Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chirp, Chirp, Chirp....

Good early morning!! I am all alone this morning, Buckeye is at the groomer this morning.  He was a little nervous but the kind groomer gave him a little better treatment since he can't see anything.  That gave me a free morning to go for a good run.  Dawn called and said that fog was super thick north of Sidney on her way to Lima, but here in Sidney it was sunny, and very frosty.  It took me about fifteen minutes to get all the frost of the windows when I was taking Buckeye downtown.  I cant remember ever seeing frost that thick, ever.
Anyways, she said she even saw a few flurries getting squeezed out on her frosty, foggy commute.

Anyone catch me at the Sugarcreek Bird Farm?  The birds did not like the camera.  Paula, the owner said they saw it as some sort of danger and boy did the birds start getting loud when I entered the room with the camera!  They would act very sly and slowly move as far away from the camera as their cages allowed, and then started getting pretty loud.  It was pretty fun though, and the birds were actually a lot friendlier than what I thought going in because by the time I was leaving they were walking up to me on the ground to check out my shoes.

Anyways, I just got done with my morning run and now cooling off and getting ready to jump in the shower, but thought I would jump on here and check in.  Well I hope you have a great day!!

43 day left!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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