Thursday, October 22, 2009

Early Morning Check-In....

Well top o' the mornin to ya!!

It is currently a few minutes before 5 AM, and I am awake, yup, filling in for Mike.... Haven't drank any coffee yet, but I just finished pouring it.... I have no problem drinking coffee on a normal basis, but if its between 4:30 AM and 7 AM my body hates me, come 8 AM.  I get stomach pains and its not the best way to start a day.  But if I would drink it any other time, no problem at all, kinda weird....

I hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather yesterday, unfortunately today will be a little cloudier, and also slightly cooler, although still mild.  It was such a great day yesterday with temperatures near 70 all across the Miami Valley.  Personally, I took Buckeye outside on a few extra walks and he definitely enjoyed that!!  He was actually hilarious yesterday... Now for those of you who didn't know, he is a miniature schnauzer, and has had bad cataracts basically since he was born.  He can see shapes and lights of things, but basically he is blind when you boil it all down...  But anyways when we were out walking around the park in Sidney, he thought he found a mouse in the grass. He started pouncing around at the ground.  Like I said, he cant see anything, so unless he was hearing something, I really don't think there was anything there.  However, for his exercise and enjoyment, I flattered him and let him pounce around for about 10 minutes, and burying his nose in the grass and sniff around...  He enjoyed himself and thought he was hot on the trail of something...  Anyways it was so nice all day long, I even broke out the corn hole boards yesterday evening for a two quick games, but the sun went down pretty fast and had to come back inside.

Today looks to be slightly cooler and cloudier, but dry for the most part.  Tomorrow will be a pretty soggy day, especially in the morning, so take some extra time for you Friday morning commute. The afternoon looks like the showers wont be as widespread and start scattering up a bit, but still soggy for Friday Night Football.  Saturday could start out with a few showers, but for anyone heading to Columbus for the Ohio State game at noon, it looks like the last of the showers will be leaving the area, so a spotty shower possible to start the game, but drying out later.  Sunday looks to be partly cloudy and cool.  Browns and Bengals are home this week and the games look to be cool and dry.  Have a good one!!

64 days left!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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