Monday, November 20, 2017

Back on the farm for the weekend, Thanksgiving forecast

We went back to the family farm for the weekend because Summer will be staying there the next couple days. Saturday was wet and windy and I went for a run.  First three miles against the wind then the second three miles with the 30mph winds at my back.  I was FLYING for the second half of the run.  The light rain stung my face during the run, but glad I got out and braved the elements while Summer was napping.
Sunday we went up to visit my Grandma Jean.  She kept feeding Summer popcorn until I had to be the bad guy and said no more.  
My brother was visiting too and my parents do not let pets inside, but he twisted their arm and said as long as the dog stays inside the crate while inside then they were fine with the dog.  We spent a lot of time outside with Lola.  Summer knew it was time for a nap so she tried laying down on the couch, but I made her head back to the bedroom after I took my bags out to the car.

I sat her down and told her she had to listen to grandma and grandpa.  She said "Dad, *mumbling for about 60 seconds*." Then I told her again she had to listen to grandma and grandpa.  She then hugged me for about 30 seconds and didn't want to let go.  It broke my heart, but I know she is going to have a blast. It's crazy how big she is getting and understanding everything, including non-verbal cues.
Bundle up for your Monday morning with temps dipping into the 20s, however lots of sun today will help warm us into the mid 40s. There will be a brisk breeze out of the southwest today making it feel cooler. Clear and chilly tonight followed by more sun to start Tuesday. We warm to 50 tomorrow then more clouds later in the day with some evening/overnight rain showers transitioning to some pockets of brief snow before dry, cold air races in.
Chilly for Wednesday and Thursday, however dry for any holiday traveling. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Rain, then more rain, then snow on the way!

Gotta soak in the sunshine since it has been such a cloudy November for us in Ohio.  After lunch last week we all went down to the park for a quick break.
Summer and I worked on the garden beds as well the last few days.
We had to tighten up some of the beds that were starting to get loose because of the force of the soil.
Grab the rain gear for today. We will stay dry for the morning, however rain is likely to arrive for mid afternoon and stick around through the evening today. Evening commute will be wet and mild with afternoon highs today in the lower 50s.
Cool tomorrow with a mix of sun & clouds; more clouds north and more sun farther south. Early sun Friday then increasing clouds with rain possible late.
Wet Saturday with scattered rain showers. A surge of warm air early Saturday will push us into the mid 50s by midday then cool air rushes in for the afternoon and evening. Temps stay warm enough during the day that most of the precipitation will stay rain during the day, but flurries are possible later in the evening and overnight heading into Sunday. Cold with some lake effect snow possible Sunday, mainly to the north, with the potential for a dusting in spots, but not much more. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Hanging with Summer, break from running, cold air coming!

Summer and I did some exploring last week. Dawn was getting together with a friend for dinner, so Summer and I explored Tuttle Mall and she was loving the decorations already up.
We went to a wedding Friday night and it was a very cute wedding with great themes from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter. Fun times. 
I also geared up for a long weekend run.  My legs were still not full healed from the Columbus Marathon, so it was just a solo run on the trails.
I was hoping to get in 26 miles, but my legs were really killing me by 13 miles and I eventually pulled the plug just before 17 miles.  I figured it was smarter to just pull the plug and avoid getting injured.  HOWEVER, I did cross over the 1,000 mile mark for the year.  That was my new year's resolution, so I finally did it.  And the only reason I got there is from running smart. I battled a couple injuries the past year and properly resting is critical to getting back up there at full capacity.  Taking 2 weeks off with NO running at all.  
I did go out Sunday morning to watch some friends and family running the Hot Chocolate 15k.  Fun times in the rain.
Monday I talked at the ODOT Winter Prep meeting. Honored for them to ask me to give the winter outlook.  Lots of great questions as well.
Keep the jacket handy, but trade the umbrella for the sunglasses for the next few days! Finally getting some high pressure to bring sun for the rest of the week. Chilly mornings then cool afternoons for today and Thursday with more sun than clouds. More clouds Thursday night as a cold front sweeps through, but with little moisture to work with, not expecting much rain or snow with this, just colder temps. Cold blast of air Friday with temps staying in the 20s and 30s all day. Temps dip into the lower 20s by Saturday morning as clouds slowly start returning for Central Ohio. Partly cloudy, dry & cool Saturday, however rain likely Sunday. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Chilly running, ten years with Dawn, zoo with Summer, wintry mix

Running has rolled on.  I was debating on running the Inland Trail Marathon this week, but with a wedding locally this weekend and family coming to town for that I may be backing off on running that in Northern Ohio.
I had to break out the leggings for some of the runs last week as well.  If I don't do the official marathon I may still go out and running on my own the 26.2 miles this weekend for one final hoo-rah because I have the training in following the Columbus Marathon and might finish off the year with one big bang and reach my 1000 mile goal. 
Friday was the 10 year anniversary of Dawn and I dating.  Hard to believe that it has already been a decade, but it's been the best decade of my life.  
Summer and I took advantage of the beautiful day Friday and went to the Columbus Zoo. 
Thankfully a lot of the animals in the Africa exhibit were still out because pretty soon they will be indoors for the rest of the winter.
We did our pumpkin carving last night and I tried my hand at Mickey Mouse. 
This morning we tried cutting into persimmons and checking out the seeds for winter weather folklore predictions.  Sadly... all the stores only sell seedless persimmons now!
If you need to get anything done outside where it stays dry, get it done today! Rain is on the way starting tomorrow and we will see it on and off through the weekend. Today will be great for Halloween! Mix of sun and clouds today with cool temps and staying dry for trick or treat this evening. Rain arrives early tomorrow and there may be a few pockets of wintry mix early as the rain moves in and temps are at their coolest for the day. We warm up and any wintry mix will transition over to rain. Most of the rain for Wednesday will be along I-71 and to the East. Northwestern Ohio will not see much, if any, rain on Wednesday. Another round of rain comes in Thursday and that pattern will persist into the weekend and early next week. Have a good one and have a spooky Halloween!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Rainy day traditions and update on weekend rain (snow)

Summer and I hung out yesterday reading books and playing with toys... and since it was a rainy day and we had to stay inside it means that Star Wars is on tap. 
More rain for today, but not likely as steady and heavy as Monday. The rain will be on and off through the day with breezy winds and cool temps. The rain starts moving out overnight and just a few lingering showers early Wednesday then some sun trying to break out later in the day. Chilly, but more sun Thursday. More rain returns Friday night and for the weekend with another blast of cooler temps
GFS is still trying to show some snow mixing in on Sunday, with temps around 40.  The above-freezing-temps at the surface will be shallow so as the snow falls, most of it will melt into rain, but still bears watching.  Everyone is chatting about the potential, but I am still leaning more towards rain.
The Euro brings in the rain early in the day and staying all rain.  Stay tuned and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, October 23, 2017

Recovery week and warm weekend is gone, snow coming???

With the Columbus Marathon over... running is cut back. That means more time for chilling in the hammock with Summer.  I did a couple shorter runs this past week to stay loose and stretch some.  
Summer and I also ripped out the remaining plants from the garden.  We had frost and the peppers and tomatoes were done for the season anyway.  
Tuesday night the Columbus Westside Running Club got together for the annual group photo and also went out for dinner to celebrate finishing the Columbus Marathon. 
Dawn went home this weekend to help her mom out, who is in a cast.  I had a work function so I stayed at home and slept in the hammock Friday night. Tried to catch a couple shooting stars with the Orionid Meteor Shower.
Had a weekend work boot camp. Rode the motorcycle to the event and had a GORGEOUS (chilly) hour-long ride there.
Ate lunch quickly so I could soak up the mild afternoon next to the lake on campus before the afternoon meetings. Pretty awesome way to make the best of working on a day off.
It was a bye week for Ohio State football and they snagged our wedding photo to post and see if anyone else was celebrating the bye week with a wedding. 
I was at my friend's house Saturday night to hang out and watch some football.  Then a commercial came on with Dawn and Summer!  Fun times! 
Can’t stop, won’t stop! Only had 7 runners from the club show up Sunday morning. More than expected since our organized group runs are taking a little break since there are no more local races this year.
Run felt good. Not great… still a little fatigued, but got the miles in! 
Had some fun on the morning show with augmented reality.  I put a dancing Frankenstein on the anchor desk before going to the countdown to Halloween and other big holidays coming up. Only 13 days until we move the clocks back 1 hour!
 After a gorgeous weekend, fall is back this week! Rain will move in for the afternoon today with scattered rain showers sticking around through tonight and Tuesday.  Winds will be brisk later today through Tuesday as well.  Much cooler for the middle of the week before a brief warm-up for the second half of the week. More cold air moves in next weekend with showers and we may be close to the threshold to get a few flakes of snow mixed in with the rain showers.
One out of the handful of models is trying to indicate some snow trying to mix in...  Stay tuned!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, October 16, 2017

Gorgeous weekend for fall fun, warm Columbus Marathon

Saturday we went to Leed's Farm for some fall fun.  Summer loved playing in the corn and taking the hay ride. Beautiful day to spend time outside. 
The Columbus Marathon was yesterday.  It was very warm with temps in the upper 60s at the start and mid 70s by Noon with pretty high humidity. These two guys have been like brothers the last few months during training.  Maclin and I were planning on running the race together, but I couldn't go to the restroom before the race because of the lines, so I tried to run into a restroom at mile 2.  I think sped up to try to catch up and got about a hundred yards from him at mile 16.  I eventually started to fade from running too hard too early.  I am bummed about that I learned an important lesson... don't make up lost ground unless you are near the finish.  Big thanks for all the support, including my wife who normally doesn't do the driving around town, but managed to see me at five different spots on the course.
So I faded, but still finished.  I saw a lot of runners cramping up and some getting medic help along the course.  I want to do it again, but pace myself better and order some cooler temps! Big shout out to all of the Columbus Westside Runners Club finishers.
If only the run was today... MUCH cooler temps following the cold front that passed through yesterday.  Grab the jacket! 
Much cooler temperatures today with temps staying in the 40s and 50s all day long with a mix of sun & clouds and winds a little breezy. Clearing tonight and then sunshine sticking around through the week ahead with slowly warming temps. Highs back in the mid 70s by next weekend and rain holding off for the entire week ahead. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, October 9, 2017

Back from vacation and Columbus Marathon forecast

My parents are season pass-holders at Disney and they find great days for the rest of the family, so we booked a trip to Disney for last week.  Summer got sick and we had to go to urgent care, but she rallied and we had a fantastic week.  We realize she may not remember this, but we have photos to help with that.  She would yell "Castle" every time walking down Main Street USA.  She would also yell "Wow" or the names of the characters when she would first spot them.  
My brother and his girlfriend came down as well and this is one of the few photos with all of the crew. 
Came home this weekend and made the final long training run for the Columbus Marathon.  The forecast is looking warm for next weekend.
After record rainfall in Columbus on Sunday, the remnants of Hurricane Nate will be move off to New England today.  Some early showers and patchy fog to start your Columbus Day, today.  Clouds will stick around through most of today, tonight, and tomorrow with just partial clearing.  Patchy fog possible early Tuesday.  More rain returns late Tuesday into early Wednesday as another cold front will pass through cooling us off for the middle of the week.  Fairly dry for the end of the week and start of the weekend.  Temps will be mild for the Columbus Marathon next Sunday with rain likely holding off until later in the day. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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