Monday, February 20, 2017

Lots of hiking, Adam Aaro visit, foggy morning

Doc said I can’t run, so I walked/hiked 10 miles in 2.5 hours on Saturday at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park. I’m chalking that up do an easy endurance day. I tried finding trails nearby that had the most hills and in the 10 miles there was about an 800 foot elevation climb.
Felt great the whole time, did the inversion table when I got home, ice bath sucked. I don’t know how some of people do ice baths so regularly.  
Saturday Adam Aaro came back to visit and a few of us got together and it was great catching up.
I went back out Sunday to Prairie Oaks Metro Park to log another 6 miles.  Still felt great! I also DEEP cleaned the shower at home so I could reseal the grout.  That felt good to get that done.
BOY it is foggy out there this morning! Some of the most dense fog I have ever seen. 
A very warm February week ahead. Early patchy dense fog for your President's Day morning, but the clouds will clear out for some afternoon sun and warm temps. Partly cloudy tonight and Tuesday then some scattered rain later in the day. A slight chance for a spotty shower Wednesday and warm, then a few storms possible later Thursday. More storms likely late Friday before cool air arrives for next weekend. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Back issues and MUCH warmer temps on the way

So a week and a half ago I was training for the Youngstown Marathon.  Six miles and they felt great, but then I came home and a few hours later I was bending down to my side to pick up some t-shirts for the washing machine and my back popped out of alignment and I have been in a LOT of pain since.  I have been to the chiropractor and yesterday my lower back FINALLY popped and I only feel half of the pain now.  I have also been hanging upside down on my inversion table to give my spine a break and decompress. So I am on the mend.But on the mend. Working on my lower back stretches and then building my core. I’m mad at myself for not doing more core workouts during December and January. I knew that was my weakest link. Gotta be smarter about getting back to 100% before I hit the pavement. So a couple weeks off in all… I can ease back into things and hopefully I didn’t lose too much ground. All this will make me cherish every pain-free mile I have ahead.
We have some CRAZY warm weather on the way! One more cold day and night ahead then MUCH warmer air arriving for Central Ohio for the weekend and next week.  Mostly cloudy for your Thursday morning with partly cloudy skies at times in the afternoon and chilly with a few flurries and highs in the mid-upper 30s.  Mostly cloudy tonight and below freezing.  Temps starting warming Friday, up to 50 for the high, and partly cloudy.  Temps then stay in the 60s for the weekend and next week.  A slight chance for a spotty rain shower late Saturday night and early Sunday then again during the middle of next week. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, February 13, 2017

Weekend happenings and another temp dip coming

Friday Summer and I both got three hour naps! WINNING!  So we went out to dinner and I was able to stay up til 10PM!  That hardly ever happens on a Friday night after a sleep deprived week.  Saturday morning Summer and I hung out while Dawn went to go see some friends. So we built a fort in the basement.  Summer was entertained for only about twenty minutes... give it some time... Then we went back to Dayton and visited family and friends.
Sunday we did our usual: a nice breakfast. Then I changed the spark plugs in the Pontiac followed by an oil change in both vehicles. A pretty productive day!  
A cool couple of days to start the workweek with plenty of sunshine on the way. Temps cool down for Wednesday and Thursday with some flurries and light snow showers. Most of the light snow will mainly affect Northern Ohio, closer to the lakes. Temps rebound quickly for the end of the week and for next weekend.

Andrew Buck Michael

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Getting old... and snow is back.

So I have been working out... more and more... Doing planks, and squats with a medicine ball since I don't have a gym membership.
And running... I ran 6 miles Sunday morning and felt like a million dollars... But then... I was doing some laundry and bent down to my side to pick up some T-shirts to put in the washing machine and BAM!  I pulled my back.
I got an appointment with a chiropractor yesterday since I could barely walk Monday and Tuesday. I had a back injury back in 2009 when I was shooting highlights for the Cincinnati Bengals.  You have to shoot the video on your knees so the TV cameras broadcasting the game can see the game above you.  So the turning on my knees with the camera on my shoulder popped my back out of alignment.  Well... Sunday I was bending down to my side and I did it again.  The x-rays showed that my L5 and L4 vertebrae are locked up and making my back spasm and feel like I have a rod in my back.  I got it popped apart some yesterday, but this will be sidelining me from running for a little while, which is not good since I am training for a marathon.  UGH!  Getting old, I guess.  Luckily the doctor is running the same race as me and knows how much I want to and need to get back to training when I safely can...
A cloudy day today with decreasing clouds. Snow showers arrive this afternoon and will stick around this evening as well before leaving. Accumulations by midnight will generally be around one inch, with a few pockets of higher totals. A few flurries lingering tonight and then some lake effect snow showers in pockets, mainly north, for Thursday. Temps becoming much colder tonight and Thursday. We see a mix of sun and clouds Friday as our temps start warming back up. Mid 50s and near 60 for the weekend with more rain returning, then turning cooler by early next week. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Growing Summer, 5k times, Super Bowl Sunday forecast

Summer continues learning and solving puzzles.  She has SO many books at home, but she makes it seem like she doesn't have enough.  Library goes well for 30 minutes then she starts wanting to take all the books off the shelves. I am so blessed to get to spend so much time with her.  With my early morning schedule I get to go home mid morning after my eight hours of work and spend all midday and afternoon with her.  I am looking forward to spring A LOT so we can go to the park or spend ample time in the back yard.  
My marathon training started this week.  I continue getting faster and faster.  The above time is the fastest 5k time since high school.  I could not remember what my best time was in high school. 
Thanks to the internet, I found out... I cannot even imagine running that fast of a 5k right now.  Not that I am training for that, but it is nice to set a benchmark and continue trying to better myself.  That's why I like running.  It is personal challenges and every run you either push yourself to a better time or know that your slow run is only bettering your body for the next long or fast run.  Plus it is 30-60 minutes of mentally checking out or reviewing your past few days. 
Snow and rain taking a break for a few days and high pressure building for Ohio with some sun on the way! Temps will be cold the next few days with highs in the lower 30s and a mix of sun & clouds. Clouds build back by Sunday with early snow transitioning to rain by midday as temps warm. Dry Monday with partly cloudy skies. More rain and warm temps for Tuesday.  For Houston, on Sunday, about a 20% chance of rain and mid 70s. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, January 30, 2017

Another busy weekend... more snow coming

My sister came down from Kent State for the weekend.  We all went to Disney on Ice Saturday.  Lots of fun and Summer was glued for the first 75% of the show then she started getting a little worked up, but still loved the show.
I also spent most of Saturday working on my sister's van.  The brakes were very squishy and I found a leak in the back.
Big Sunday breakfast for the family!
Sunday was my final "fun run" before marathon training starts this week. New shoes felt good for the run. A little more arch support than expected since they are labeled as medium-low arch. But my super flat feet seemed to pound that down some after a while.
A few pockets of light snow showers this morning then a few peaks or sun and mostly cloudy for the rest of the day. More snow returns tonight with light accumulations, mainly north. The northern third of Ohio could see up to 2" of snow, but Central and Southern Ohio will be seeing less than that. Most snow will be overnight, but a few light snow showers Tuesday with a spotty wintry mix possible we warm to near 40 for the high. A few lingering flurries Wednesday then we turn colder for the end of the week. Keep an eye on more snow for next weekend. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mom's birthday, trail running, snow returning

Last week was my mom's birthday and she was passing through town after dropping my sister off at college. She mentioned at Christmas a few times that she wanted a coffee maker. She said all her kids drink coffee and she thinks it would entice us to stay the night more often.  So I got her a coffee maker for her birthday.  Summer helped unwrap it.
Over the weekend we went up to visit Dawn's family and it is much more hilly in the Cleveland area along the rivers.  The Youngstown Marathon looks pretty hilly, so I need to get some hill running in when I can.  It was a VERY sloppy run, but so much fun.
I ran along a few of the cliff overlooks down to the river.  This photo, above, doesn't do the depth justice.
Five muddy miles later and I was regretting wearing my good road shoes.  But hey... it was fun, right?!  I was very thankful to have a trash bag in the back of the car.
When I got back to Columbus I rinsed off all the mud that I could.  Then I took out the insoles & shoe strings then tossed them in the washing machine.  18 hours on the heater vents around the house and they are back to being squeaky clean... for the most part.  I hope to get another 150 miles out of them... I am at 264 miles so far and hoping to get 400 miles before retiring them.

I also think I might look into getting trail running shoes. I saw some on sale at Kohl's. It would be nice to get a pair of shoes that I know will get dirty AND actually get more traction.
A couple of mild days before the winter temperatures return. Today we will stay cloudy with some early patchy fog and a spotty rain shower possible throughout the day, highs in the upper 40s. Clearing overnight could lead to patchy fog for early Wednesday morning. Increasing clouds through the day Wednesday with some spotty rain possible later in the day and overnight. Temps fall fast on Thursday with some flurries and light snow showers possible. Flurries stick around for Friday and the weekend with temperatures struggling to get above freezing. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Friday, January 20, 2017

Running and weather update

Reading and running… My marathon training doesn't start for another week and a half, but I am trying to stay in shape so I'm not behind the ball.  Tuesday I kinda wanted to push to a 10k and I took it slow and steady, but I was looping around by the house and my knees were telling me to take it a little easy. I felt great and not winded, so did a couple of sprints and called it a day feeling accomplished with 4 miles of no walking.

I honestly didn’t want to run, but after reading a few chapters of Hal Higdon’s Marathon book I got the itch. The final straw was when we were sitting around watching videos of Summer about a year ago and I could hear my heavy breathing. That did it. Wife and daughter took a nap, so I laced up.

I changed my training schedule for the Youngstown Marathon. I’m sticking with the unaltered, 18 week, Novice 1 plan and doing a 5 mile warm-up before my Half during week 13, 18 mile, long run. I don’t want to tweak with the tapers. So still 2 more weeks til my marathon training starts, but loving the fact that I will hit the ground running. Literally.
I have a new respect for the patience of family that put up with me running… Dawn joined a gym… First time ever and on her own. I told her I am super supportive of the idea and anytime she wanted to go that I would keep an eye on Summer. Well home appraisals are slow now and Dawn wanted to go while Summer was napping and that’s normally my running time. (Had 6.2 planned today) But I told her to go and take her time... Because rushing at the gym is never fun. Summer woke up 30 minutes before Dawn got back. She had the running stroller in the car she took. So we sat and waited for mom to get home. Daylight was running out so I squeezed in 2 miles before it got too dark.
It gave me a reminder to be more observant about the time I’m putting into working out and how it will affect those around me.  Either way... Summer loved riding along yesterday and every time we went up and down on the ramps between the sidewalk and roads she would yell WHEEEEE!  I bundled her up in her snowsuit, but can't wait for warmer weather to finally get here.
A wet, but warm weekend ahead... Today steady rain in the morning then spotty rain on and off for the rest of the day and weekend. Highs will climb into the mid 50s today then low 60s for the weekend. Some fog and haze possible between the spotty rain showers. More rain likely as we start out next week, but staying mild through the middle of the week. Winter weather returns by the end of the week. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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