Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It's been a while...

So I totally wish I was riding with my friends on the 2000 mile moped ride called Pinball Run.  I am in charge of the forecast for the riders and posting pics of the ride on social media.  It looks amazing and they just finished day 6 and on to Daytona in the morning.  I wish I was there for the ride through Florida to Key West.  So much fun.
Friday I got to meet an old friend.  This is BuckIGuy that you may recognize.  I knew him from college when I worked at the Holiday Inn on Lane Ave.  (no longer there)  He remembered me as well. 
Saturday I built a beer fountain.  We found a picture on the internet with a bunch of kid pools stacked up, but we wanted to scale it down a little bit and it had water flowing from one level to another.
Sunday we went golfing and I did decent.  I got one birdie, but for once I could not hit the irons very well.  Not sure what it was.
We finished off the gold with some Swensons.  I have to admit... probably the best burger joint I have ever been to.  
And we also got Buckeye back from Dawn's parents.  He was visiting while Dawn and I were out of town.  He was super excited to see us when he heard us arrive in Cleveland.

The weather stays beautiful the next few days and dry as well.  Rain chances are pretty slim on Sunday and Monday, but a stray shower can't be ruled out.  More rain around Tuesday when a cold front will swing through.  All-in-all a pretty typical September week ahead of us.... not super cold, not super hot.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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