Saturday, October 31, 2009

Time to bundle up....

So we have had our cool spells the last few weeks, but they have been short-lived.  It looks like we will be having our first official long spell of cool, fall air this week.  All week long we look to remain below 60, with lows around 40 or cooler.  Now I have to admit, the one HUGE plus with the cooler temps is the new addition of more blankets to the bed.  For some reason, adding that extra weight to the covers makes sleeping so much better.... Maybe it is just the subconscious part of me that is like, "I am too weak to try to get out of here."  Then again, it is always so chilly jumping out of the covers, so that may have something to do with it as well.  Regardless of why, it is so nice under the covers, it is always gratifying to throw that extra blanket on the bed and knowing you are going to sleep that much better.

From good news to something to complain about..... I know we were supposed to have a "hard freeze", and as a matter of fact, we dropped to 24 in Sidney the night it got super cold a few weeks ago.  Normally a cold freeze is 4 hours at 28 or lower.  Even though we technically had a hard freeze, it didnt stick.....  The flowers in my flower garden are still on full bloom, and the worst part, the grass is still growing!!  I dont mind mowing the grass, but in November?!?!  Come on, that should have been frozen over and done for the season, but despite what it think, I will be out there on one of my coming days off, Monday or Tuesday, mowing my lawn in November.... Maybe its global warming, hehe, just a joke, just a joke....

I am very jealous of my good friend and former co-worker from my last station, Jon Scott.  Him and I have a fond friendship.  He and I worked out together and he did sports at my last job in Lima, and is currently in Cleveland.  We also competed at half court shots, which I might add; I shot better than 25 feet or less.  But anyways, he was up at the Great Lakes Brewery yesterday and Christmas Ale is currently being sold there.  Him and I both LOVE their Christmas Ale.  I am very sad because as of right now, I do not know of anywhere in the area where I can find it.  Anyways he told me the brewery started selling it yesterday and he was there waiting on it, and also let me know that it wont be distributed until sometime next week, even if I could find a place in Dayton area that sold it, very jealous of him.

Speaking of Christmas, 55 days left!!!

Andrew Buck Michael

Friday, October 30, 2009

The personal conflicts....

So last night was time for all the children of Sidney to dress up and ask for candy.... And I made one goal with myself..... eat less candy than what I gave out.  It is hard because Dawn bought good candy: Snickers, Butterfingers, Crunch, Twix, and Hershey bars.  It was hard not to eat a piece of candy every time a kid came to the door.... but I managed somehow.   We still have like 5 pieces left, and luckily they aren't the kind I like, and Dawn doesn't like to eat sugary foods, so more than likely they will sit in the candy bowl for a few months.  It occurred to me now, why people give out bad candy.... that way the person passing it out doesn't have the desire to eat it.  Now I will admit I ate my fair share of candy, but had we been giving out those nasty Halloween taffy candies, I wouldn't have ate any of them.... I guess you run the risk of either being the good candy people who eat half of the candy, or the mean yucky candy people who are fit and in shape.... such a predicament..

Here is another good topic, jelly or jam?  Personally, I am a huge jam fan.  You can put the knife in the Smuckers jar and stir up the jam until it is a nice gooey paste, but if you try to do that will jelly, its like you are taking jello and just cutting the pieces smaller and you don't get a good creamy sandwich or piece of toast.... send me comments on your thoughts...

Here are two more tough choices.... salad dressing and hot dog condiments.  With salad dressings its always nice to throw something new into the mix and actually get a new flavor, but what one can you throw into the mix and still enjoy a good salad?  And hot dog condiments... there are so many variations that you can throw on a hot dog, mustard, ketchup, relish, cheese, chili, horseradish, onions, tomatoes, and the list could go on and on.... again, send me a comment, I am interested in what is the best combination.  For salads, I like light ranch or Italian dressing for the most part, and if and when I eat hot dogs, I normally stick with mustard, ketchup and cheese...  Well anyways, Buckeye wants to go outside, and I got to get ready for work.... Going to Trotwood and Valley View games tonight.  Rain looks to be arriving by the final whistle or very shortly after, and heavy rain at that, take as much rain gear as you can carry!!

56 days left!!!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Slumber Party?

So who is up for a slumber party?  I worked Saturday and Sunday nights and you might have woke up early enough Monday to see me back on the morning show.  Now keep in mind, I have to build new graphics and make sure I a new show is ready for the mornings.  So overnight, instead of driving home and wasting 45 minutes each way on the commute, I just took a sleeping bag and slept in the weather center for 2.5 hours, then woke up at 2:40 AM and got ready for work.  Surprisingly I was very interjected for work and the morning FLEW by! Now I would have loved to have went home and taken a nap afterwards, but instead I went to Marion Local, after a quick stop home to let Buckeye out and play with him, and talked to the fourth graders, who had been learning about weather for the last eight or nine weeks. They were hands down the smartest group of students I have ever talked with during my school visits.  They knew that when a cold front comes through, the air pushes under a warm front and lifts the warm air.  They also knew the difference between all the cloud types and what types of weather is associated with them.  They also had very intellectual questions about the weather and I hope they all ace their weather test coming up this week.  After that I went home had dinner, and needless to say slept like a baby last night.

So today is a special day for me. It is my anniversary with my girl friend, Dawn.  It has been a great experience being with her and wouldn't change it for the world.  We met at Ohio State and were both meteorology students.  We didn't actually meet and start being friends until we were seniors, but we quickly hit it off.  While we both love the Browns, we have WAY more differences than similarities.  I love the Reds, she likes the Indians for some reason.  I like fish, she hates it.  I like rock, she likes hip-hop.  I love the country, she doesn't. I love to run, she doesn't. I love the outdoors, and camping, she would NEVER be found in a tent.  While this is only the bare tip, I mean like molecule of the iceberg of our differences, we do have a few similarities, such as our mutual dislike for fake banana flavor.  Anything that even tastes like banana is thrown away unless it contains 100% real bananas  We also both like the weather, other than that hmmm, well I would have to think about other similarities.  But I still love her and wouldn't trade anything for her.

So today is our anniversary, and I got her a few dozen roses and a card and a massage.  She got me a weather station.  Now I know some of you are thinking WHAT?!?! Well I had mentioned getting one, but never got around to it just because I haven't had the money to get it, but she really blew me out of the water and surprised me with the greatest gift I have ever gotten.  I have been planning on how and where I am going to mount it in the coming days. Very excited.
59 days left!!

Andrew Buck Michael

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ohio's Weather Never Gets Old.....

So earlier this week it was warm, beautiful, sunny and down-right perfect.  So only about 3 days later, it is sprinkling, cloudy, dreary, cold, and down-right RAW.  It is one of those days it is so cold and windy you feel your face getting wind-burnt with the temps in the 40's and winds about 15 miles per hour.  And needless to say, I was out in the cold shooting highlights for Wittenberg University football.  Luckily I took gloves because after about a quarter of the game, my hands were about ready to call it a day, but I wasn't able to do the same, haha.  The game was really good, and Witt really laid it on them by winning 28-7.

Not only has the weather made a bitter cold return, but we even had a tornado confirmed yesterday in Clinton County.  The tornado was the weakest possible on the Fujita Scale with only winds of 65 mph.  It knocked over a few small trees and limbs and broke two windows in a barn, but so far no pictures of the tornado itself have came out, and as a matter of fact, the NWS didn't even have a warning for the storm while it was on-going.  It is not common for tornadoes to form in the Fall like this, but in the Miami Valley tornadoes can happen at any time of the year.  I know this personally because I remember the Nov. 22, 1992 F3 tornado that went through Arcanum, my hometown.  I was actually in New Madison when it hit and was at church, where the electric went out as well.  I will recap that on its anniversary, here on the blog, so make sure to read up on that.  But just as a reminder, never let your guard down here in the Miami Valley.

Despite the bad news in the weather currently, we do have good news on the outlook.  Temperatures will be warmer in the coming days and sunshine returning as well.  Now dont get me wrong, I love winter and all the fun it brings, but I would take temps in the 70's over icy conditions anytime.  Ever since I can remember it always seems like Miami Valley citizens love snow when it first falls, but about 6 hours later, they are ready for spring...  Gotta love it!!

62 days left!!!

Andrew Buck Michael

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Early Morning Check-In....

Well top o' the mornin to ya!!

It is currently a few minutes before 5 AM, and I am awake, yup, filling in for Mike.... Haven't drank any coffee yet, but I just finished pouring it.... I have no problem drinking coffee on a normal basis, but if its between 4:30 AM and 7 AM my body hates me, come 8 AM.  I get stomach pains and its not the best way to start a day.  But if I would drink it any other time, no problem at all, kinda weird....

I hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather yesterday, unfortunately today will be a little cloudier, and also slightly cooler, although still mild.  It was such a great day yesterday with temperatures near 70 all across the Miami Valley.  Personally, I took Buckeye outside on a few extra walks and he definitely enjoyed that!!  He was actually hilarious yesterday... Now for those of you who didn't know, he is a miniature schnauzer, and has had bad cataracts basically since he was born.  He can see shapes and lights of things, but basically he is blind when you boil it all down...  But anyways when we were out walking around the park in Sidney, he thought he found a mouse in the grass. He started pouncing around at the ground.  Like I said, he cant see anything, so unless he was hearing something, I really don't think there was anything there.  However, for his exercise and enjoyment, I flattered him and let him pounce around for about 10 minutes, and burying his nose in the grass and sniff around...  He enjoyed himself and thought he was hot on the trail of something...  Anyways it was so nice all day long, I even broke out the corn hole boards yesterday evening for a two quick games, but the sun went down pretty fast and had to come back inside.

Today looks to be slightly cooler and cloudier, but dry for the most part.  Tomorrow will be a pretty soggy day, especially in the morning, so take some extra time for you Friday morning commute. The afternoon looks like the showers wont be as widespread and start scattering up a bit, but still soggy for Friday Night Football.  Saturday could start out with a few showers, but for anyone heading to Columbus for the Ohio State game at noon, it looks like the last of the showers will be leaving the area, so a spotty shower possible to start the game, but drying out later.  Sunday looks to be partly cloudy and cool.  Browns and Bengals are home this week and the games look to be cool and dry.  Have a good one!!

64 days left!!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dental Visit......

Let me start off by saying that I had to retype ALL of this entry because I accidently hit the backspace button and it web back a web page instead of a letter and I lost it ALL!! So I am typing this in Word and copy and pasting it over to the web window.. silly computers.

So I have been having a little problem with my back two upper chompers on my right side.  I keep getting food stuck there, and when I floss, I keep slicing the floss, so I decided it was time to head to the dentist and get it checked out, and honestly I hadnt been to the dentist since I moved to the area, so I had to find a new one, so after looking online and such, I decided Shelby Family Dental Care looked like my best option in the Sidney area.

And let me first start by saying that I take EXCELLENT care of my teeth.  I brush at least twice a day and I floss more than the average American.  I mean, seriously, how often does the average American floss?  Only when they accidentally have it fall out of the medicine cabinet and they feel guilty for not flossing, so they do it that once instance, ending up being about once every 6 months.  But anyways, back to the dental visit.

So I hurried up getting ready in the morning, taking Buckeye outside and such, and got to the dental office right on time.  I filled out all the necessary paperwork for the first time patients.  And then they called me back into the room from the 21st century.  Now the last time I went to the dentist, to be honest, was when I was at Ohio State, and I figured they had all the top of the line equipment, etc, but not even close.  So back in Sidney, I sit in the chair, and had to make sure I watched my head walking into the room because of the TV that was mounted from the ceiling in the middle of the room.  It turns out I got 18 x-rays, and it was all digital.  So as soon the x-rays are taken, they are digitally displayed on the monitor, no more developing and all the unnecessary waiting around.

So anyways, Dr. Patel came in and examined my teeth and confirmed I had a cavity in the one tooth I was wondering about, and let me explain this pesky tooth.  When I was in high school my mother had a friend going to University of Cincinnati and in order to graduate from dental school, she had to put sealants on I think 5 peoples teeth.  Since I had 3 other brothers, my mother volunteered us to get all our teeth sealed. Well a few years later when I was at Ohio State, they said that one of my seals had broke free and a cavity was starting to form underneath of the seal.  So they had to break the seal free and put in a white filling SOOOO now, that white filling has now broken free and the old cavity is back at work.  The dang tooth just wants a cavity, and is determined to borrow its way to pain.

So I went through the rest of the cleaning and such, and had a pleasant time, but I have to go back in Wednesday to get rip out the old filling and a new one to replace it.  Most people will be hesitant about it, but I have no problem going to the dentist.  The only thing I am terrified of is needles.  I DO NOT LIKE needles at all!!  I don't know what I would do if I was diagnosed with diabetes.  I work out and exercise to ensure I don't have to mess with needles.  Having that said, I know I will probably have to encounter a needle or two on Wednesday to get the whole tooth ordeal to be finished. (sigh..)

Have a good one!!  67 days left!!

Andrew Buck Michael

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Back after much needed sleep

So we talked the other day about how I was working two doubles back to back on Thursday and Friday..... man did I sleep like a baby last night!!!  I was super super exhausted and could hardly even think properly.... just completely drained.... for some reason, as tired as my body was, it was still kinda hard to tell my body to go to sleep, it wanted to keep up... very weird feeling.  I have pulled all-nighters in college, and such, but after that was through, I would sleep the next few days away.  This was soooo different.  When I got home last night and was talking with Dawn, I just lost my train of thought in the middle of my sentences... it was a new weird feeling running on no gas.  I am sure it wasn't any help to my immune system at all.

But after all that sleep, I came in early today to shoot a story on a new scooter shop that just moved into the area.  It is in Lytle, OH and is called Scooter Source.  The story will air Monday morning and will be on the web as well, once it is on the web, I will link it from here.  I have mentioned it on here that I am into mopeds, which are often confused with scooters.  Mopeds have petals that you can actually pedal like a bicycle to get around and start.  Scooters contain no such thing, they are kick started.  It is always interesting to go on craigslist and see how many people often confuse the two.  But anyways, there was a moped there today, which really made my day!!  It was a Honda Hobbit, which are all the new rage in the mopeding world.  A lot of people are getting Hobbits and restoring them and building them into racers.  Now keep in mind, a stock moped only goes about 25-30 mph, 35 if you are lucky... Racing mopeds normally go around 60 mph, and if you really know what you are doing, like some of my friends in Elkhart, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo, you may be able to get a little faster than that.  And to get back to mopeds vs scooters, the reason I enjoy mopeds more (I used to own a scooter) boils down to three reasons: 1. No motorcycle license is needed for mopeds, but is required for scooters 2. Repairs. 3. Pedals.  Scooters are much more advanced in electronics and motors, etc.  Mopeds are as basic as it gets, and as long as you got spark, compression, and fuel you should get your bike running.  Now I know a lot of the same things apply to scooters, but there is more panels and etc that you have to get into and work around..... Where as the old mopeds I own (1970-1980's), have no side panels, and electronics, well I have 3 wires, one to the headlight, taillight, and spark plug.  Plus if I am riding and it breaks down, I always have two pedals to get me there, although not preferred.

Anyways, I do enjoy two wheeled vehicles and love the feeling of just gliding along and the feeling of freedom.  The shop has a lot of scooters and the new ones offer a lot of options and are quite impressive.  Another impressive part about the shop is all the awards they have won for restorations.  They have a shelf jam-packed with trophies.  Now you know if they can restore a bike from the 70's you can trust them with just about any problems with the bike, so if I was still into scooters, I would definitely talk to these guys... Anyways, the NASCAR race is almost over so I have to spin around and give you the forecast.... Jimmy Johnson just won for you NASCAR fans.

69 days left!!!

Andrew Buck Michael

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I have battled my lack of sleep and currently FULL of energy, now I did have 2 cups of coffee, but didn't really need it.  I have found out if I listen to upbeat dance music, it breaks thru the 4 hours of sleep and keeps you bouncing around and dancing while getting the forecast together.... Luckily I got here before the production crew, so there were no cameras on yet to record any of it, whew!!

Anyways, got a jam-packed next 48 hours.... Basically working 2 double shifts.  As soon as the morning show is finished on FOX 45, I am heading to my hometown of Arcanum to talk to 4th graders about weather and doing a few pretty cool experiments.  Then after that, I am working all afternoon on a sweeps story that will air, that EVERYONE can really "afford" to watch.  I am pretty excited about the story and its impact it can have on you and your wallet.  Tomorrow, Friday, morning I will be back in, to fill in for Mike, and it looks like we will be having quite a chilly morning tomorrow, although not as cool as Saturday and Sunday morning.  After the morning show, I will head home tomorrow grab a quick nap, then as always coming back into the station to shoot high school football highlights. So basically I will be working non-stop for the next 48 hours with the exception of sleeping, although no complaining here.

This weekend will be a tough weekend for the Browns, taking on the Steelers, who always give us a tough time.  It always seems like we lose to them by 3 points, hopefully we will beat them by that much, not to mention hopefully we score a touchdown, haha.  Well time to head outside for the school bus forecast!!  Have a good one!!

71 days left!!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, October 12, 2009

Traveling like Columbus

Well what a fun last few days.   Had a TON of fun in Columbus with Dawn at the Ohio State football game.  It was very tiring though.  We left at about 10 AM and hung out at my brothers apartment right off of campus before the game.   It was fun watching my little brother grill.... he used about 2 bags of Kingsford to light the grill, well maybe not that much, but it sure seemed like it.  But had a few friends over to their place for some cornhole and food.  The game was obviously a real blast, a little chilly, but pleasant.  Then after Ohio State beat Wisconsin, Dawn and I went and hung out with her cousins before having dinner at the Rusty Bucket on West Lane Ave.   Good food there, and even better rare drinks, I would really recommend stopping by there.  After that we headed back home, and was exhausted by the time we got home.  Needless to say, I slept like a baby that night.  Special thanks again to Mike Terwilleger to letting me go to the homecoming game.  It was so nice to go back to campus and it brought back a lot of memories and was super nice to see my old meteorology classrooms.

Then came Sunday.... and who woulda thought the Browns would have pulled that game off?  Since the game wasn't on our cable, we had to go to Buffalo Wild Wings to get something to eat and watch the game....  It was a lot of fun, but I was surprised at how many fans are so loud at an establishment like that.  I will cheer for my team, especially if I am at the game, but its different when I am at a restaurant.... I tend to stay pretty quiet, with the exception of a cheer here and there for a good play, which despite the Browns winning, there werent very many yesterday.

Today was my day off, and it was nice to get some errands ran around the area.   I went to Piqua and got fabric with Dawn to make drapes.  We also got a poster frame for our huge LOST poster.  Dawn and I are HUGE HUGE HUGE LOST fans!!  I will get into that another time, but it was very nice to finally get a poster frame for it.  We also walked around the Piqua Mall, and then came back to Sidney.  I finally got Dawn to ride a moped today, now she only rode it about 10 miles per hour, at the fastest, but I am proud she got over her fears and finally cranked the throttle back, at least a little bit...  Luckily tomorrow looks to be pretty nice, and I plan on taking the moped up to Lima, and go riding with KZ, the other co-founder of the LIMA QDY's, the Lima moped club....  It will be nice to go riding around Lima, since I used to work and live there.  We are planning on meeting up with Dawn for lunch, so Tuesday currently looks to be a lot of fun.

Have a good one!!  74 days left!!

Andrew Buck Michael

Friday, October 9, 2009

Time To Get Your Boots Wet

So as many of you may have noticed, I was LIVE yesterday in Moraine and West Carrollton talking about all the rain we were about to see, and actually still ongoing while I am typing...  I talked about how people need to clean out the leaves in their storm drains to make sure the rain has somewhere to drain too, and got all dirty pulling the leaves out of a few storms sewers while doing the live shots...  Most of the area has seen between 1-2 inches so far since Thursday afternoon, and it looks like more rain will be on the way for tonight.  So with that said, I will be in for a soggy night of shooting high school football highlights in the rain.  I will be going to the Carlisle game, then heading to the Valley View game.

That is tonight, but I am VERY excited for tomorrow!!  Mike Terwilleger will be on the shows tomorrow night, so I want to thank him for covering for me because I was given tickets to the Wisconsin @ Ohio State football game tomorrow!!!  Luckily it is homecoming as well, so I plan on seeing a lot of my old friends from college, as well as enjoy time with my brothers, Bryant and Clark.  They still attend Ohio State and plan on having a barbecue and tailgate before the game, so I am getting excited to go back and visit with them.  They also are still living in the same apartment that Bryant and I lived in while I was going to Ohio State, so it really is going to be nice to go back and soak in all the memories. 

I really hope Ohio State can pull it off, but as you know, Big Ten teams always seem to give other Big Ten teams a hard time, and it's always an interesting game.  Anyways look for me on ABC 22 on Saturday!!

77 days left!!

Andrew Buck Michael

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A beautiful day once the clouds went away!!

Now I do love storms and all the excitement that weather has to offer, but nothing beats watching the cloud deck slowly give way to deep blue skies, especially after a few days of cloudiness.  I was out doing a story on a 6 year old that is going to the World Championships of Arena-cross motorbiking, and loved watching the clouds clear up on the way there.  Speaking of the 6 year old, this kid was amazing.  Not only is he awesome at riding a dirt bike, but he was born at 28 weeks old, great story on the 10 and 11 news tonight.  If you missed it, check the website, I shot the video for it and Cara did the reporting.... GREAT STORY!!!

Anyways, it was a beautiful day, all the trees were turning... its starting to get chilly out, meaning its time to fire up the fireplaces.   I just returned to the station and it was a GREAT feeling to smell the wood fireplaces burning.... I love the smell of that... It reminds me of Christmas and driving around looking at Christmas lights as a child with my family.  Goodtimes!!  I always loved going and looking at the Christmas lights, and actually, one year while we were out looking at the lights, Santa came while we were out and about.... that was a great feeling to come home and Santa had already been there.... Well kinda, mom and dad said we could either open them up then, and had to stay in bed until 7 am, or we could go to bed and wake up later..... and when i mean later, my sister normally is up at about 3 or 4 AM waking everyone up...  After lots of debating we decided to open them up before going to bed.  I still think my sister was up at 5 AM.  Anyways, the smell of smoke reminded me of that, and thought I would share.

By the way, 79 days left!!!

Andrew Buck Michael

Chilly Morning For A Moped Ride

So its been a very eventful last couple of days.

First off, Sunday had a very interesting game with the Browns and the Bengals.  For once, the Browns showed up this week and actually competed.  I was proud of how they played, just wish they would have won the game instead....  Hopefully they will learn from this and turn things around and keep the same momentum for the rest of the season...  The first few weeks they looked so unorganized, and now we are finally showing some progress.  I look forward to Buffalo next week.  They were the last team we beat last season, maybe the first team this season.

Then Monday, took care of some errands around Sidney, then worked on mopeds in the afternoon... I worked on my brothers Sachs moped.  That was fun, only because I finally got it to run.  I had been working on it for a month or two.  He rode it a few months back and caught the wires in the pedals and ripped them apart, along with carb issues and even more problems.  But after all the wrenching, it felt great to finally get it running reliably.  Took it on a few rides around the neighborhood, then once I trusted it, I took it around downtown, then took it out into the country for a twenty-five minute ride.

Then last night I had a few friends stop by for the Packers @ Vikings.  Good game!  It was good to catch up with old friends I hadn't seen in a while.  Went to bed at a reasonable hour and woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep.  Normally I would lay in bed and try to get back to sleep, but knew rain was on the way, so I got up and warmed up the moped.  It was 39 degrees, and I shoulda put on a few layers because 45 minutes riding around was VERY VERY awakening.  Now, I dont think there is a chance of me falling back to sleep this morning... 

Enjoy the rain later today and tonight, have a good one!!  80 days left!!

Andrew Buck Michael

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Great Saturday for Football!!

So did anyone else catch that Michigan State game?  Great game!!  They owned the first half, then Michigan gave them a run for their money in the end, but fell short.  I will say this, Forcier gave 120%, especially the last 2 drives in regular time.  But man the game was great, that is all I am going to say........well, no, I went to school at Ohio State, I have a few friends who despise the Buckeyes, and watching Michigan lose made me smile, that's it, I'm done!  Wait, no, yea I'm done.... GO BUCKS!

Anyway, today is what makes fall such a GREAT season.  It was chilly and kinda dreary today, and there is no better place to be on a day like today, than inside watching football.  I think that is why they put football in the fall.  No one would want to watch in the spring or summer when it is so beautiful outside.  In the fall, people start coming inside more and what better way to spend a cloudy, chilly fall afternoon than watching the pigskin get passed around.  The only thing that would make it better is if the Browns could start winning, but I will still root for them even if they don't... but it still would be nice.

Looks like the cool weather will stick around for tomorrow.  Another great day to watch football.  Monday looks to be pretty nice, temps a little warmer, close to 70.  Rain will move in on Tuesday, although still stay near 70.  Then we will be back into the mid to lower 60's for later next week.

Enjoy the rest of the cool weekend.  83 days left!!

Andrew Buck Michael.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Anyone see the morning show?

So Pete, Kylie, and Mike had some fun this morning.  I only found out about it on the back side of the morning news that they had video of me putting up my Christmas tree and really came down on my for having it up already.  Well since you are obviously reading this, you very well know from previous blogs the reasons why I have the tree up already.  I am just getting ready for the holiday season because its like BAM BAM BAM, Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas.... if you miss it, you miss it.  People often get stressed out about how much they have to do before Christmas, so why not stretch it out and enjoy it instead????  That's just me!

So a pretty wet morning today, Buckeye needed to be let out, but I told him to wait about 5-10 minutes until the rain stopped and it did, and I am sure he was happy once he stayed much drier....until he walked right through a semi-deep puddle.   I don't know if i mentioned this, but he has cataracts very bad and he is basically blind due to that.  He can only make out shades of objects and occasionally see things out of the corner of his eye.   The surgery to get it removed would cost a few thousand dollars and he has had it basically since birth, so he has gotten used to it.   I do have to award him on how well he knows where everything is.very well where we live and only runs into things when I get him all excited and he starts running around crazily. 

Friday Night Football takes me to Troy and Tipp City tonight.  Look excited for the games, but it will be a bit of a quick trip because I have to be here to answer the phone for Phone Booth tonight for Fox 45.  I have covered a few northern games before, and I really like covering the north, since that is where I live now, and that is where I grew up as a child,  I just know the teams a little better up there and think the football, in my opinion, seems to be a little more competitive, maybe that's because I just remember all the rivalries from growing up.  Anyways look for my highlights tonight, part of the Bakers Dozen!!

84 days left!!!

Andrew Buck Michael

Friday, October 2, 2009

Frost Advisory going hand in hand with the Holiday Season Kickoff

So as you have been following, it is currently October 1st and the time is 1:50 AM, so you know what has been going on.   All of my Christmas decorations are out of the boxes and currently put up.

I went and tackled the outdoor lights first, since we have a frost advisory, thought I better get the outside done first, then came inside to do the tree and such, which was a lot of fun.  Here is a little added bonus.

Anyways, glad the blustery conditions have left, but these cold temperatures are a refreshing reality that winter is around the corner.   It has been a cool summer, actually one of the tenth coolest summers on record, but still, stepping outside when the wind chill is below freezing, and last week it was near 80 degrees..... only one word can describe that OHIO....  gotta love it, I honestly wouldn't want to forecast anywhere else.... Such a flux of temperatures and weather patterns, I don't know how Booth could stand being in Hawaii that long, haha!!  I love the sunshine, storms, rain, hail, heat, ice, droughts, and snow way to much to want to move anywhere else than Ohio, and that's the honest truth!!

Anyways, 85 days and closing!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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