Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Final big long run, hot Ohio State game, augmented reality weather

I have been pounding the pavement for the final big weeks of training before the Columbus Marathon.
I have been running as earlier as possible to avoid the heat.  Last week I changed right after work and got my run finished before lunch with Summer.
Sunday I went running with Columbus Westside Running Club.  It was a rough run because I had a little too much fun the day before at the Ohio State football game. I should have drank a lot more water.  But thankfully I run with some awesome people and they inspired me to push on through some cramping.

I have been loving doing more and more augmented reality weather graphics. 
Forecast was pretty spot-on... sunny and HOT!  My good friend is expected a baby soon and she didn't want to sit in the heat so she insisted that I went to the game with her husband.  Thanks Al!
Speaking of Ohio State... The Geography Department received a donation from a former student to make a new collaborative area with new technology for students.  They finished phase 1 with a new green screen for students to have at their disposal and work on presentations.  The next phases will involve a 3D printer, office space, and more.  This is great for students to get the repetition in front of the green screen and get a step up when getting the first job out of college. 
As far as augmented reality.  I have been able to really take advantage of our technology last week with the hurricanes.  I brought in a 3D map of Puerto Rico to show the topography and how the valleys had record flooding.  The rain on the mountain-side would drain down to the rivers.
Then I pulled in the gauges of river levels to show how the valleys had the worst of the flooding before the storm even made landfall. 
THEN... not only the rain, but the wind stripping the trees and ripping apart buildings.  I have some big plans to step up our augmented reality game even more.  It is a piece of technology that helps tell the weather story and I am so blessed to work at a place that has it. 
One more day with highs expected to reach 90 then cooler temps on the way! Mostly sunny with light winds today and a high of 90, coming off of three days in a row hitting 91 in Columbus. Today's record high temp is 92, set back in 1998. Staying mostly clear tonight and warm then more clouds heading through the day tomorrow. A cold front will sweep through during the afternoon and a spotty shower will be possible Wednesday. Normally rain would be more likely, but our airmass is very dry, so there will not be a lot of moisture to work with during the cold front passage. Highs in the lower 70s for the end of the workweek and another slim chance of rain Friday. This second push of cool air will be bringing our high temp on Saturday down into the 60s! Weekend should remain dry and cooler. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, September 18, 2017

Summer fun, Ohio State game, fast run, two hurricanes

Summer and I had quite the set-up last week in the backyard.  I am trying to get in as much outdoor time as possible with her before the weather starts turning cooler.  My mom and dad picked Summer up on Thursday and Summer went with them on a trip to my brother's for the weekend.
Dawn and I went down to the Ohio State game on Saturday.  Always a good day when you get to high-five Urban!
J.T. was all business on his walk.  Look at the face of determination!
Dawn and I had a great time at the game.
And what a BEAUTIFUL day for football!
Sunday morning I went on a run with Columbus Westside Running Club.  The president of the club, Carl, was going to run 1 mile with us then head to the Hollywood Casino 5k run.  Carl got Maclin and I off to a fast start and once we picked up steam then we decided to try to keep the pace.  We ran 6 miles REALLY fast then decided to slow down a little for the run back.  It was a great tempo run and I think both of us will be glad we did it when the Columbus Marathon rolls around, in 27 days! Maclin and I both are expecting to finish with the same time, around 3:40. 
Summer got back and we had some fun trying to put her hair up.  She isn't really a fan, but does think that it looks silly.
Hurricane Jose will be grazing the East Coast this week and sit in a holding pattern. 
Hurricane Maria will be strengthening and causing more damage to the Caribbean. 
A cold front is moving in from the the west, bringing some spotty rain for the next couple days. Normally the front would pass and be through the area in a day, but Hurricane Jose off the East Coast is blocking out weather pattern, so the front will stall and rain will start in Western Ohio today and very slowly move in over the next few days. More sun by the end of the week as high pressure builds. Temps will stay warm all week with highs in the 80s and morning low temps in the lower 60s. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Irma, airport, picnic, running, & warmer temps coming

Irma has consumed all of my free time the past week.  Work has been VERY busy trying to make new graphics to track the latest with the historic storm.
Hurricane Jose is still churning out in the Atlantic Ocean and not likely to hit the East Coast.  A few models have been toying with the idea, but so far it looks like it is more likely to stay out to sea. 
When not at work... I spent a LOT of time with family last week.  We went to the airport to pick up my parents from their trip out west.  Summer loved watching the planes land for the hour that we had a picnic on the top deck of the parking garage. 
Summer and I also had a picnic in the back yard last week as well. Summer had a mouth full of snap peas for this photo. 
Saturday morning’s moonlit run put me over 800 miles for the year, which was my New Year's Resolution. I initially wanted to go for 1,000, but my wife said that might be lofty. I agreed and went with 800 as an A goal. I kept 1,000 as an A+ goal and now that’s my new goal to reach!
Partial clearing overnight has lead to patchy early fog for you Wednesday morning, along with cool temps. Have a jacket or umbrella handy the next couple days due to rain showers. The remnants of hurricane Irma is centered in Western Tennessee and we will see occasional rain showers from the outer bands. The center of circulation will slowly move closer to us tonight and tomorrow, so cloudy skies will remain with the on and off rain. By Friday we start drying out and sun coming up later in the day. More sun for the weekend and warmer temps as we warm back into the lower 80s for the afternoons. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, September 4, 2017

Kings Island, camping, running, Hurricane Irma

Saturday we went down to Kings Island.  Great family fun.
Summer had a blast and we rode a handful of rids.
Then she smashed some pizza! Good times.
We went down to that direction because we went to visit some family at Camp Kern in the afternoon and evening.  Nothing better than cold coffee and a hot campfire! We were only visiting, but they had a pretty sweet set-up.
Sunday morning we had a big group out for a run with the Columbus Westside Running Club.  Summer and I ran a half marathon and one runner, Bob, ran his first half with us within the last 8 years.  It was very inspiring and Maclin and I made Bob sprint us to the finish.
Hurricane Irma is still a very strong Cat 3 hurricane and expected to strengthen.  
A beautiful day for Labor Day with warm temps and lots of sun. More clouds later today with rain expected this evening and overnight with scattered showers and storms. There is a slight risk for severe storms, mainly gusty winds overnight. Rain moves out early Tuesday then a few spotty showers are possible for Tuesday afternoon and the following couple afternoons. Temperatures will be much cooler for the middle of the week then we start to warm up some for next weekend. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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