Saturday, November 21, 2009

Go Buckeyes!!

So I will say this about today's game, if Tate Forcier played as well as he normally did, today's game might not end up the same way.  It was the worst I have seen him play all season long.  As to not gloat and hurt Michigan's fans' feelings anymore, all I will say is GO BUCKS!!

So, on the horizon it looks like we will be getting our first "taste" of winter weather on Thanksgiving.  I hope you all have your ice scrapers, especially those of you heading out to the sales on Black Friday.  Things, right now, to be a wintry mix later this week, switching over from rain to the mix sometime Thanksgiving and maybe even a mix still lingering into Friday.  With these winter systems it always is very touchy to predict what kind of precipitation will be falling because the freezing temperature is 32.  If you happen to be just slightly above or below that, it will mean the difference between rain and snow, respectfully.  I will keep an eye on the situation all week and be back for updates.  Have a good one!!

34 days left!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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