Saturday, September 21, 2013

200 mile moped trip & GREAT weather ahead

I wish this red sign was mine, but I am just transporting it up to 1977 Mopeds in a few weeks.  I have been helping them box up the millions of NOS parts at Handy Bikes. There are five huge boxes of single items to take pictures for the website.  It is really cool to be able to be part of history and see all of the parts that Bob Jones has collected since the 70's. 
I was able to score two signs.  These two were hanging on the walls for the last few decades and They did let me keep them as long as I took them down.  I also have some amazing friends up here in the Columbus moped crew.  A few guys hang out at my garage occasionally and in exchange for that and helping them fix their mopeds, one of the guys donated a fridge and coffee maker.  Now I only need a restroom.  Haha.
I have had a lot of motivation and good moped vibes the last week. With the new appliances on the work bench, I wanted to clean up the work area and continue to make sure it is clean before I leave each time.  And after the Pinball Run wrapped up(the 2000 mile moped race from Maine to Key West), I have been tempted to try a long moped trip.  My parents live almost exactly a 100 miles away, so I am planning a trip back to visit them.  I am working on modifying a rack to carry a crate with a spare motor and a few tools.  I figured it would probably be less time slapping on a new motor than someone picking me up.  Anyway, more updates to the bike before then for the trip.
I was booted again from the studio today for these guys.  Good group on TV with MANY more people helping out behind the scenes for The Football Fever!
So I RARELY ever post the 7-day forecast, but in the last year I have been here, I don't remember a forecast where it is completely dry.  Great weather to paint the house, stain the deck, or ANYTHING outside.  Enjoy it!  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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