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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

So long winter!!! Thinking Spring!!!

Family is doing great. Summer and Evan are both at such a fun age.  Evan is starting to become more mobile by the day, but not yet crawling just yet. More like scooting without a purpose.  Summer is smothering him with love.  Dawn's busy capturing every moment.  I can't wait until it warms up and I can get them all outside to play in the yard.
Speaking of spring... I had been testing a few spring flavors for lip balms and lemon and orange turned out great.  I have a couple others that I may hold off on using this coming late-summer or fall. 
So I have been busy making a LOT of lip balms for the website:
I have been getting back into running after my foot issue.  I think I may switch up shoes and go with a wider toe box for my next pairs of shoes.  I have loved Brooks, but I think my foot is a little too wide for their standards widths.  The problem is that I have a pair of brand new Brooks... so I may try selling them and put that money towards Altra shoes.  I want to go and try on Altras first though because they have a zero drop.
Until then... I will keep running in my Brooks until I can squeeze all the life out of them. Had a great run on Sunday, but a blister started forming on the inside of my foot while I was still about 2 miles from home.  Power on! 
We have some fantastic end-of-winter and start-of-spring weather on the way! Between now and Sunday we will likely see one wave of precip coming late Wednesday into early Thursday as rain, plus we will see warming temps. Spring officially arrives Wednesday at 5:58PM. Today we will start off with some frost and cold temps, along with a few clouds. Mostly sunny through the day with highs reaching the upper 40s. Wednesday will start off with some sun and a brisk southerly wind pushing temps into the lower-mid 50s. Clouds will increase through the day Wednesday with scattered rain showers Wednesday evening into early Thursday morning. The rain will move out early and then mostly cloudy Thursday with highs near 50. More sunshine Friday with highs in the lower 50s. Sunny Saturday and highs in the mid 50s. Increasing clouds again on Sunday with highs near 60. So a fantastic first weekend to get out for a spring walk or running errands. Rain returns early next week. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Busy past couple weeks... More snow coming...

Hello! It has been a hot second!  Let's keep the wrap-up short and fun.  Family is doing well.  Evan is starting to sit well and scoot a little.  Summer is very encouraging of him to start running around the house.  She smothers him with love. Evan is a VERY happy baby and started eating foods.  He does not like oatmeal, but was passive with the rice food.  Peas were ok, but he SLAMMED his carrots yesterday.  Excited to feed him more carrots today.  He was diving his head into the spoon by the end of eating yesterday.
Summer is getting better and better at swimming.  She still can't float very well... Welcome to the party! I still can't float either. My legs always sinks.
Speaking of legs... Well... Feet.  I had my left foot looked at after the two issues.  I have been given the yellow light to start running again, but have to be careful and monitor it.
Summer and I went out for a run last Saturday.
It was nice seeing all my running peeps with Columbus Westside Running Club.
I did get to go watch the Blue Jackets last Thursday with my lovely wife.  Kurt Ludlow asked for us to join his wife and him.  It was a LOT of fun.
I have also been experimenting with new season flavors of lip balm using different essential oils.  I will have those on soon!  So I have that on my agenda.  Then I have two presentations coming up.  The first is with AAA and the second is at the Ohio State Severe Weather Symposium.
We have quite a lot of weather to breakdown for the coming days. Today will be partly cloudy, cold, and breezy. A few spotty early snow showers then just a few flurries and fairly dry today. Tonight a system passes by to our north and some light snow showers possible north and flurries for the rest of us possible. No significant accumulation expected over the next 36 hours, but a few snowflakes at times. Highs in the upper 20s today and stiff breeze making it feel like the single digits & teens most of the day.

Thursday the winds will be light with temps warming into the mid 30s and partly cloudy skies. The system we have been tracking all week looks to clip Ohio with the biggest impact being Southern Ohio. So Central Ohio & Columbus may be right on the edge of this and watch most of the action pass by to the south. Snow will move in late Thursday and Thursday night. By Friday morning the temps will be cold enough for snow and as we warm to a high near 40 then it will transition over to a rain/snow mix. Dry air moves in pretty quickly so it may limit the amount of time we will see the mix and most of the system may be mainly snow. As far as accumulations, by midday Friday, far Southern Ohio, near the Ohio River, may see 2-4" then Southern portions of Central Ohio will see lower totals. One rogue model is (still) pushing this a tad to the north, so be sure to check back in to the forecast on Thursday for any adjustments to the track. So slick/wet for parts of Ohio for Friday's roads. then warming and roads should be in decent shape by late Friday.

Then we get to the weekend. A very strong system will move across the Ohio Valley Saturday and Sunday. Winds will pick up Saturday and stay strong late Saturday into early Sunday before easing up later in the day. We could see wind gusts 40-50 mph. The winds will help push in warmer air and we will see temps in the 50s for late Saturday and early Sunday before the colder air races in and temps fall Sunday PM. Rain is also likely for Saturday afternoon, evening, overnight and into early Sunday. A few lighter rain showers possible Sunday, but most of the heaviest rain will be Saturday evening and night.

High pressure will bring more sunshine for early next week and cool temps. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, February 18, 2019

Weekend happenings and looking ahead to shovel-able snow

Valentine's Day started off with work then a book reading at the library with Jessica Ralston.
Then a nap and finished off with some Swenson's with my valentine: Dawn.
Summer spent a few days at my parents, but picked up a bug and got homesick.  So we went back Saturday to pick her up and we tried keeping things low-key at home while she recovered.  Summer and Evan watched movies, like Pinocchio, here.
A cold start to the week and a mess is on the way.  Today we will have flurries and light snow with temps in the lower 30s most of the day. Clouds will stick around most of the day today along with a brisk breeze.  Clouds start clearing tonight with overnight low temps in the lower 20s.  A little early sun Tuesday then increasing clouds and highs in the mid 30s.  
Snow moves in Tuesday night and we will wake up Wednesday with snow showers and snowy roads.  Our temps will warm through the day and we will transition from snow to rain showers during the daylight hours.  So snowy roads in the morning will become slushy and wet for the afternoon.  A lingering rain shower or two possible Wednesday night, but it appears overnight temps should remain just barely above freezing, so wet/damp roads for Thursday morning.
How much snow depends on the temperatures.  How quickly we warm up will affect if we see an inch or a few inches. Be sure to check back into the forecast.
Mix of sun & clouds for Thursday and Friday with highs in the mid 40s.  We warm up into the 50s for the weekend with rain showers likely.  We may even give 60s a run for its money on Sunday.  Cooler air will race back in for the following workweek though. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Thursday, February 14, 2019

My Valentine's and your wintry weekend ahead...

I have said it before, I will say it again... I LOVE Google Photos! I go to bed early due to my early morning shift, so I miss out on the family hanging out.  But then I get a notification that Dawn took some photos so I get to wake up and see photos like this.  Love my three Valentine's!
Evan has started sitting up on his own.  So I am able to ride the stationary bike inside, with my foot injury, while he plays with toys.  It is exciting times in the Michael house!
I read Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs at Horizon Science Academy last evening. CHECK OUT THIS CAKE! One of the student’s uncles made this for the book. Amazing job by CAKES BY TIMBO!
River levels remain above flood stage in 8 counties across Central Ohio, so the Flood Warnings remain for today, but will start expiring later today as waters recede. Turn around if you encounter a flooded roadway today.

Today will be a pretty quiet day for Central Ohio. We start out cold with increasing clouds and a cool afternoon with highs in the upper 40s and a little breezy. Scattered light rain and possibly a wintry mix overnight tonight with lows in the mid 30s. Temps should be warm enough that most of this precip will be rain. Our temps stay chilly Friday with damp spots early from the early morning rain/mix, but the clouds part some midday and then return again later in the day. Highs near 40 for Friday, so cool and breezy. We will see another system passing by to our south Friday night and early Saturday morning. There could be some light snow accumulations in Southern Ohio, but the track has been keeping the snow away from Columbus. Most of Central Ohio roads will be fine Saturday, but some slick spots south early. Decreasing clouds Saturday with some afternoon sun and highs in the mid 30s. Then we have a third system passing by on Sunday with a light rain/snow mix during the daylight hours. With this system being so light, it will be more of an inconvenience than a big impact, if you have any plans. Snow looks to pass by across Northern Ohio and rain in Southern Ohio, so I-70 will be near the dividing line as if fluctuates with the rising and falling temps through the day. Stay tuned to the forecast this weekend for any adjustments to temps and possible precip type changes. Monday is quiet with a mix of sun & clouds and highs in the lower 30s. Another rain/snow mix returns late Tuesday and Wednesday. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, February 11, 2019

Doc: No running. Me: WHAT! Snow to rain to snow repeat coming

This will be one of my final runs for a while. It was in the rain, but I love running in the rain.  I have been running through some foot pain for a while.  I went trail running last May and landed on the front ball of my foot a couple times on some rocks.  I had on some cheap trail shoes and I regret that.  Better trail shoes have a ballistic rock shield in the sole of the shoe to protect from sharp blows to the foot.  Well... My foot became inflamed.  I saw my normal doctor and chiropractor.  Their advice worked temporarily, but was not fixing my issue so Friday I went to a podiatrist. 
So my foot was inflamed and swollen between the metatarsals and phalanges and normal walking and dress shoes all morning long did not allow the front ball of my foot the rest needed to recover.  So I have to lay off running a couple weeks and wear this thick felt pad under the arch of my foot to let the ball of my foot float and take the pressure off.  So far it has worked wonders and only had shooting pain once when I was barefoot. 
So now I am on the indoor bike stand and taking the time to pump some iron while I am at it.  So I am sore in new places and I think a couple weeks off will be good for me to love running in a new way.  
I had a fun time with Summer this weekend at the Hot Mikey's Takeover launch party on Saturday.  She had cheese pizza.
I had the kids all to myself Saturday night while Dawn was out with her mom and aunt.  I had to get Evan's 5 month photo and for some reason put the blocks on 36 months for Summer... When in reality, she is actually 44 months old.  My wife was like: uhhhhh why does it say 36 months?  I barely got any sleep the night before because we think Evan will be cutting teeth soon.  Oh well... The kids both looked at the camera for a photo... WIN!
Flood Watch for Central and Southern Ohio thru midday Tuesday with 1"-2" of rain likely and flooding possible.
The accumulating snow is done, but an early morning wintry mix possible followed by rain showers moving in from the south. The rain today will start in the south and slowly move north through the day and be widespread by this evening and stay widespread overnight into early Tuesday. Heavy rain is possible as well with 1"-2" expected so flooding in spots. The steady rain will become scattered on Tuesday and a cold front will pass later in the day and we transition over to pockets of wintry mix and light snow late Tuesday into early Wednesday. So a few light snow showers and flurries on Wednesday. Breaking things down a little more for the next few days: As far as temps... this morning we are starting out near freezing so the snow is packed into ice on the side streets and main roads, with salt, are in decent, wet status. As temps warm later today, and rain moves in, we will see the main road stay wet and side streets become slushy as the snow melts and eventually clears as more rain moves in. We will warm to 40 for the high today. Rain becomes steady tonight with a low of 37. The warm air pushes in more Tuesday with highs in the lower 50s with the scattered rain. We will fall into the upper 20s by Wednesday morning with the light snow and flurries then a high of 36. Our winds will pick up slowly Monday and Tuesday with brisk winds likely late Tuesday into early Wednesday. Thursday is our quietest day of the week with mostly cloudy skies and highs in the mid 40s. However, rain does look to sneak in here late Thursday and more rain likely Friday highs in the lower 50s. Sound familiar? Guess what is next. You guessed it! We turn colder, following the rain, and some light snow and flurries possible Saturday with highs in the mid 30s followed by a mostly cloudy and chilly Sunday. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, February 4, 2019

Crazy Ohio weather!

Yes, I went running in crazy cold temperatures, but I took all the necessary precautions.  I bundled up in layers and I told my wife that if I was not back in 30 minutes to check our neighborhood streets.  I made it back safely and the biggest issue was the frost freezing up in the breathing holes in my face mask.
Then we warmed up enough that Friday's snow was "sticky" on Saturday to make a snowman.  Summer named it Jordan.  I did not measure it, but it was at least 10 feet tall based on me standing next to it.  Summer loved it!
Then we jump to yesterday... we got to 57 degrees!  It was FANTASTIC out! 
I noticed that I have photos of Summer and Evan on my shoulders from the weekend.  This was from our Sunday morning trip to COSI. 
Summer had a fun time showing Dawn all the cool things at COSI.  I am glad we got to go and let Summer burn off some energy. 
Dawn and I were lucky enough to go see Hamilton last week.  I got lucky in a drawing and my name was pulled for tickets.  We had a fun date night and grandma came to bake cookies with the kids. 
Grab the rain gear! A dry start to your Monday with some patchy fog and sun early with cool temps. Increasing afternoon clouds with mild temps and highs in the mid 50s. Rain showers will arrive in the afternoon and will stick around for the evening. Cooler air will work in tonight following the rain and tomorrow we will see temps near 40 most of the day with a mix of sun & clouds. More rain likely Wednesday and Thursday and heavy at times. Rain totals for the two days could exceed a couple of inches so flooding is possible later this week. Especially with ice on some of the rivers potentially leading to ice dams. Stay aware if you live or travel near our area rivers. Friday we turn colder and we will transition to some wintry mix showers early Friday. Slick spots possible Friday and we stay cold heading into next weekend. Right now it looks like some sun & clouds Saturday then a wintry mix possible Sunday. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, January 28, 2019

Dangerously cold temps on the way...

Who is excited for the coming bitter cold?  More on that shortly...
I had a 3 day weekend with LOTS of errands done Friday, morning run with Columbus Westside Running Club, and deep cleaning Sunday. I had planned on running farther Saturday, but the trails were very icy so we all limited the group run to 5 miles. 
Lots of coffee needed this weekend.  We had guests Friday night, who became ill and headed home Saturday before they became more ill.  So Dawn and I deep cleaned.  Evan is about to start crawling so we wanted to really clean well.  We flipped the couches and moved lots of stuff to make the house less cluttered.  Not a fun task, but it is so nice when it is all done.
So yea, it is about to get VERY cold for Wednesday and Thursday. 
We have a crazy week of weather ahead... Today we will be breezy with building clouds and mild temps with highs in the lower 40s. Rain showers will start developing in the late afternoon and likely this evening. Cold air races in on the back side of the rain and we transition to snow by midnight, depending on location. Snow accumulations will generally be less than 1", but wet surfaces will turn to ice by Tuesday morning. Staying breezy Tuesday with some light snow showers and temps near 20 most of the day. Frigid air moves in for Wednesday and Thursday. A WIND CHILL WATCH has been issued for Wednesday and Thursday with wind chills between -25 and -35 possible with the coldest wind chills as cold as -40 possible. Expect this to be upgraded to a Wind Chill Warning as we get closer to the middle of the week. As far as the air temperatures, without factoring in the wind, we will have a morning low Wednesday around -3 with a high of 3 then down to -6 by Thursday morning with a high of 10. So dangerous cold, for the middle of the week, with frostbite possible between 10-15 minutes. A quick clipper system Friday could bring some light snow then we warm up more for the weekend. Highs in the mid 30s Saturday and looking dry most of the day then rain returns Sunday with highs in the mid 40s.
We may actually get into the 50s early next week!!! Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, January 21, 2019

Snow is gone, but VERY cold today. More rain/snow coming...

I wish I had a photo of me clearing the snow or spending time with family... but I shoveled when I got home and waking up at 1AM for 7 straight days wore me out.  I went down for a nap at 2PM when the kids did the same and I slept right until this morning.  So I missed the AFC/NFC championship games and more importantly: the total lunar eclipse.  I was heartbroken.  The final stages of the partial eclipse were still happening, so I did take up Summer to show her.  She wanted a telescope for Christmas, so I wanted to fuel her desire to appreciate science.  Anyway... I am back in the saddle again today and I THINK I will have Friday off later this week.  Above are the snowfall totals from the weekend event.  As expected, Northern Ohio saw the majority of the snow and Central/Southern Ohio eventually switched over to accumulating snow after the rain/ice. 
The clear skies and fresh blanket of snow has allowed the temps to plummet.  Winds are 5-10 mph, but cold enough for some dangerous wind chills and frostbite could occur in 30 minutes or less.
There is a Wind Chill Advisory through midday today.
If you did not shovel yet, I would hold off until later in the day again.  Not because of the snow blowing around, but because of how cold it is. 
So today: frigid and sunny. We have a few other weather events that could impact your week ahead.
Partly cloudy and increasing clouds later Tuesday with a high of 35. Rain moves in late Tuesday evening, but the daylight hours should stay dry. When the rain initially moves in Tuesday PM, there is a slight chance the leading edge could start as some freezing rain before we warm up more. Rain showers Wednesday with a high of 43, but falling temps later in the day will change the rain over to some brief snow showers later Wednesday. A few flurries and light snow showers are possible Thursday and Friday, but it doesn't appear to be much in the way of accumulation for Central Ohio for the end of the workweek. All models agreeing on another winter system next Saturday. With a high of 19 this will stay all snow... no rain. Right now accumulations look light, but we will keep an eye on it through the week. So stay tuned through the week and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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