Sunday, June 26, 2011

Busier than I thought

I know sometimes I talk about being busy, but after taking a look at the schedule, I was unaware that I am currently on day three of a 19 day streak...possibly longer. Now two of the days I have two hour meetings, but regardless, I will be at work, at the station for nearly three weeks... I guess it is good I like doing weather and doing my job.

Well it was about five months ago that I sold my Puch Magnum moped and I wrote the blog about it... Well I contacted the guy that bought it and it looks COMPLETELY different. He has made it into a racer and and took off anything that was extra weight. We are having a moped ride in July and I invited him back down to the area to join in and there is a good chance I may be riding along side of my old bike once again.

We had the rain push in early today and the afternoon turned out mostly sunny. The winds have switched to the south and the humidity will continue rising overnight and Monday and so will the thermometer. More storms will roll through late Monday and overnight into early Tuesday. They will be strong to severe, but on the good side of things we will be cooler for the middle and end of the week...before we start heating back up, again. Enjoy the next couple of days and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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