Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Quick Vegas trip, working extra, new podcast episode

The wife and I took a quick trip to Las Vegas with some of her family and a couple of their friends. It was a lot of fun to get away, but it was actually very chilly there!
Timing just happened to line up with the half marathon, so I did run that. It started in the late afternoon and you run as the sun is going down and Vegas turns on all the awesome lights. Fun event!
Now I am back home and back to reality. Our 5 person weather team is down to 4 people right now, so I have been working a lot of extra shifts. Being short-staffed at work is a big reason why I have not had as much time to updated the blog. I am trying to get to it, but then something else is added to my plate. I am backing off on school talks until we get another person on the team. And we have had a lot of extra projects at home. I had to fix our washing machine. I am also building this custom end table for our living room with recessed cup holders and a powerbank. I am also refinishing an hallway table I found for the kids to use as a craft table. Cut down the legs and found some great wooden toddler chairs. We also got a bunk bed for the kids and reorganizing some of the rooms. I built 3 bookcases yesterday for more shelving. Always something going on.  
I have been logging some big miles with some friends. We did 24 miles at Tar Hollow recently. Lots of big hills and climbing there. Also a lot of downed trees across the trail making it more of an obstacle course than a true run.
My latest episode of "Weathering The Run" is out, with Star Blackford. She talked about heat training for running Badwater 135 across Death Valley. Not only just about getting the body ready for the heat, but getting the body ready to take on lots of fluids to run across the hottest place on earth. This coming year will be her second time running the race, but she often goes out to help crew other runners attempting to battle the elements. I have a couple other guests lined up and excited to chat with them. I don't feel like it is a lot of extra work because I am always excited to hear the craziest weather they have had to endure. 
Hopefully you enjoyed the beautiful sunshine as we celebrated the Spring Equinox yesterday. Today we will see more clouds arriving through the day with morning temps dipping into the lower 30s and then rebounding back to around 57 this afternoon. We stay dry today and it is the only dry day on the 7-day forecast. This evening rain showers will start arriving from the southwest and we will have light rain overnight and temps dipping to around 40. Cloudy for Wednesday with the early light rain showers and then another wave of rain showers later in the day. We may see some spotty light rain during the day itself, but most of the rain will be early and then again late. High temps in the mid 50s on Wednesday. Thursday we get a surge of warm air and morning temps will be around 50 then we reach a high around 70 by the afternoon. The extra warmth will give more fuel for scattered showers and storms on and off for the day. Right now severe storms are not likely, but localized flooding will start to be a concern for Thursday through Saturday. Heavy rain at times for Thursday through Saturday. Friday and Saturday will be cooler with highs in the 50s. Rainfall totals will vary depending on the track of the heavier pockets of rain, but 2” of rain possible for some areas and even localized locations could see more than 3” of rain by Saturday night. Sunday we get a slight break in the rain with mostly cloudy skies, but another wave of rain possible Sunday night into next Monday. Highs around 60 for the weekend and then lower 60s on Monday. So get outside and enjoy the mild, dry day today! Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

First Father-Daughter Dance, running fun, & new podcast!

I took Summer to our first Father-Daughter dance last weekend. We both had a lot of fun. I am excited to see her grow up into an amazing woman, but I will really miss these younger moments. 

Weather has been up and down lately, but generally up. I have been able to take Evan out for some runs in the stroller lately. So for February, that has been nice. 

I love being able to see unique things on my runs. Daffodils were already blooming on my run at Great Seal State Park over the weekend. I also found this unique tree. Not sure what caused the bark to be shredded like this, but I reached out to ODNR to see what they think. 
Sooooo... I started a thing. A podcast! I love hearing people's stories about crazy weather on their runs and chatting with people. So why not actually host conversations?!?! You can find Weathering The Run on any of your favorite podcasting apps. The main website is anchor.fm/weatheringtherun if you want to listen to the episodes on a web browser. I have debated doing a WordPress to also host the content, but I am not sure of the benefits of doing that to be honest.  
So far I have the trailer out and Episode #1 with my good buddy Mike Gampp. I also have the second interview done and that will be released March 1st with Samuel Hartman. Both are great episodes and I am very thankful for both of them helping me get it started. The interview coming out with Samuel is jam packed and it went longer than the 30 minutes I had planned because there was so many great stories and things to cover. So go check out what is out already. And if you can, please subscribe and review. I don't think there are any reviews yet, so you could be the first one! Plus it helps others find the podcast. Thanks!
Each day this week has something to be prepared for in Central Ohio. Today and Thursday will be our windiest days. Tomorrow, Wednesday, will be our wettest day. Thursday will be our warmest day and forecasted to tie the daily record high temperature followed by Friday being our coldest day.
Pockets of fog this morning in some of the valleys, but winds are picking up so that will not last too long. We have a weak disturbance causing some light rain showers in Indiana early this morning and they are going to swing into Ohio early this morning with clouds. This will kick out east fast with some afternoon sun coming out for Central Ohio. Temperatures are around 40 now and only warm to 48 this afternoon. Winds will pick up today and be strongest midday with gusts 35 mph possible, out of the west.

Tonight our temperatures fall into the mid-lower 30s, especially Northern Ohio. Rain showers will move in by daybreak tomorrow and Northern Ohio could start out as a wintry mix then change over to rain. It will be a wet morning with rain most of the morning then a break in the rain midday and the afternoon. Temperatures will climb into the lower 60s by late in the day. We will have winds out of the southeast 10-15 mph. Another round of rain likely later tomorrow including a few rumbles of thunder, but severe weather not likely.

Thursday will start out with some early rain and then sun tries coming out with temps going from the upper 50s in the morning to the lower 70s by the afternoon. It will be windy on Thursday with winds out of the southwest 20-30 mph and gusts 45 mph possible. A cold front will sweep across Ohio in the late afternoon and evening and that may trigger some isolated rain again. Temps fall fast Thursday night.

Friday is partly cloudy with morning temps around 28 and a high of 37. The weekend has some very weak disturbances with a slight chance of some showers. Morning temps around 30 and highs around 50. More rain looking likely next Monday with temps in the upper 50s. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Fun weekend running with friends then basketball

Good morning! I am getting really tired of running in the cold weather, but at least I have been blessed with friends for my long runs. I hosted our recent run at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park. We had 6 of us running and we knocked out 18 miles together. Then I raced home to shower and get ready for Summer's basketball game. The following day we went to the Ohio State Women's Basketball game and had a blast. They even let the kids shoot two lay-ups after the game. 

I have had to resort to wearing a buff for my runs, especially when I am going against the wind. I can't grow a beard for work, otherwise that would be super helpful during these colder months. I also notice my form changes because my body is cold and tight. Hoping this upcoming weekend will be the last time running with wind chills in the single digits for the season. February is looking to warm up more with above normal temperatures starting this weekend. Hopefully it sticks around, but hard to say once we get more than a few weeks out. 
I get to work today and someone hung up a few of these "I TRUST Buckeye Chuck" signs. Someone has jokes on this Groundhog Day.
Good Thursday morning! We will warm up more today with a high of 39. Mix of sun & clouds today and staying dry during the day. Tonight a cold front will sweep down from the north for mostly cloudy skies and flurries. Our temps will drop into the mid teens by Friday morning. Clouds will decrease through the morning tomorrow with more sun later and temps barely warming with a high around 20. Wind chills near zero Friday morning and single digits through the day Friday. The weekend will start cold with wind chills Saturday morning in the single digits, but we warm up more each day. Saturday afternoon we will warm to the upper 30s with mostly sunny skies. Sunday we will warm up to a high of 48 with mostly cloudy skies. A weak system to the north may give us a couple sprinkles later on Sunday afternoon/evening. Next week starts dry on Monday with a high of 48 and partly cloudy skies. Mostly cloudy for Tuesday and Wednesday with highs in the low-mid 50s. We will also have the chance for some scattered rain showers later Tuesday into Wednesday. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Friday, January 20, 2023

Spring in January, but it will not last long...

Wow! What a beautiful day yesterday! We ended up warming up to 60° for the high. Lots of midday sun and Evan and I went for a run along Griggs Reservoir then when Summer got home from school we practiced some basketball. But, winter is back today and some snow on the way. 
We have been having fun doing science experiments at home and the kids have been loving it. I love seeing the amazement in the kids faces and trying to answer their questions. Sometimes I have to look up answers for them. We have been binging a channel on YouTube where a teacher answers lots of questions about the world around us. I think it is called Mystery Doug.

In some bittersweet news, I am closing up my BalmByBuck.com shop on Etsy. If you are reading this early enough, feel free to stock up using the code 50OFF for 50% off. I have been making the balm for about 5 years now and there are a handful of reasons to close up the shop. I have had a handful of people let me know they are really sad about it closing and that has really meant a lot. I am excited for extra time to spend with the kids and family and I have a new project that I am starting to plan. Nothing for sale with the new project, but providing something free and it will be a labor of love... so stay tuned!
Good Friday morning! Make sure to grab the coat this morning because it will feel like the 20s all day long because of our brisk winds. Winds, out of the west, will be gusting 20-25 mph this morning and then slowly become lighter through the day. Thankfully not nearly as windy as yesterday evening. Many official wind gusts in the 50-60 mph range including a 61 mph wind gust at the OSU airport near Dublin. We are also very lucky the trees are bare because we would have more downed branches and trees if we had leaves. Back to today… Cloudy with light snow/flurries and a high around 37, but feeling like 29 for the high. Patchy accumulations up to half an inch possible. Lighter winds tonight and mostly cloudy skies with a low around 29 and a minimum wind chill in the lower 20s. Mostly cloudy on Saturday with a high of 38 and a very light breeze. Sunday we are tracking a wintry mix headed toward the area. The track still could change between now and Sunday, but right now it looks like we could see 1”-3” of snow for Central Ohio areas that stay all snow, but some rain may sneak in and that would cut down on snowfall totals. Stay tuned to the forecast because there will likely need to be adjustments. A few flurries or light snow showers lingering early Monday. Highs in the upper 30s for Sunday and Monday. Tuesday will be quiet once again with mostly cloudy skies and we warm to 42 for the high and the warmest day on the 7-day. Another rain/snow on Wednesday and this looks to have more moisture. Some lingering flurries on Thursday as temperatures drop even more. We will have a high around 41 on Wednesday then a high of 32 on Thursday. Even colder temps by Friday and next weekend. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Kicking off 2023


Good morning! This was the final photo of 2022 for me and the kids. It was a whirlwind end to 2022 and start to 2023. We had an extended family member in the hospital, so Dawn was there with them. Then I picked up strep throat and a double ear infection. All are on the mend now, but it was a crazy 10 days for us, hence why I have been so silent on here...

We did end up getting that winter storm just before Christmas. Thankfully it scared everyone away from COSI the day before the storm, so it was very empty when I took the kids. Summer loved the Doc McStuffin exhibit. 

We had a great Christmas with the kids. Their faces of excitement are precious and I hope to never forget these moments.
We went back to my parents the Monday after Christmas because it was so cold and windy causing blowing snow anytime before that. My brother from Dallas was in town too, so we had a great time catching up and sledding on the drifts back on the farm. The kids wanted to stay with their cousins in town so they stayed a couple days. 
We all met up again at the National Air Force Museum so I could get the kids back. My nephew from Dallas loves planes and there is no better place in the world to see than this museum if you love planes. Plus it's FREE! My parents live 40 minutes away and they had no idea it was free.
Then that gets us to when I was home with the kids for several days. Lots of board games and science experiments. 
I did eat pretty good while Dawn was gone. I smoked a bunch of pork. Most of it went to a neighbor who is going through a rough patch, but I did need to keep a little to sample and make sure it was good. I made pulled pork nachos and tacos. Best pork I have made so far!
At the same moment last week we found out our family member was getting out of ICU we had an amazing sunset. Had to get a picture of the kids and send it to that person to brighten their day. I ended up catching my illness, but on the mend and back at work now.
It was just barely warm enough for me to run in shorts yesterday. My cut-off is a temperature or wind chill below 25 degrees for when I will wear tights under my shorts. Wind chill was 26 when I left the house to run to Evan's preschool yesterday. Made sure I was wearing something bright so the cars could see me.
Good Tuesday morning! Above normal temps will stick around the next few days before colder air arrives. Today Central Ohio will have mostly cloudy skies with a slight chance for a stray shower. Morning temps are in the upper 20s and we will warm to the mid 40s with a light breeze out of the south. Staying cloudy tonight with low temps in the mid 30s. Wednesday will be mostly cloudy again with high temps near 50. A few scattered showers possible by Wednesday evening. More rain likely on Thursday and even some rumbles of thunder possible. Rainfall totals around half an inch on Thursday and some pockets could see even more where the heaviest cells/storms travel. Right now Central Ohio has the chance for some non-severe storms with a high around 57. By Thursday night a cold front will push in colder air and we will change from rain to a wintry mix and over to light snow showers and flurries for Friday. Highs in the mid 30s on Friday. A few lingering flurries early Saturday, but generally a dry weekend. Highs in the mid 30s on Saturday with mostly cloudy skies. Partly cloudy on Sunday with highs in the mid 40s. Monday starts dry and mostly cloudy with a high near 50. Another round of rain likely by Monday PM into next Tuesday. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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