Monday, September 30, 2013

Marshall McPeek on Good Day Columbus

That's right!  Marshall McPeek will be starting on Good Day Columbus officially tomorrow.  Today I am getting him up to speed behind the scenes.  He will be working the shift that I have been filling in for since June.  I will be going back to weekend nights doing weather and reporting three days a week.

A few spotty showers, mainly early today, and remaining cool with highs in the mid-lower 70's.  More sunshine for Tuesday and Wednesday as our highs push back to around 80.  Scattered rain for late week and a STRONG cold front by next weekend.  We will see a HUGE drop in temperatures when that cold front blasts through.  I will keep ya posted.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Gearing up for the 200 mile moped trip

I got the rack mounted on my Magnum and it looks great.  I mounted a milk crate on the rack.... and...
An e50 fits PERFECTLY sideways.  I threw in the spare one for to test it at first until I got my Polini motor off the Maxi.  I wish I didn't have to take it as my spare for the trip, but I would rather have the ability to throw on a new motor if something happens.
I set the timing for the Polini and I LOVE having the right tools for the job.  Got that timed to 1.32 mm BTDC and the Treats reed kit timed to 1.56 mm BTDC.
We had our Thursday night moped ride around town and we spotted the ESPN College Football tour bus, so we stopped for a picture.
Beautiful night for a ride downtown Thursday.
Today I helped 1977 Mopeds fill up another semi full of moped parts.  I know I have said it, but it is AMAZING how many parts we have tucked away, here in Columbus.  I am going to be really sad when they are all gone for good and posted on their website.  Today was the first time I was there for the complete day of loading.  I got REALLY dirty.
I got ahold of some family who were having a tailgate before the Ohio State - Wisconsin football game and was able to score some delicious dinner and catch up with them.  I may be able to catch up with them after the game, as well. 

The week-long gorgeous weather has to come to an end.  Dry early Sunday for Ohio, but rain moves in from the west with another cold front.  Rain by Noon Sunday for Western Ohio, by the evening for Central Ohio and arriving for Eastern Ohio overnight.  Most of the rain will kick out early Monday... then we dry out for a few more days.  Highs stay in the mid-upper 70's thru the middle of the week and push 80 again by week's end when another cold front is expected.  I am really hoping it stays dry in two weeks when I am planning to do the 200 mile moped trip back to my parents... time will tell.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Exhausted, back to #TeamWeekend

I figured I would jump on here real quick before I clock out for my "weekend."  I am absolutely exhausted.  Several reasons... and some were avoidable.  So first off... Dexter, I stayed up Sunday night and watched the series finale.  Comparing it to the writing of the previous seasons... completely weak ending.  And then the last few days Dawn and I have been FLYING through Breaking Bad to be caught up for the series finale of that as well, this coming Sunday.  So I got a few hours of sleep before back in at 6AM Monday.  I forgot that Dana had scheduled the day off Tuesday until late Monday and he needed an additional day off today, plus I manned the social media center for last night's Town Hall meeting... So less than ten hours of sleep for the last three nights combined.  That and working 23 hours between yesterday and today... I am worn out, to say the least.  But I love what I do, so I do it with a smile. #TeamCoffee

I have one more day on the morning show, next Monday.  Marshall McPeek will be taking over and I go back to weekends and reporting three days during the week.  It has been a lot of fun with the morning crew.  I know that #TeamWeekend is excited to have me back.  We, #TeamWeekend, are getting together Friday night for some much needed re-connecting time.

As for the weather.  The gorgeous weather will continue through the rest of the workweek.  Rain returns later Sunday into early Monday.  Our temperatures will slowly rise to near 80 for the start of the weekend.  Looking forward to some nice weather to get my moped ready for the 200 mile ride.  I will be sure to keep you posted on the progress of that with plenty of pictures.  Going to go heat up some soup before the Noon newscast... then by 1:30PM, I hope to be fast asleep. ;)  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Saturday, September 21, 2013

200 mile moped trip & GREAT weather ahead

I wish this red sign was mine, but I am just transporting it up to 1977 Mopeds in a few weeks.  I have been helping them box up the millions of NOS parts at Handy Bikes. There are five huge boxes of single items to take pictures for the website.  It is really cool to be able to be part of history and see all of the parts that Bob Jones has collected since the 70's. 
I was able to score two signs.  These two were hanging on the walls for the last few decades and They did let me keep them as long as I took them down.  I also have some amazing friends up here in the Columbus moped crew.  A few guys hang out at my garage occasionally and in exchange for that and helping them fix their mopeds, one of the guys donated a fridge and coffee maker.  Now I only need a restroom.  Haha.
I have had a lot of motivation and good moped vibes the last week. With the new appliances on the work bench, I wanted to clean up the work area and continue to make sure it is clean before I leave each time.  And after the Pinball Run wrapped up(the 2000 mile moped race from Maine to Key West), I have been tempted to try a long moped trip.  My parents live almost exactly a 100 miles away, so I am planning a trip back to visit them.  I am working on modifying a rack to carry a crate with a spare motor and a few tools.  I figured it would probably be less time slapping on a new motor than someone picking me up.  Anyway, more updates to the bike before then for the trip.
I was booted again from the studio today for these guys.  Good group on TV with MANY more people helping out behind the scenes for The Football Fever!
So I RARELY ever post the 7-day forecast, but in the last year I have been here, I don't remember a forecast where it is completely dry.  Great weather to paint the house, stain the deck, or ANYTHING outside.  Enjoy it!  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fun on Good Day Columbus

I only have a few weeks left on Good Day Columbus before I go back to weekends and Marshall McPeek takes over.  So maybe I just wanted to go out with a bang.  Carolyn was reading a story on a creepy clown that keeps popping up in England.  I took that cue as an opportunity to try and scare her.  I know she is not a fan, but honestly... who really likes being scared?  Anyway, here is the video:
So I found it pretty funny and a lot of people wanted me to post the video because they were at work already.

On to the weather... Some big changes to the weekend forecast potentially.  You may notice that the 21st & 22nd have a decent amount of rain on the last two models of the GFS.  The rest of the models, including the CMC & Euro, are keeping us dry.  The new models this morning will be pretty important to help determine the outcome, but keep posted to the forecast.  The last two GFS just stall out the cold front over top of us for the weekend.  Until then tho... dry today and early tomorrow. Highs in the mid 70's to low 80's through the rest of the week.  Enjoy the dry weather while it is here!  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hitting the pavement

I made a few goals to get out and work-out more.  Trying to set a reasonable goal of losing three pounds a month.  I think that is obtainable.  Start small and keep at it.  I also started my new work-out plan.  Each week either ride forty miles on the bike or run four miles.  I just don't get as much enjoyment running so I set that a little low for the trade-off.  I can split the mileage either way... like ten miles biking and three miles running, but it has to be running, no walking.  Starting small, but once I get back in the swing of things, I will have to adjust those.
I did manage to get my mile split times for running to under ten minutes.  That is pathetic compared to what I used to run.  My goal is to get that back to AT LEAST under 7 minutes.
I also spent a decent amount of time at the garage this week during my days off.  I took apart a Murray moped because one of the guys from 1977 Mopeds bought it to make it into a top tank.  I cut my finger open pretty good so duct tape to the rescue since my garage is about ten minutes from the house.
I also tried to coordinate a Thursday night ride.  A lot of the guys (and gals) have been wanting to ride more often, but not many showed up.  The ones that did... well, we had a blast.
We rode up to Leatherlips and up to the Columbus Zoo then back down to town.  Lots of fun, but daylight was not on our side.
Saturday morning I helped some of the guys from 1977 Mopeds box up some of the Handy Bikes moped inventory.  It is amazing how much "stuff" is in there.  I think I boxed up four thousand NOS CEV switches that come on Puchs.  I also scored some minty Le Moped gas tank decals.  The Le Moped I am picking up from Cleveland has faded decals and this will really bring some life to the bike.  I want to make it nice and minty for a stock bike.  Dan also got a box of Motobecane banners so he said I could have one of them from the walls of Handy Bikes.

Since there was an Ohio State football game, there was no early newscast and I had to bounce out of the studio during The Football Fever.  So I decided to ride into work and back before I had to go on camera.  Great choice.  Beautiful day!

As for the weather... a little rain overnight and early Monday for Ohio as a cold front swings through.  It will be light and scattered, but not drastically dropping our temperatures.  We stay dry then until Thursday/Friday.  Temperatures remain fall-like and slowly climbing highs from the low 70's to mid 80's by the end of the week.  All-in-all, an Ohio fall week ahead.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Goodbye to #SuperLuper

There has never been anyone I have met that is as dedicated to reporting like Carol Luper.  She lives and breathes her job and after decades here at the station, she is finally retiring.  I highly doubt you will find her sitting still next week.  I am off the upcoming days (finishing a nine day stretch) so I wanted to get a quick picture with her before she clocks out the final time.  I am still wondering what she is going to do with her little phone book with EVERYONE's phone number from Central Ohio.  You want the Med Flight pilot's number?  Maybe the grounds manager for the Columbus Clippers...  She probably has it.   So long Carol!  Blessed to have work with you and learn from you.
On to the weather.  There are a few showers already starting to fire up before Noon.  There is PLENTY of energy for these showers and storms, but they will likely be scattered.  The broken line of showers and storms will push through Central Ohio through midday and I would not be surprised if the outflow from the storms trigger more cells later in the day once we regain any energy lost.  The cold front will push through tomorrow.  So today will, once again, be in the 90's for our highs.  As long as we hit 90 (rain over the airport will keep that from happening) we will have a heatwave.  Tomorrow will be our transition day with a better chance to see rain and cooler temperatures pushing in.  Friday looks fantastic and cool then chilly for the mornings this weekend.  Enjoy the pool today... It may be the last 90 degree day of the year.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ready for the big drop?

It is going to be very hot today.  Feeling like the upper 90's once you factor in the humidity.  Some scattered showers and storms today and a few more Wednesday and Thursday.  The cold front will swing through on Thursday and leaving us MUCH cooler by the weekend.  The weekend is looking fantastic with cool to comfortable temperatures and dry.  Back to the news... Stay hydrated and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Big temperature swing!

We are about ready to see the a touch of summer, then a touch of fall within a short amount of time.  Highs will likely reach the 90's for Tuesday and Wednesday for Central Ohio.  By Friday morning and Saturday morning we will likely see temperatures (in the city) fall down to the lower 50's.  Outlying areas should easily hit the 40's.  I know some people say that temperatures fluctuating does not directly affect our immune systems... but if you disagree... then get ready!

And our chance for rain is pretty slim as well for the coming days, despite the heat.  Highs in mid 80`s for Monday and pushing into the 90`s for Tuesday and Wednesday.   With the heat and humidity, pop-up afternoon showers and storms possible.  A better chance for rain midweek.  A cold front will swing through late Wednesday with a better chance for rain and much cooler temperatures for the end of the week.

The weekend, right now, is looking clear and VERY comfortable.   Thursday and Friday are my next days off and I am already looking forward to them... after this nine day stretch of working.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I'm baaaaack!

I was blessed to have the summer with weekends off.  I spent that time trying to enjoy it as much as possible.  Tonight I am back with Adam on weekends and it has been as much fun as I remember.  With our weekend morning news starting... Phil Kelly will be doing the weather weekend mornings. I will be working weekend nights and a few weekday mornings on GDC for now.

A few scattered showers tonight and into your Sunday. Mild temperatures as well. We start to heat up on Monday with sunshine returning. Highs pushing to near 90 through the middle of the week with isolated showers and storms popping up in the afternoon. Best chance for rain will be Wednesday as a cold front blasts through leaving us MUCH cooler by the end of the week. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It's been a while...

So I totally wish I was riding with my friends on the 2000 mile moped ride called Pinball Run.  I am in charge of the forecast for the riders and posting pics of the ride on social media.  It looks amazing and they just finished day 6 and on to Daytona in the morning.  I wish I was there for the ride through Florida to Key West.  So much fun.
Friday I got to meet an old friend.  This is BuckIGuy that you may recognize.  I knew him from college when I worked at the Holiday Inn on Lane Ave.  (no longer there)  He remembered me as well. 
Saturday I built a beer fountain.  We found a picture on the internet with a bunch of kid pools stacked up, but we wanted to scale it down a little bit and it had water flowing from one level to another.
Sunday we went golfing and I did decent.  I got one birdie, but for once I could not hit the irons very well.  Not sure what it was.
We finished off the gold with some Swensons.  I have to admit... probably the best burger joint I have ever been to.  
And we also got Buckeye back from Dawn's parents.  He was visiting while Dawn and I were out of town.  He was super excited to see us when he heard us arrive in Cleveland.

The weather stays beautiful the next few days and dry as well.  Rain chances are pretty slim on Sunday and Monday, but a stray shower can't be ruled out.  More rain around Tuesday when a cold front will swing through.  All-in-all a pretty typical September week ahead of us.... not super cold, not super hot.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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