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Friday, July 19, 2019

Staying cool in the heat... for me & kids. Cooler air coming.

The group runs have been starting earlier for the Columbus Westside Running Club because of the heat of summer.  And MAN has it been hot!
Dawn had a bridal shower last weekend so I took the kids for a run in the morning then had some fun in the swimming pool in the afternoon.  Love finding the blow-up pools on sale.  
We have also been doing more fun stuff indoors.  Like the trampoline park with Summer's preschool friends. 
Completely SOAKED in sweat.  I set out a cooler in front of the house to hit-up when I would loop by every couple of miles.
Post-run popsicle are the best!  We picked up a bunch of freeze pops from the grocery last week and very happy that we did that.
Both kids are loving them.  Evan probably loves the cold ice on his teeth.  Be spits it out once he bites it off though.  

EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING  for all of Ohio until 8pm Saturday.  High temps in the mid 90s and heat index between 105° - 110° in the afternoons.

The heat is on!  Today and Saturday our temps will warm into the mid 90s with the humidity making the heat index feel between 105° and 110° in the afternoons.  We will start the days mostly sunny then some clouds will bubble up in the afternoon.  There is a slight chance for isolated showers and storms to pop up today and tomorrow.  The best chance for rain today will be in Northern Ohio.  Overnight low temps only dip into the mid 70s, so staying very warm overnight.
Sunday will be hot as well with highs in the lower 90s as clouds start moving into the area.  We will likely see the heat index in the lower 100s.  There will be an approaching cold front for late Sunday will bring scattered showers and storms.  If the rain holds off then our temps may be a little hotter.  Scattered showers and storms likely for later Sunday, Sunday night, and then on Monday.  Some of the storms late Sunday could become strong to severe.  The Northern half of Ohio is in the Marginal Risk for severe storms.  The cold front and rain will usher in a cool down.
Highs in the lower 80s for the first half of next week.  Monday will be wet with the scattered rain then mostly sunny for the rest of the week.  We will slowly warm back into the mid 80s by Thursday.  Lower humidity next week will make it feel a lot more comfortable.  Overnight low temps near 60 in Columbus and 50s in the outlying areas next week.  A nice break for the air conditioners!  Stay cool the next few days and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

#HilltopUSA5k recap, switching to glasses, heat & storms returning...

Before I forget, I'm running a 40% off sale on for the next 8 days for a Christmas in July sale. Stock up!
Back to the blog... Check out all my peeps in the top photo! Love my Columbus Westside Running Club! We hosted the Hilltop USA 5k for the second time.  I was the emcee again this year and the community that comes out for this is amazing.  So many people and business out there supporting this event.  We had 500 people sign up for the 5k and about 30 of those did the ruck run.
I did the ruck run this year with a 35 pound backpack.  
Came in second place and it was VERY hot.  My heart rate was climbing to 190 to 195 and I had to take some walking breaks due to the heat and  humidity.  It is amazing how much energy it drains trying to run with that extra weight.  Thankfully the event went off smoothly and only one runner had to get helped off the course from the heat, but no ambulance needed thankfully. Great event and I highly recommend you checking it out next year.
So I obviously had to stay in town for that, but Dawn left in the middle of last week to take the kids back to see Dawn's mom for her birthday, on the 4th. They had a lot of fun in Cleveland checking out all the festivities leading up to the MLB All-Star game. They came back Sunday.
Before the came back, I went running at Clear Creek Metro Park with a friend, Mike.  I love that Metro Park and it has some fantastic hills for climbing.
I took the kids to the zoo on Monday after work.  Evan doesn't like hats, but he has fair skin so I was trying my best to keep him out of the sun.
Speaking of sun... Summer got new sunglasses at the eye doctor yesterday.  Most of us had a great visit... Love these two ladies!
As for me... My contacts have been bouncing around and I have an issue with my eye lids and I have to wear glasses for at least a couple weeks and use steroid drops to try to correct the issues with my eyes.  Hopefully the issue goes away.  I really do not like wearing glasses, but I have no choice right now.  LASIK is a possibility because my eye prescription has been stable for 10 years, but LASIK and the potential complications scare me.  Time to start researching local laser eye doctors...
We will see a few pop-ups today, but tomorrow's storms could be even stronger for us.
More heat and humidity today, along with more pop-up storms, then even stronger storms Thursday.  Today we will be partly cloudy with temps warming to 90 and humidity staying high.  We will have some spotty showers and storms popping up this afternoon and they could have some heavy downpours.  We stay very humid overnight with low temps in the lower 70s. An approaching cold front on Thursday will trigger more showers and storms.  The Storm Prediction Center has N/W Ohio in the "General Thunderstorm" criteria, the I-71 corridor in the "Marginal Risk", and S/E Ohio in the "Slight Risk" for severe weather.  So the strongest storms likely in Southern and Eastern Ohio on Thursday with gusty winds and hail possible, along with heavy downpours.  We could have a few spotty morning showers, but most of the storms will be midday and in the afternoon with clearing skies by the evening with the cold front pushing the rain out to the east. Mostly sunny, warm, and less humid for Friday and Saturday.  The atmosphere heats up more and humidity rising by Sunday and early next week.  With the heat and humidity returning, the chance of rain will return with pop-up isolated rain Sunday and next week. WATCHING THE TROPICS - There is an unorganized cluster of storms off the coast of the Florida panhandle.  The storms are expected to start to become more organized today and could become our second named tropical storm of the year, Barry.  The general track of the storm looks to head west towards the Louisiana and Texas coast later this week.  Since the storm is still unorganized we will need to closely monitor the conditions over the coming days.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, July 1, 2019

Outdoor fun, fireworks, and hot weather.

The rain has been holding off for the most part the past week with just some isolated rain.  So great weather to head to the park with the kids.  Summer wanted to explore some of the trails.
We had some of her preschool friends over on Friday for her birthday party.  It was a LOT of fun.  We had some water fun as well to beat the heat.
I went running with the Columbus Westside Running Club on Saturday morning.  Great group of runners.  I was easing back into running after an early-week minor injury. So I did 6 miles and got photos of some of the runners for our Facebook group.
Saturday night we caught the fireworks at the Hollywood Casino.  They were about 10 minutes long and a lot of fun with the kids.  10 minutes is a great length for the young kids.  And we had a GREAT viewing location! 
Welcome to July!  We are feeling like the middle of summer this week with the heat and humidity most of the week along with isolated showers and storms.  Today will be the least muggy day this week, but still a little humid.  A front is parked between South Bend, Indiana to Dayton, Ohio and down to Portsmouth, Ohio.  On the southwest side of that front is where the muggy and hot air is located.  So we are in the slightly less humid and warm air.  This means that the best chance of rain will be along that front and farther southwest.  The chance of rain is low today, but still possible.  We will see that front slowly dissolve and lift back northeast later today & tonight so the hotter and more humid air will return tonight and into Tuesday.  Mix of sun & clouds today with highs in the mid-upper 80s. Tuesday will be hot and humid with a slightly better chance for isolated showers and storms, 40% chance. That pattern will be sticking around through the rest of the week and into the weekend. Since the rain will be more isolated, rather than widespread, some of us will see rain from time to time this week, but not everyone.  Rain is possible at anytime, but the best chance of rain will be during the hottest part of the day: afternoons and early evenings.  High temps will be near 90 for Tuesday through Independence Day.  We stay in the mid-upper 80s by the weekend as well.  It does appear a large area of high pressure early next week could drop our chances of rain, however for the next 7 days have the rain gear handy and ready to go, along with some extra water to stay hydrated.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, June 24, 2019

Outdoor time, gardening, storms on the way, then heating up!

It has been wet outside, but we have been outside as much as possible the past week.  We set up the hammock in the back yard and been having a lot of fun.
I did have my long run this weekend and thankfully the rain moved out just in time for the run.  Summer's friend joined us for the ten mile run.  Quite a task to push the two 4 year olds and stroller for 10 miles at a quick clip.
The bees have been out and I am loving it... 
Along with my garden.  We are doing really well this year.  The strawberries are already done and a few lingering berries will be up for the picking for whatever wants it.  I took down the fencing.
A few tomatoes are already starting to turn.
Saturday night I camped out with Summer.  Good night, but my back missed the bed.  I used to get such good sleep outside, but sleeping on an air mattress just isn't cutting it. HAHA
Get ready for storms this afternoon and evening. 
The Storm Prediction Center has trimmed far NW Ohio back into the Marginal Risk, while leaving Central, Southern, and Eastern Ohio in the Slight Risk for severe storms.
The main threats will be gusty winds, large hail, and even an isolated tornado possible. With the ground as wet as it has been, isolated flooding could also be an issue for intense downpours. Stay weather aware later today. By this evening the rain will be racing to our east and out of Ohio.
The cold front moving through tonight will not cool us off much tomorrow, but it will drop the humidity a little bit. So a mix of sun & clouds on Tuesday with highs in the lower 80s. We will see a very slight chance for some isolated rain on Wednesday as the heat and humidity lift back into the area for the second half of the week. Highs in the mid 80s on Wednesday and a little more humid.

The heat and humidity will be out in full force Thursday and Friday, with highs in the upper 80s. Thanks to high pressure, we will see a decent amount of sun and a very slim chance for any stray pop-ups, about a 10% chance of rain, for Thursday and Friday. The air becomes a little more unstable next weekend, so a 30% chance for isolated showers and storms with highs in the mid-upper 80s for Saturday and Sunday with high humidity. Have a good one!

Friday, June 14, 2019

Summer's birthday, blown weed eater, weekend forecast...

Hard to believe that Summer was born 4 years ago.  We had a pretty good day with going to the movies to see Secret Life of Pets 2 then summer wanted cupcakes from the store so we got her that and some new books.
When we bought the house we paid an extra $50 for the mower and weed wacker (eater).  The mower lasted 4 years and this week the weed wacker bit the dust after 4.5 years.  I like those odds!  But my father's day gift was a new weed wacker.  
I love this photo so much.  It wraps up my life right now.  Anything Summer does, Evan is right there to watch.  He is becoming so mobile now and such a fun age.  He also has several teeth coming through so he has been a little opinionated with what he wants to eat.
Nice morning for a run.  I do enjoy the early morning runs before work, but waking up so early is a bit difficult.  Thankfully I have been offsetting the lack of sleep with naps while the kids take naps.
Leave the rain gear at home for one day and grab the sunglasses instead. Clouds have cleared out so we will see plenty of sunshine today with cool morning temps in the lower 50s then warming into the mid 70s. Get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and if you need to work in the yard then today will be the best day to tackle that for a while. Clouds start moving back in overnight and temps cool down to the upper 50s.

 Mostly cloudy for Saturday and Sunday with showers and storms returning.  The chance of rain will increase through the day on Saturday, so spotty rain possible early in the day and more rain later, but still scattered.  More on and off showers and storms on Sunday thanks to a stationary front parked over Ohio.  Sunday will be the wettest day for us this weekend with the scattered showers and storms. 

Chance of severe weather is very low Saturday and then the Storm Prediction Center has almost all of Ohio in the Marginal Risk on Sunday for a couple isolated cells to become severe.  By Monday we will still have on and off showers and storms, but the rain starts to shift into Southern Ohio as the stationary front starts to shift south.
For any of my running peeps running the Mohican 100, 50, or marathon distance this weekend... Good Luck!  Might be some isolated and scattered storms especially later on Saturday. Tuesday and Wednesday will have some isolated rain, mainly south, as that stationary front shifts into Kentucky and to our south. A low pressure system swings through the Great Lakes on Thursday with an increased chance of rain.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Saying goodbye to Marcus, running with the kids

We went back to my parents this weekend to say goodbye to Marcus.  He was back home for about 10 days for Clark's wedding and see his friends.  It was a pretty good get-together with good food and good laughs. Back to Hong Kong for him!
Our spring has been FANTASTIC!  It started wet, but the last few weeks have been amazing to be outside and go the park or just enjoy the outdoors.
So that is where I have been a lot with the kids... outside.
Had a little situation Friday night and early Saturday so I was not able to go running with the run club.  Instead I took Summer out and we ran around the neighborhood then I took Evan out and he joined in on the early morning neighborhood watch.  They smashed their cereal while I was pushing them around. 
Yesterday was Summer's fourth birthday.  Hard to fathom that. We had a pretty good day.  I had to work longer than normal, but made it home to go to the movies to see Secret Life of Pets 2 with her preschool friends.  Then we took naps and went out for noodles (her favorite).  She also wanted cupcakes from the store so we picked those up last night. Fun day all around. She also got a new sprinkler for the backyard and some new books.  We read a lot of books at our house.
Grab the shades!  Today we will have plenty of sunshine with mostly clear skies and high temps in the mid 70s. We will stay mostly clear tonight and then more clouds moving in during the day Wednesday with highs in the upper 70s.  A few spotty showers will start moving in Wednesday evening.  More scattered showers and storms on Thursday with highs in the mid-upper 60s. A break from the rain on Friday with partly cloudy skies and highs in the mid 70s.  More scattered rain returning for the weekend.  It is looking like Saturday will start dry then some isolated rain later in the day and then on and off isolated rain during the day on Sunday with highs near or in the lower 80s.  So warmer this weekend with the chance for some hit or miss rain. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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