Saturday, June 18, 2011

Out of commission, X-ray letdown

Well I had a fun last few days...but today was the letdown back to reality...and worse. I saw the movie Tornado Alley in IMAX in Cincinnati and it was awesome, just kinda short. I also got to hang out on the boat on the river for a while, play in a golf outing and filled in for Mike Terwilliger Friday morning. I spent last night babysitting Dawn's nephews and niece and went to bed feeling full health. Well for the last year or so I have had weird discoloration in my right leg and absolutely no fat where the discoloration is located. This morning I woke up it had spread to my foot and I felt that my foot broke because of the sharp pain. I could barely walk and Dawn insisted that I get it checked out immediately. We debated on the emergency room or urgent care and decided I could get quicker attention at urgent care. After about three x-rays and the doctor basically throwing out my family doctor's thoughts on my leg. I had no fractures and I have an infection under my skin. I know it's gross...just hoping it is all healed up in time for the wedding in just over a month.

More showers and storms will stick around for Father's Day tomorrow. The best chance for rain will be in the evening, but they will be scattered so just keep an eye to the sky if you are firing up the grill. Temperatures will max out on Tuesday with a high near 90. Tuesday may also be the only dry day in the area...just hot and humid. More showers and storms for the mid and late week, BUT we will see cooler temperatures by next weekend.

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  1. I think I would still get another doctor's opinion about the leg/foot. Did the Urgent care doctor say what caused it? Hope it heals quickly.

    When we came back from Fl a few years back, my right foot had swelled more than usual. It didn't itch, but sometimes it looked a little red. I thought perhaps something bit me while we were down there. Doctor looked it over good and said I had cellulitis. I can't even remember what he gave me now. But that foot still swells more then the other one, and I've been told I have some arthritis in that foot, so I'm wondering if that isn't what makes it swell. And the fact that bone is almost 75 years old might be the biggest problem. LOL

    But it still wouldn't hurt for you to get a second opinion. Unless you are satisfied with what the doctor said.

  2. Thanks Patty... the foot is better today... I updated it's status in my recent entry. He said the same thing that you had, cellulitis in its very early stage... I looked up photos of it online and mine looked NO WHERE NEAR as bad as what I saw online...thank goodness.

  3. Well believe it or not, I went to the doctor yesterday, because this red spot between the knee and ankle looked really, really red and two of our daughters were here and I showed them and the one said, Mom call the doctor. So off I went, left leg. She thought it looked like cellulitis and prescribed an antibiotic. But to be on the safe side, she sent me over to have an ultra sound to make sure there is no blood clot in the leg. They called me this afternoon, no clot, keep taking the medicine. She wants to see me in the morning, before the week-end. She said they sometimes have to give you a shot of antibiotics and if that doesn't help they put you in the hospital a couple of days and pump the antibiotics through the veins. Glad yours is getting better. Mine doesn't really hurt that much, but it's so red, some places almost look like a bruise. But then I have OLD skin. LOL Let's face it, this whole body is OLD.


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