Monday, October 12, 2009

Traveling like Columbus

Well what a fun last few days.   Had a TON of fun in Columbus with Dawn at the Ohio State football game.  It was very tiring though.  We left at about 10 AM and hung out at my brothers apartment right off of campus before the game.   It was fun watching my little brother grill.... he used about 2 bags of Kingsford to light the grill, well maybe not that much, but it sure seemed like it.  But had a few friends over to their place for some cornhole and food.  The game was obviously a real blast, a little chilly, but pleasant.  Then after Ohio State beat Wisconsin, Dawn and I went and hung out with her cousins before having dinner at the Rusty Bucket on West Lane Ave.   Good food there, and even better rare drinks, I would really recommend stopping by there.  After that we headed back home, and was exhausted by the time we got home.  Needless to say, I slept like a baby that night.  Special thanks again to Mike Terwilleger to letting me go to the homecoming game.  It was so nice to go back to campus and it brought back a lot of memories and was super nice to see my old meteorology classrooms.

Then came Sunday.... and who woulda thought the Browns would have pulled that game off?  Since the game wasn't on our cable, we had to go to Buffalo Wild Wings to get something to eat and watch the game....  It was a lot of fun, but I was surprised at how many fans are so loud at an establishment like that.  I will cheer for my team, especially if I am at the game, but its different when I am at a restaurant.... I tend to stay pretty quiet, with the exception of a cheer here and there for a good play, which despite the Browns winning, there werent very many yesterday.

Today was my day off, and it was nice to get some errands ran around the area.   I went to Piqua and got fabric with Dawn to make drapes.  We also got a poster frame for our huge LOST poster.  Dawn and I are HUGE HUGE HUGE LOST fans!!  I will get into that another time, but it was very nice to finally get a poster frame for it.  We also walked around the Piqua Mall, and then came back to Sidney.  I finally got Dawn to ride a moped today, now she only rode it about 10 miles per hour, at the fastest, but I am proud she got over her fears and finally cranked the throttle back, at least a little bit...  Luckily tomorrow looks to be pretty nice, and I plan on taking the moped up to Lima, and go riding with KZ, the other co-founder of the LIMA QDY's, the Lima moped club....  It will be nice to go riding around Lima, since I used to work and live there.  We are planning on meeting up with Dawn for lunch, so Tuesday currently looks to be a lot of fun.

Have a good one!!  74 days left!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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