Monday, September 4, 2017

Kings Island, camping, running, Hurricane Irma

Saturday we went down to Kings Island.  Great family fun.
Summer had a blast and we rode a handful of rids.
Then she smashed some pizza! Good times.
We went down to that direction because we went to visit some family at Camp Kern in the afternoon and evening.  Nothing better than cold coffee and a hot campfire! We were only visiting, but they had a pretty sweet set-up.
Sunday morning we had a big group out for a run with the Columbus Westside Running Club.  Summer and I ran a half marathon and one runner, Bob, ran his first half with us within the last 8 years.  It was very inspiring and Maclin and I made Bob sprint us to the finish.
Hurricane Irma is still a very strong Cat 3 hurricane and expected to strengthen.  
A beautiful day for Labor Day with warm temps and lots of sun. More clouds later today with rain expected this evening and overnight with scattered showers and storms. There is a slight risk for severe storms, mainly gusty winds overnight. Rain moves out early Tuesday then a few spotty showers are possible for Tuesday afternoon and the following couple afternoons. Temperatures will be much cooler for the middle of the week then we start to warm up some for next weekend. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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  1. Wow, you've been quite busy. We haven't been to King's Island for years and we live "right down the street." Summer is growing so quickly!

    This Hurricane season reminds us of how good it is to be retired instead of working at sea! We spent enough years out running bad weather on giant ships. We've been through some pretty bad weather, but nothing can be as bad in Cincinnati as we had at sea. We just can't out run the bad weather here in Cincy. ;)

    All the best from the South Coast of Ohio.


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