Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Morning!!!

Early morning for myself, filling in for Mike Terwilleger who is getting ready for the Feast of Giving.  I did the weather last night at 10 and 11, tried to sleep at the station, but just couldn't, maybe to excited for the holidays... who knows.... haha...    Anyways, I will be down at the Dayton Convention Center joining Mike and Jeff later this morning, and excited to see all the thousands of people coming out for the festivities.  I will be there for the morning, then heading up to my grandmother's for another great thanksgiving dinner.  I cant wait for her famous sweet corn.

An update on our current weather system bringing us a chance for flurries.  The clouds cleared away this morning which allowed temps to plummet to the freezing mark for parts of the area.  We should stay dry for the rest of the morning and early afternoon.  Currently tracking a band of moisture by Chicago now that will be swinging our way for this evening.  If it holds together and does not lose its moisture, that will be our best shot of seeing flurries this evening.  The computer models are showing it holding together and it arriving around 5 PM or so.  With the temperatures so cold because of the clear skies, we may actually see a few more snowflakes than rain drops in the mix.  The pavement over the ground will be pretty warm and the snow will melt almost instantly, but keep an eye out on the bridges and overpasses, where it will get icy first.  The flurries will linger through part of the night, and into your Black Friday morning.  I will be back in all morning tomorrow to keep you up to date if you are heading out for any great deals.  Time to get ready to do the forecast, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!!  Hope to see you at the Feast of Giving.

29 days left!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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