Saturday, September 28, 2013

Gearing up for the 200 mile moped trip

I got the rack mounted on my Magnum and it looks great.  I mounted a milk crate on the rack.... and...
An e50 fits PERFECTLY sideways.  I threw in the spare one for to test it at first until I got my Polini motor off the Maxi.  I wish I didn't have to take it as my spare for the trip, but I would rather have the ability to throw on a new motor if something happens.
I set the timing for the Polini and I LOVE having the right tools for the job.  Got that timed to 1.32 mm BTDC and the Treats reed kit timed to 1.56 mm BTDC.
We had our Thursday night moped ride around town and we spotted the ESPN College Football tour bus, so we stopped for a picture.
Beautiful night for a ride downtown Thursday.
Today I helped 1977 Mopeds fill up another semi full of moped parts.  I know I have said it, but it is AMAZING how many parts we have tucked away, here in Columbus.  I am going to be really sad when they are all gone for good and posted on their website.  Today was the first time I was there for the complete day of loading.  I got REALLY dirty.
I got ahold of some family who were having a tailgate before the Ohio State - Wisconsin football game and was able to score some delicious dinner and catch up with them.  I may be able to catch up with them after the game, as well. 

The week-long gorgeous weather has to come to an end.  Dry early Sunday for Ohio, but rain moves in from the west with another cold front.  Rain by Noon Sunday for Western Ohio, by the evening for Central Ohio and arriving for Eastern Ohio overnight.  Most of the rain will kick out early Monday... then we dry out for a few more days.  Highs stay in the mid-upper 70's thru the middle of the week and push 80 again by week's end when another cold front is expected.  I am really hoping it stays dry in two weeks when I am planning to do the 200 mile moped trip back to my parents... time will tell.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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