Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A beautiful day once the clouds went away!!

Now I do love storms and all the excitement that weather has to offer, but nothing beats watching the cloud deck slowly give way to deep blue skies, especially after a few days of cloudiness.  I was out doing a story on a 6 year old that is going to the World Championships of Arena-cross motorbiking, and loved watching the clouds clear up on the way there.  Speaking of the 6 year old, this kid was amazing.  Not only is he awesome at riding a dirt bike, but he was born at 28 weeks old, great story on the 10 and 11 news tonight.  If you missed it, check the website, I shot the video for it and Cara did the reporting.... GREAT STORY!!!

Anyways, it was a beautiful day, all the trees were turning... its starting to get chilly out, meaning its time to fire up the fireplaces.   I just returned to the station and it was a GREAT feeling to smell the wood fireplaces burning.... I love the smell of that... It reminds me of Christmas and driving around looking at Christmas lights as a child with my family.  Goodtimes!!  I always loved going and looking at the Christmas lights, and actually, one year while we were out looking at the lights, Santa came while we were out and about.... that was a great feeling to come home and Santa had already been there.... Well kinda, mom and dad said we could either open them up then, and had to stay in bed until 7 am, or we could go to bed and wake up later..... and when i mean later, my sister normally is up at about 3 or 4 AM waking everyone up...  After lots of debating we decided to open them up before going to bed.  I still think my sister was up at 5 AM.  Anyways, the smell of smoke reminded me of that, and thought I would share.

By the way, 79 days left!!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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