s and a better chance for rain in Columbus. I am upping our PoPs to 60. Central, Northern, and Eastern Ohio is in the Slight Risk for severe storms with gusty winds as main threat for any severe storms. Marginal Risk for the rest of Ohio.
Tomorrow the stationary front will start north then a (weak) cold front from Canada will be absorbed into the stationary front and push the stationary front into more of Southern Ohio. This extra lift of the front moving over us, rather than stationary, could lead to a better chance than not of storms for Tuesday afternoon, so going with a 70 PoP. Marginal Risk for severe storms for Southeastern Ohio.

Then for the rest of the week... This could also lead to some nocturnal or early morning rain on Wednesday, so I am going to leave Wednesday at a 40 PoP and same for Thursday, but afternoon showers/storms will mainly stay farther south. If the front stays to the south then temps stay a little cooler, near 80, & the best chances of the rain will be mainly in the late night to morning, rather than the afternoons. The front then starts to lift back north on Friday and stays farther north on Saturday and Sunday allowing for warmer temps. With the front lifting north and allowing for more afternoon/evening storms, I am going to go with a 60 PoP for Friday and the weekend. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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