Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nice night, interesting day

Well my foot is on its way to recovery... The medicine started working and the color started going away as did the swelling... as a matter of fact when I woke up I was still in pain and started trying to loosen up my ankle/foot by rotating it in circles and it popped and seems to be much better... maybe the swelling dislodged it. Either way it still has a little tender feeling, but much less pain.

It was quite a pesky day with just light showers and sprinkles. I had a few moped friends try to get together to ride, despite my soggy forecast...but they ended up just sitting under the canopy at Riverscape. The evening turned out awesome after the rain cleared out and the sunshine was quite an uplifting addition to Father's Day.

More showers and storms possible tomorrow as a warm front lifts through here. It was already a little humid today, but it really looks to get sticky for the next couple of days, especially Tuesday. The cold front out west will slowly arrive mid-late week with more showers and storms and leave us nice and cool for next weekend. Stay cool and dry...and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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