Monday, November 23, 2009

Using my imagination...

So, as I have told you on here, my neighbor has Christmas decorations he has been collecting for years and years, so I basically decided I just have to accept having the "other" house on the street.  However, I did get pretty innovative.  I had three strands of lights left, still in the boxes, and I was trying to think of the best way to use them.  So I decided to try and make a Christmas tree in the front yard.  I took a five foot PVC pipe, put it into ground standing up and ran the lights up at an angle to it is in the shape of a cone... 

So an update on our chances to get snow later this week.  The latest models keep trending on less precipitation.  First off, let me say this, there will be no accumulation with this system, the ground isn't cold enough yet, and there isn't enough moisture with this system.  The cold air will not arrive until late in the day on Thanksgiving.  Until then, we could see a light rain shower Tuesday night, and then again Wednesday night and into Thanksgiving.  These will be pretty light showers.  Then things will get cold through the day Thanksgiving, so the warmest temperature will be early in the morning, and continue getting colder as the day progresses.  Once we hit the late afternoon and early evening places like Mercer County could see the first of the flurries.  It may not be until early Friday morning before places to the south, like Clinton County, see any flurries.  These will be light flurries and at most, although we could see a light dusting on cars, grass, and mulch.  Friday a few rain drops and flurries can be expected, switching back to all flurries on Friday night and maybe lingering a little into early Saturday morning.

Be back on tomorrow with another update, until then, have a good one!! 32 days left!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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