Friday, October 30, 2009

The personal conflicts....

So last night was time for all the children of Sidney to dress up and ask for candy.... And I made one goal with myself..... eat less candy than what I gave out.  It is hard because Dawn bought good candy: Snickers, Butterfingers, Crunch, Twix, and Hershey bars.  It was hard not to eat a piece of candy every time a kid came to the door.... but I managed somehow.   We still have like 5 pieces left, and luckily they aren't the kind I like, and Dawn doesn't like to eat sugary foods, so more than likely they will sit in the candy bowl for a few months.  It occurred to me now, why people give out bad candy.... that way the person passing it out doesn't have the desire to eat it.  Now I will admit I ate my fair share of candy, but had we been giving out those nasty Halloween taffy candies, I wouldn't have ate any of them.... I guess you run the risk of either being the good candy people who eat half of the candy, or the mean yucky candy people who are fit and in shape.... such a predicament..

Here is another good topic, jelly or jam?  Personally, I am a huge jam fan.  You can put the knife in the Smuckers jar and stir up the jam until it is a nice gooey paste, but if you try to do that will jelly, its like you are taking jello and just cutting the pieces smaller and you don't get a good creamy sandwich or piece of toast.... send me comments on your thoughts...

Here are two more tough choices.... salad dressing and hot dog condiments.  With salad dressings its always nice to throw something new into the mix and actually get a new flavor, but what one can you throw into the mix and still enjoy a good salad?  And hot dog condiments... there are so many variations that you can throw on a hot dog, mustard, ketchup, relish, cheese, chili, horseradish, onions, tomatoes, and the list could go on and on.... again, send me a comment, I am interested in what is the best combination.  For salads, I like light ranch or Italian dressing for the most part, and if and when I eat hot dogs, I normally stick with mustard, ketchup and cheese...  Well anyways, Buckeye wants to go outside, and I got to get ready for work.... Going to Trotwood and Valley View games tonight.  Rain looks to be arriving by the final whistle or very shortly after, and heavy rain at that, take as much rain gear as you can carry!!

56 days left!!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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