Wednesday, November 4, 2009

All systems are go!

So as I mentioned in my last blog, I had to mow the grass on Monday, in November.  Not a problem, just kind of a letdown that it isn't cold enough yet for the grass to stop growing.  But it wasn't a big deal and actually it was kinda fun because I raked all the leaves to the back yard, and then proceeded to shred them to pieces in the mower so that way it would help fertilized the grass for next season.  Now when you look at the back yard, you can't even tell that ALL of the leaves from the tree are still there They filled all the cracks in between the grass and such, and hopefully they appreciated the gesture for next seasons growth Who are we kidding?  Its grass!

Then Monday afternoon, I made a video about the Browns and their history in Cleveland.  My friend, Luke, is deciding on what team he is going to go with as his new favorite team for the rest of his life.  I knew many of my other friends would take a very persuasive path and try to pressure him.  By being pressured into a certain decision, is that really the best way?  Told him the Browns aren't your normal team and they are hard to just jump on-board with.  They have a very rich and painful history.  While they were the first undefeated and untied team in professional football history, only matched by the '72 Dolphins, they also have had a lot of heartache.   So anyways, I made the video for him, and others, to learn a little about the Browns.

Tuesday morning was met with a lot of laundry and cleaning.  For some strange reason Buckeye HATES the vacuum.  Even when I take it out of the hallway closet, he can hear the sound of the plastic wheels and me taking the cord off of the side. He just starts running around in circles barking until he loses his voice.

Needless to say, I try to vacuum as fast as possible to end the pain and torture, for both of us.  It is so funny though, because as you know,he cant see anything, but he can smell the dust on the vacuum that it tossed up last sweeping, and he knows when it is time to start howling away for ten minutes.  Maybe it has something to do with the vacuum being loud for him or whatever, I dunno, but he gets through it.

Then Tuesday afternoon was filled with lots of planning and construction.  As I mentioned, Dawn bought me a weather station and we have been debating on the best way to actually mount it to get accurate readings. So we decided to try to mount the appropriate sensors, above the peak of the roof to not let any of the nearby obstacles to interfere with the rain and wind readings.  The temperature and humidity sensor was then mounted lower, under the shelter of the building during peak heating hours.  The entire setup is about thirty feet high or so and took a little handiness to assemble because it came with no directions because every weather station is built and designed for that environment.  So I went to Lowe's to get all the proper parts and such. Only to realize one of the PVC elbows was actually threaded, so I had to return to exchange it.  Silly customers don't put the pieces back in the right boxes, but then again, I guess I should have made sure it was the right piece as well.  Anyways, I spent the afternoon cutting, gluing, and assembling. I had to wait until Dawn got home from work to mount it, so I had someone else to hold the tower while I screwed it up.  It was a cold night up on the roof trying to do that, but finally it was collecting data!! I could have tried mounting it just to the roof, but decided to run the PVC to the ground to take the weight off the house, and only use the house as a stabilizer.  I am very pleased with it, and should be streaming data online soon.

Have a good one! 51 days left!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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