Wednesday, August 30, 2017

What a crazy week!

I have been so busy that I have not had time to post much this week.  Summer and I continue with our running...
We also went hiking on Saturday.
And pulled some carrots in the garden.
The reason I have been so busy, is because of Hurricane Harvey.  It is now a tropical storm and made landfall for the final time.  I was busy tracking that, doing live shots, reading news stories and have had little to no free time between all of the craziness.  My heart goes out to those involved with the storm.
When not tracking the storm on-air I have been building new augmented reality graphics to help cover this historic storm.
Harvey is about to make landfall for the final time and then head toward the Ohio Valley. For Central Ohio, fog will be an issue this morning. Partly cloudy skies for the afternoon with some spotty showers possible and warm temps. Thursday will be similar with some early fog followed by some spotty showers possible later in the day. Friday, clouds will start moving in with rain for later in the day, especially for Southern Ohio, from Harvey. More showers and a few rumbles for Saturday, as Harvey passed by to our south. Partly cloudy and dry Sunday followed by just a slight chance for rain on Labor Day, Monday. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Michigan mini vacation, solar eclipse in Kentucky

Last week my whole family went to Leland, Michigan for a mini vacation to spend time together before my brother Marcus went back to Bulgaria.  We had a LOT of fun.
It was gorgeous for my runs in the wilderness.
I ran up the M22 early in the morning before traffic picked up.
Here are a few more sights from the trip.  Gorgeous.
I got to spend some great time with Summer.  We walked down to the park.
Then ran back to the cabin. 
Sunday I hauled tail to get back to Columbus to jump in a news car and head down to Kentucky for the total solar eclipse.
Let the fun begin!
We camped out at Pennrile State Park and there were lines of traffic trying to get into the park at 6AM there.
We went to follow the Knox County Eclipse Space Balloon Team.  It is a big group of students that were sending up two balloons for NASA.
Ready, set... go!
We went down to the lodge to watch the total solar eclipse.  Man! What an experience.  I HIGHLY recommend going to a spot with 100% totality for the 2024 solar eclipse, when it comes to Ohio.  
The 100% eclipsed area will allow you to take off your solar glasses and see the rays coming out around the moon.  Otherwise you will only see darker skies, but will still need the glasses the whole time.
Promo shoot photos are out! Yay! 
Dry and cool air is working in for a while. Today we will be almost ten degrees cooler than Tuesday with lower humidity and a mix of sun & clouds. We may see a sprinkle or two squeezed out of the clouds today, but most of us will stay dry. Staying comfortable and dry through the weekend with lots of sun. Slight chance of rain as we approach the middle of next week. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, August 14, 2017

Hiking, hacks, running, warming up

My brother Marcus still has about a week left in Ohio before starting his trip back to Bulgaria for a year.  Summer and I helped him get his kayak set up for a kayak camping trip.  We also did a little exploring as well.
Last week I did a week-long segment called Hack or Wack.  Most of the hacks were good, some... ehhh... The hack in the photo is folding a t-shirt perfectly in 2 seconds.  
We also built solar eclipse projectors.  You can do the same by poking a tiny hold in a sheet of paper and hold it above the ground or another sheet of paper.  This one uses aluminum foil in the top of a cereal box with a tiny hole.
Half Priced Books had some solar glasses last week so I bought a couple for our house and even made a solar filter for my digital camera. 
I wasn't feeling 100% on Saturday, but I had to get in my miles.  Summer and I went on a run out in Hilliard and managed to still finish under two hours. 
Sunday we went running with Columbus Westside Running Club.  I only did four miles and Summer wanted to run some when we got back to the park.
THEN!  A busy Sunday afternoon in the kitchen.  I am prepping a lot of food for an upcoming trip. I canned a lot of garden salsa, but had to trade some with a neighbor for some lasagna noodles because we were short. (Summer was sleeping and I couldn't leave the house)  I made three large lasagnas then froze them.  I was exhausted after the hours of food prep.
Temps warming up with just a slight chance of rain for the first half of the week. Today we will see a mix of sun & clouds with a few showers, mainly to the far south, highs in the lower 80s. We warm into the mid-upper 80s for Tuesday and Wednesday with sun early then partly cloudy skies in the afternoons with some isolated pop-up rain possible. More showers and storms Thursday into Thursday night and early Friday with a cold front. Slight chance of rain by Sunday, but models are currently agreeing at clearer skies Monday for the solar eclipse. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, August 7, 2017

Running, Emmy Awards, Rainy Monday

I keep on chugging along with my running plan before the Columbus Marathon
But making sure I observe my rest days and hang out with Summer run or rest.
Saturday's long run was gorgeous! I ran along the Pelotonia riders.
Friday I went out to the Dublin Irish Festival and they NFL had a Fan Arena and an interactive museum, including a Blue Jackets mini locker room where you could put your name above a locker.
Saturday we went to the Emmy's.  I was nominated for School Shout Out, but it came just short of winning an award.  Brooks Jaroz beat me. 
I did get to run into a good friend of mine, Brad Underwood.  We worked in Lima together and lived in the same run-down apartment building.  Oh the memories!
Back at it today! I think I may be going down to Hocking Hills today to help my brother Marcus with his kayak camping trip.
A bit of a gray start to the workweek, but sun will be returning soon.  Today we will see cloudy skies most of the day with scattered showers and some steady light rain for Southern Ohio.  Clearing skies tonight and cool followed by lots of sun for Tuesday and Wednesday.  Chance for rain returns for Thursday and Friday. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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