Saturday, October 3, 2009

Anyone see the morning show?

So Pete, Kylie, and Mike had some fun this morning.  I only found out about it on the back side of the morning news that they had video of me putting up my Christmas tree and really came down on my for having it up already.  Well since you are obviously reading this, you very well know from previous blogs the reasons why I have the tree up already.  I am just getting ready for the holiday season because its like BAM BAM BAM, Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas.... if you miss it, you miss it.  People often get stressed out about how much they have to do before Christmas, so why not stretch it out and enjoy it instead????  That's just me!

So a pretty wet morning today, Buckeye needed to be let out, but I told him to wait about 5-10 minutes until the rain stopped and it did, and I am sure he was happy once he stayed much drier....until he walked right through a semi-deep puddle.   I don't know if i mentioned this, but he has cataracts very bad and he is basically blind due to that.  He can only make out shades of objects and occasionally see things out of the corner of his eye.   The surgery to get it removed would cost a few thousand dollars and he has had it basically since birth, so he has gotten used to it.   I do have to award him on how well he knows where everything is.very well where we live and only runs into things when I get him all excited and he starts running around crazily. 

Friday Night Football takes me to Troy and Tipp City tonight.  Look excited for the games, but it will be a bit of a quick trip because I have to be here to answer the phone for Phone Booth tonight for Fox 45.  I have covered a few northern games before, and I really like covering the north, since that is where I live now, and that is where I grew up as a child,  I just know the teams a little better up there and think the football, in my opinion, seems to be a little more competitive, maybe that's because I just remember all the rivalries from growing up.  Anyways look for my highlights tonight, part of the Bakers Dozen!!

84 days left!!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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