Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tornadoes and sickness do not mix

Yesterday I was suffering from some serious illness... I still am not sure what it is but today is getting slightly better after 11 hours of sleep, hydrogen peroxide in both ears, and regularly using oregano oil under my tongue...I am slowly feeling the sickness take the back seat. However yesterday I felt horrible...no energy at all and my throat felt like I was swallowing razor blades. Had it not been for Jeff Booth taking the day off I would have called in sick for my second time ever. However, like I said, I am feeling much better. Hopefully after another good night of sleep and napping between my three meetings tomorrow (spread out through the day) I will finally say goodbye to whatever this is.

So anyway, I was trying to rest as much as possible yesterday at work...all of the storms had left the area except for one...a fairly weak shower(no lightning), but sure enough a few reports of a funnel cloud and I had to cut on for about twenty minutes for a Tornado Warning. Luckily the funnel did not touch down, but just south of there in Georgetown there were two confirmed EF1 tornadoes with winds about 90 miles per hour. There were a lot of people very upset because I cut into their programing, but it was a VERY serious situation and people's lives and property were in danger. Luckily no one was injured with yesterday's storms only several farm buildings.

Today turned out fantastic...humidity was right around 35% for the afternoon, which is very low for this time of the year and takes an alright summer day and turns it into a fantastic summer day. Tomorrow looks like a repeat and then starting a warming trend for Thursday. Friday and Saturday a high pressure system will be sitting over us, however the models are hinting at a few systems trying to enter the area. It will be a battle of the forces, but I think there is a very slight chance for rain...the high pressure should limit development of any cells. Unfortunately a better chance for rain will be arriving late Sunday into Independence Day on Monday and into Tuesday as well. The rain will be scattered in nature, so as far as things look right now not a wash out. I will keep you posted on the holiday forecast for the days to come. Enjoy tomorrow before it heats up and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Busier than I thought

I know sometimes I talk about being busy, but after taking a look at the schedule, I was unaware that I am currently on day three of a 19 day streak...possibly longer. Now two of the days I have two hour meetings, but regardless, I will be at work, at the station for nearly three weeks... I guess it is good I like doing weather and doing my job.

Well it was about five months ago that I sold my Puch Magnum moped and I wrote the blog about it... Well I contacted the guy that bought it and it looks COMPLETELY different. He has made it into a racer and and took off anything that was extra weight. We are having a moped ride in July and I invited him back down to the area to join in and there is a good chance I may be riding along side of my old bike once again.

We had the rain push in early today and the afternoon turned out mostly sunny. The winds have switched to the south and the humidity will continue rising overnight and Monday and so will the thermometer. More storms will roll through late Monday and overnight into early Tuesday. They will be strong to severe, but on the good side of things we will be cooler for the middle and end of the week...before we start heating back up, again. Enjoy the next couple of days and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wedding / Bridal Shower

After my mother came up to Cleveland for Dawn's Bridal Shower and saw that they had the groom there...she thought it would be a good idea for me to be at the shower that my mother threw for Dawn. This way Dawn would not be as nervous to meet new people and I could help out with things like reading the cards and such...sooooo guess what I did this afternoon? I came into work early and got the forecast almost completely put together, other than tweaking a few final numbers, and then drove Dawn and myself up to the farm. They had signs up and balloons and it was really a very nice shower that they threw for Dawn. Almost all of the women came from my side of the family and my grandfather hung out in the garage for the afternoon with my dad and brothers. My dad even made a card he kept sneaking to the guys that said: "The real bachelor party is going to be in the back room with movies." He and my grandfather thought it was hysterical. Anyway it was a lot of fun and I got to hang out with a bunch of women...again. Thanks to all who came out and I hope you all had a fun time as well.

It was just a beautiful day today with a mix of sun and clouds with low humidity and a light breeze. Tomorrow we will see more clouds and a slight chance for rain. Showers and storms look to move just to our south and west so we may tap into some of those, but the latest models have us remaining dry for most of the day...if not all of the day for some places in Southwestern Ohio. More showers and storms for Monday and Tuesday, which will be scattered, as the humidity increases along with the temperatures. Mid to late week next week looks to remain mild with highs in the lower to mid 80's and lower humidity...but the good news...dry. I need a few good days of sunshine on my off days so I can work on my tan...I can't be getting fried and burnt in Mexico in 37 day...only 35 days til the wedding..GETTING CLOSE! Enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Friday, June 24, 2011

Busy days off...now back to work

I have been up to my elbows in mopeds the last few days. I was off Wednesday and Thursday for my weekend and I was able to fix a moped for a friend... the spark plug boot was bad along with other small problems. My friend Wes came over with his newly rebuilt Dart moped. He has it down to the bare bones now...no lights, no electronics so it is not street legal, but it is a blast to ride. We rode it around my block and since there is basically nothing to the frame it can really move!

Dawn and I have been cleaning the house...mostly Dawn...because her mother and grandmother are stopping by this weekend as they visit my parents house. My mom is throwing Dawn a bridal shower Saturday and it appears I will be there as well because my mom didn't want Dawn to be nervous since she hasn't met everyone from my side of the family. Along with the cleaning; I cleaned out the garage. We have slowly been accumulating boxes over the last 14 months at the new place and MAN was there a lot of boxes. I was basically just cleaning out everything in the garage and tidying it all up...not that it was that disorganized. I also finished working on the rest of my mopeds. I have all of them 100% running. I even finally installed kill switches on them instead of just the stray wire to tap to the body to kill the engine. My next project is to figure out how to mount my cell phone to my dash so that way I can use that as my GPS. The speedo cables on two of my mopeds have a tenancy to break. I will be sure to let you know what I come up with.

It was rather cool last evening with the spotty light showers...and today will be much of the same...light spotty showers with cool temperatures...we may be hard pressed to break the 70 degree mark. Remaining cool and dry for most of the weekend, but more showers and storms are possible as we head into the later part of Sunday. More scattered storms for the start of the workweek as temperatures bump back into the mid 80's along with humidity slowly rising. Enjoy the weekend and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nice night, interesting day

Well my foot is on its way to recovery... The medicine started working and the color started going away as did the swelling... as a matter of fact when I woke up I was still in pain and started trying to loosen up my ankle/foot by rotating it in circles and it popped and seems to be much better... maybe the swelling dislodged it. Either way it still has a little tender feeling, but much less pain.

It was quite a pesky day with just light showers and sprinkles. I had a few moped friends try to get together to ride, despite my soggy forecast...but they ended up just sitting under the canopy at Riverscape. The evening turned out awesome after the rain cleared out and the sunshine was quite an uplifting addition to Father's Day.

More showers and storms possible tomorrow as a warm front lifts through here. It was already a little humid today, but it really looks to get sticky for the next couple of days, especially Tuesday. The cold front out west will slowly arrive mid-late week with more showers and storms and leave us nice and cool for next weekend. Stay cool and dry...and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Out of commission, X-ray letdown

Well I had a fun last few days...but today was the letdown back to reality...and worse. I saw the movie Tornado Alley in IMAX in Cincinnati and it was awesome, just kinda short. I also got to hang out on the boat on the river for a while, play in a golf outing and filled in for Mike Terwilliger Friday morning. I spent last night babysitting Dawn's nephews and niece and went to bed feeling full health. Well for the last year or so I have had weird discoloration in my right leg and absolutely no fat where the discoloration is located. This morning I woke up it had spread to my foot and I felt that my foot broke because of the sharp pain. I could barely walk and Dawn insisted that I get it checked out immediately. We debated on the emergency room or urgent care and decided I could get quicker attention at urgent care. After about three x-rays and the doctor basically throwing out my family doctor's thoughts on my leg. I had no fractures and I have an infection under my skin. I know it's gross...just hoping it is all healed up in time for the wedding in just over a month.

More showers and storms will stick around for Father's Day tomorrow. The best chance for rain will be in the evening, but they will be scattered so just keep an eye to the sky if you are firing up the grill. Temperatures will max out on Tuesday with a high near 90. Tuesday may also be the only dry day in the area...just hot and humid. More showers and storms for the mid and late week, BUT we will see cooler temperatures by next weekend.

Andrew Buck Michael

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Graduation Day

I am a little ahead of schedule today. I came in around 9AM to get my forecast started and most of my graphics made for the show. I left a little after 10AM to head to Columbus to watch my brother, Bryant graduate from The Ohio State University. It has been three years since I graduated from there and it is was much cooler today than what it was in 2008. This year they had nearly 10,000 students graduating... crazily impressive and the largest graduating class in the world from what we were told. The entire ceremony lasted just about two hours with everyone coming in and all the PhD and Masters students getting their names read as they shook hands with President Gee. He briefly reflected on the recent turmoil with the football program but reminded people of the past great players and how hopefully this will only be a small blemish in the tradition and heritage that is Buckeye Football.
Dawn and I met up with Bryant briefly before heading back to Dayton...we also ran across my grandparents there as well who came up from Cincinnati. Bryant will have a bright future with his degree in Chemical Engineering... he has three job offers on the table right now, likely making a LOT more money than me, haha. Luckily we were sitting in the shade at graduation. With the low humidity the sunshine and UV rays cut through the atmosphere much better and it does not take long to get a sunburn on a day like today. It is not nearly as big of a problem for me, but Dawn's Irish skin burns under a 100W bulb. Anyway, I am back in the weather center getting as much done early so I can hopefully watch the Mavs win the NBA finals tonight.

Not much change in the forecast...cool and low humidity to start the workweek, then we slowly warm up and slowly add more moisture to the air with scattered showers and storms possible Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Saturday, June 11, 2011

So long heat & humidity

Today was a pretty hot & sticky again. I spent the morning at the soccer fields watching Dawn's cousins play for the last time of the regular season. While it was still warm and humid, it will soon be over...at least for a few days. The cold front is slowly pushing though this evening and with it moving through so slow it has only tripped off a light shower or two... most of the area has remained dry.

Yesterday was another story. We had storms in the morning while I was filling in for Mike on the morning show. The storms cleared out and then fired up again in the late afternoon. I got together with my fellow Dayton Area Moped Riders for a moped ride around Middletown and the surrounding communities. The rain scared off a lot of people, but after waiting out the first storm for fifteen minutes we diehard riders were golden the rest of the evening riding around to different parks. It was a lot of fun because once the storm rolled over we rode toward it...nothing cooler than zipping along on a two stroke bike with continuous lightning exploding out of the sky in front of you.
On a side note, the lilies that Dawn and I transplanted from our old place in Sidney have started blooming... a true sign that summer is officially around the corner. I moved them further away the house this earlier this spring to make sure they got more rain and sunlight and they seem to be loving the new location.
As I already mentioned...cooler temps and lower humidity for the next few days, but the humidity and warmth will return slowly for the week ahead. More storms will arrive MAYBE late Tuesday, but a better chance Wednesday and Thursday, but they still appear to be in the scattered nature and not a washout as a warm front moves through. Enjoy the next few days and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Friday, June 10, 2011

100+ degrees

Yup, that is correct... 100+ degree heat inside my house the last few days. The A/C went out early Tuesday and the house has been a sweat box since. Luckily it was fixed late last night and the house cooled off pretty quickly, but MAN it was hot! We maxed out at 101.4, but it just sat there... I think the sensor on the weather station maxed out there regardless...but the 78 degrees when I woke up felt wonderful.

We already have a few storms popping up this morning. The humidity will help fuel the storms later today and into tomorrow until the cold front finally pushes through. Some of the storms later today and tomorrow will have the slight chance of becoming severe... the main threats will be strong wind and large hail, but there is a very small chance that the storms may become tornadic...mainly for the Northern Miami Valley. The Northern part of the area will have the best wind shear, change of direction with height...which helps with rotating updrafts. No worries, we will be monitoring the situation closely through the day and if severe weather does happen, we will be ready to let you know. Keep an eye and ear open for that...but start planning for Sunday because it is going to be awesome outside! Low humidity, cooler temperatures...I may need a jacket after getting used to 100 degree heat the last few days, haha. I will be back on here soon, until then have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hustle Bustle

I had a jam filled weekend and it looks like the week ahead is going to be much of the same. I met up with some old friends Friday night and got about three hours of sleep before getting up to meet some of the DAM Riders for the Daddy Katz swap meet in Moraine. There were only about five DAM Riders initially, but we had about eight or nine people there for the afternoon. The majority of people there had motorcycles or scooters...we had to make a statement about our pedals, haha. I had to leave early to get ready for work and with severe storms for much of Saturday night, I was quite busy. Today has been a little more laid back. I tried fixing someone's moped this morning, electrical problem, and then a semi-relaxed day doing the weather. This week I have a few meetings, doing weather for Booth on Monday and putting together my Where You Live Yellow Springs story....not to mention nailing down more stuff for the wedding in Columbus.

It is going to be quite a hot week for us. We should be into the 90's for the middle of the week and humidity will make it feel like it is closer to 100. With the increase in humidity and temperatures isolated showers will be possible and scattered storms later in the week as a cold front brings in less humid air for next weekend. I am just hoping Friday night stays dry... One of my friends is hosting a moped ride in Middletown... riding 50 miles in the rain just doesn't sounds as fun. Stay cool and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Friday, June 3, 2011

Strawberry Festival and Storms on the Way

I did the forecast from the 35th Annual Troy Strawberry Festival for the dinner time shows today. It was a BEAUTIFUL day for the festival to get kicked off. I had a few friends show up on their mopeds just to rub in the fact that I had to work and they weren't. I was thinking about riding a moped, though.

The humidity and heat will return tomorrow and will help fuel a few thunderstorms later in the day for Saturday. The storms will be riding along a cold front which will cool us off into the lower 80's for Sunday and Monday, but by the middle of the week will be pushing the upper 80's again with humidity returning... It is weird to think that summer is still two weeks away officially. Some of the storms may be severe later tomorrow so keep an eye to the sky and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yardwork in the Heat

After looking at the sub-par flower bed, I decided to fix things up. I killed all the weeds coming up through the old mulch and put down new mulch...in the 90 degree heat. I love working up sweats like that...it feels like the job was much harder than what it really was, since it only took 30 minutes. The good news...lower humidity will roll into the area later today.

I had no plans on Memorial Day so I rounded up a few friends and we rode mopeds out to the Germantown Dam. It was a nice slow ride and a few of them ended up cooling off in the water for a bit. The heat wasn't too bad while you were riding, but once you stopped...man it was toasty. We are getting another big group together again on June 10th in Middletown. The guy hosting was hoping for a mini rally, but I think we will only be having about 10-15 people... and I think you need about 25+ to be considered a rally, in my opinion. Anyway, I am super excited for the ride. We also added new stuff to our website, DaytonAreaMopedRiders.com.

Milder and drier air will arrive through the day today... but the heat and humidity will return for Friday and Saturday... Pop-up showers and storms, widely scattered, will be possible for the weekend with the excessive heat and humidity. For the most part we should stay dry the next seven days... just an isolated chance for rain... Enjoy the lower humidity today and tomorrow and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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