Saturday, October 31, 2009

Time to bundle up....

So we have had our cool spells the last few weeks, but they have been short-lived.  It looks like we will be having our first official long spell of cool, fall air this week.  All week long we look to remain below 60, with lows around 40 or cooler.  Now I have to admit, the one HUGE plus with the cooler temps is the new addition of more blankets to the bed.  For some reason, adding that extra weight to the covers makes sleeping so much better.... Maybe it is just the subconscious part of me that is like, "I am too weak to try to get out of here."  Then again, it is always so chilly jumping out of the covers, so that may have something to do with it as well.  Regardless of why, it is so nice under the covers, it is always gratifying to throw that extra blanket on the bed and knowing you are going to sleep that much better.

From good news to something to complain about..... I know we were supposed to have a "hard freeze", and as a matter of fact, we dropped to 24 in Sidney the night it got super cold a few weeks ago.  Normally a cold freeze is 4 hours at 28 or lower.  Even though we technically had a hard freeze, it didnt stick.....  The flowers in my flower garden are still on full bloom, and the worst part, the grass is still growing!!  I dont mind mowing the grass, but in November?!?!  Come on, that should have been frozen over and done for the season, but despite what it think, I will be out there on one of my coming days off, Monday or Tuesday, mowing my lawn in November.... Maybe its global warming, hehe, just a joke, just a joke....

I am very jealous of my good friend and former co-worker from my last station, Jon Scott.  Him and I have a fond friendship.  He and I worked out together and he did sports at my last job in Lima, and is currently in Cleveland.  We also competed at half court shots, which I might add; I shot better than 25 feet or less.  But anyways, he was up at the Great Lakes Brewery yesterday and Christmas Ale is currently being sold there.  Him and I both LOVE their Christmas Ale.  I am very sad because as of right now, I do not know of anywhere in the area where I can find it.  Anyways he told me the brewery started selling it yesterday and he was there waiting on it, and also let me know that it wont be distributed until sometime next week, even if I could find a place in Dayton area that sold it, very jealous of him.

Speaking of Christmas, 55 days left!!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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