Thursday, November 19, 2009

I have been upstaged....

So as I was heading into work today, my neighbor was out putting up his final decorations for Christmas...  I know I mentioned him before, but his lights have been left off as he slowly has been putting them up the last few weeks, and today he really brought out all he could... Dawn called me and said she could see a glow in the sky when she got off the highway in Sidney.... There is little I could do to match his decorations.  There were years and years of constant collecting of decorations.  I think I counted about 5 or more Santas, about 6 or more Frostys, and a lot of reindeer.  I think the only thing I could do to match it is to actually have real life reindeer in my yard.  Don't know how Dawn would feel about that.  But regardless, I am glad I have neighbors who are completely in love with the holiday spirit. 

On a separate and completely unrelated note, I am going to Althea Harper's family's home tonight to be there to see if she won Project Runway.  The viewing party should be a lot of fun, too bad I didn't know sooner I was going, I would have tried to be a little more fashionable, than just a shirt, tie, and sweater vest. Best of luck Althea!!

Sweater vests---I am a huge fan of them.  I have been told I look like Mr. Rogers because of it, but I still like them.  They add a little class when wore properly and also add a little suave to someone's appearance.  I think Althea should come out with a line of sweater vests and call them Buck Vests. I am literally laughing out loud here in the newsroom.  But I think that it will be huge hit!!!  That is one thing that will be on my Christmas list.

Anyways, got to get ready to head out the door.  36 days left!!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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