Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Mohican 100 miler DONE! Hilltop USA 5k with Summer is next...

I finished the Mohican 100 miler a week ago and finally recovered almost completely. I finished in just over 25 hours with four loops around Mohican State Park.
Lap 1: went out fast for first half while it was cool and then throttled back.
Lap 2: survive the heat, dodge the mountain bikers, listened to some music to pass the miles.

Lap 3: quick sock/lube change before starting. Pain cave. Drained from the heat and tried to stay hydrated. Took a while for my body to finally cool down. Jordan paced me and we shared some good stories and miles at night settled in...
Lap 4: sleep deprivation. I was loopy and trying to ride the caffeine wave. Lee paced me and kept me from going off-trail and down an embankment when I wasn't walking straight. Sun started coming up and we got a second wind & crushed the final miles.

Finish: kids ran with me through the finish line. Started getting "the feels" for the training to pay off and for support of friends and family. Big thanks to my wife Dawn for being flexible the last few months so I could train around my shifted work schedule.
Not done training... Now I am training with Summer for her first 5k. I am emceeing the Hilltop USA 5k in a few weeks and I asked Summer if she wanted to run for the event. She said yes and our training hasn't been ideal, but she runs so much with soccer and being a kid that I am sure she will finish and I am excited to join her in the event. We tried to outrun the rain yesterday and Evan wanted to ride along and offer positivity. 
The kids are getting so big! We have been having a lot of fun this summer and I let them pick what they want to do each day for activities. We checked out COSI earlier this week and today will be checking out new parks.
You may recognize this photo. Today is the 13th anniversary of when I proposed to my wife in Chicago & this photo was the last photo we took before I asked her to marry me. <3 
Rain is moving out and sun will return later today. Another round of scattered storms will return later tomorrow. It is a very wet start to the day with most of the area picking up 1” of rain and a few pockets seeing closer to 2” of rain. The rain is moving out early this morning with just a few sprinkles or pockets of drizzle for late-morning. Clouds will clear out more in the afternoon for some sunshine to return. Morning temps are in the upper 50s and we will warm back into the mid 70s. Mostly clear and cool tonight with temps dipping back into the mid 50s. Thursday we will start with sunshine then more clouds in the afternoon with scattered storms popping up for the afternoon/evening and a high of 80. Severe storms not likely but a few gusty cells with small hail are possible. This is with a cold front and we will be cooler by Friday. Partly cloudy on Friday with a high of 76. Mostly sunny on Saturday with a high of 81. Then partly cloudy on Sunday with a high of 82. Morning low temps will be in the upper 50s. So we have some ideal weather for the Creekside Blues and Jazz Festival, Columbus Pride festivities, Columbus Air Show, and so many more big events planned this weekend. Monday we will see some pop-up storms possible in the afternoon along with Tuesday. Highs will be in the lower 80s and the best chance of rain looks to be more to the south for early next week. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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