Sunday, September 30, 2012

Twister, Homeland, & Apple Cider

Quite a fun Saturday night.  I met up with a few college buddies and after horrible service we decided to go back to my place.  The night was full of laughs and quoting every line of Twister.  Nerdy night indeed.  This morning I woke up and realized the entire first season of Homeland tapped on DVR.  I only watched four and a half hours of the show... a little addicting.  Good stuff and super excited to finish the first season and catch the first episode tonight.  Huge thanks to Showtime for getting me caught up.  Dexter also starts tonight... super stoked.  I enjoyed my relaxing morning with a few tall glasses of apple cider.  Apple cider is one of the greatest parts of fall.  LOVE it!

Hard to believe that my "weekend" starts tonight.  Doing the weather a few days for Bill Kelly made my week fly by.  I am rebuilding the e50 clutch on my Maxi tomorrow.  It is engaging all the time now so I need to dig into that.  Not sure what the issue is yet.  I also need to check the front disc brake.  It appears it may have been slightly bent during my loose gravel accident last month.  Not much, but I may try tweaking it back.  I also need to track down a new groomer for Buckeye.  If anyone has any recommendations on a groomer in Columbus that would be great.  We prefer one that has appointments because since he is blind he is very nervous being stuck in a cage for any period of time.  On to the forecast....

Chilly temps to start the workweek, but increasing clouds Monday as gulf moisture pushes into the Ohio Valley.  Rain will arrive later Monday afternoon and evening and the scattered rain will stick around through the middle of the week.  The heaviest of the rain will be Monday night into Tuesday morning.  With the gulf moisture, we will also see our temperatures push into the mid 75`s until a strong cold front arrives Friday with more rain and cooler temperatures for next weekend.  Have a good one!

Andrew Michael

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Football Fever

I got booted from the studio for an hour while The Football Fever takes over.  Forecast is done... just a few graphics left to build afterward.  The studio has a completely different atmosphere for that show compared to the other shows.  Dawn is back home visiting her parents to I spent most of the day relaxing, running a few errands, and enjoying the peace and quiet in the house.  Although it was too quiet.  I expect to hear the occasional ching ching of Buckeye's collar.  Oh well, they will be back before I know it.

Fairly cool tonight as our temps fall back into the upper 40's with partly cloudy skies. Mild Sunday with a high of 68 as a disturbance will swing down from the north for Sunday giving us a few clouds and a slim chance for an isolated shower, mainly the northeastern part of Ohio.  High pressure builds in briefly for Monday with sunshine with highs near 70. Gulf moisture then pushes up for the middle of the week with rain for Tuesday and Wednesday.  Temps will also warm into the mid 70`s until the end of the week when a cold front will bring a chance for rain by Friday and cooler temperatures for next weekend.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Friday, September 28, 2012

GREAT news!

Well it has been a long time in the making... I am officially certified as a Broadcast Meteorologist.  I have my degree and everything, but now the AMS has certified me.  I started studying after my honeymoon a year ago and took the first test just before Christmas of last year... Retook it (after missing a handful of questions), again in early May and passed... (toughest test I have ever taken)... then sent in my three video forecasts for approval to be scientific enough and at the same time deliver the weather story... and I found out this afternoon that I earned the AMS (American Meteorological Society) designation as a CBM (Certified Broadcast Meteorologist).  I have been antsy the last few weeks waiting on word and today when I read the email in the weather center I jumped up with excitement.  I wanted to high five someone, but no one was around in the studio.  High five me!   It may seem like only three letters next to my name on TV, but it is huge for my career and establishing myself as someone who wants to do this for the rest of their life.
Of course, if you know me... That was not the only good news today...  I rode my moped to work for the first time.  I was riding down 5th Ave and I had to stop at Handy Bikes for a picture of my bike out front.  Handy Bikes is the Mecca for mopeds.  There is a fella named BJ that used to work there and he was EXTREMELY instrumental in making sure mopeds were allowed in the US and especially Ohio.  There were a lot of laws and restrictions put on mopeds back in the 60's and 70's in order for them to be "road worthy" and BJ spearheaded the effort.  He is now retired, but without him... I may not have been able to ride my moped to work today because they still would probably be illegal... like they are in, from what I am told, 9 other countries.  Take that knowledge to Jeopardy.
 I am back in the weather center tonight, but I did the weather live from Columbus's Oktoberfest for the 5 and 6PM newscasts.  It was insanely loud with the band, but it is all part of the festivities.  If the band is too loud... have another bier. Yes, bier.  Lots of fun, but I had nothing to eat or drink there... and too bad I am working the next two days.  So if any of you are heading there or to any other Oktoberfest during the weekends... have one for me.  Maybe two.

Well on to the weather...  Tonight we will see the skies continue to clear out.  We had the morning fog today, but the moisture has dropped enough that we should not have to worry about fog for Saturday morning.  Saturday will be a mix of sun and clouds with a high near 70 and then a slight chance for light rain across the northern half of Ohio for early Sunday.  Most of us will stay dry, but a weak system will try to swing down... the kinda system that IF we were in December... could bring a little snow...(I know people hate that four letter word, but get used to it... winter is around the corner)  Anyway maybe a sprinkle or light rain shower early Sunday and warming into the upper 60's.  We continue warming into next week with highs expected in the mid 70's by the middle of next week.  We could see a little gulf moisture for the middle of next week, but I am not convinced on it.  It does appear that a stronger cold front will approach for the end of next week with a better chance for rain.  Enjoy the beautiful weekend and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Signs of Fall and a game...for YOU!

Due to a change in schedule I will be in the weather center tonight, tomorrow night, and this weekend.  Excited to get more time under my belt.  A lot of the things are the same, but I am doing a lot of behind the scenes model updates so I will have more time to plug away at those.  I don't know about the trees where you live, but they are surely changing here.  I took Buckeye out for a walk and it was surprising how much the trees are already changing... but then again, October is only a few days away.
So I obviously love my mopeds... well 1977 Mopeds has taken a step forward in the moped scene.  They launched a new website and that includes  There has always been a tuning spreadsheet on Moped Army, but now it includes pictures.  I have three of my bikes on there.  So the game for you... if you read my blog on a semi-normal basis it should be easy... go through the pictures of the mopeds and try to find mine.  One should be a gimme because I am in the photo with it.  It is really rad to have all of the builds and photos available in one, clean, orderly location.  I am excited to see more bikes as they continue to filter in.  It also is like Facebook where you can comment and like bikes if you have an account with 1977 Mopeds... and if you don't then it only takes a minute.  Anyway, check it out.  There are some really awesome builds on there.

This rain has been nice, but I am ready for it to kick out of here.  The front has been sitting just north of us the last few days and it will slowly shift south today ending our rain tonight.  There is a very, very slight chance for rain, mainly north, for Sunday, but other than that... we will dry out for a while.  Which will be nice for any fall foliage viewing this weekend.  I will keep you posted on the chance for rain this weekend, but, again, the good news is the steady hit or miss rain will end by tomorrow.  Our highs will stay in the upper 60's and low 70's through the weekend then maybe trying to get to 80 later next week.  Find my bikes and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mobile update: from my patio.

I am dreading the cold temperatures so even though it is raining a little I opened up the umbrella on the patio and living it large. I was fortunate enough to ride my moped yesterday and today. It took a little while to go over the ped to make sure it was road worthy after the loose gravel incident, but all is well. While I was working on the bike, I noticed a little surface rust on the front brake. The bike have been sitting for an entire month while I was moving up to Columbus. I didn't think much of it, but when I went to stop for the first time, I went over the handlebars. Luckly I was only going about 3 or 4 miles per hour and I was able to catch myself. Apparently that surface rust is pretty sticky stuff. Anyway my ride was smooth sailing after that. I rode around downtown Columbus and ran a few errands.

Today, I picked up my moped and rode it back down to the Short North to get my haircut. I absolutely love riding in a city setting. After my haircut, I rode my moped around campus. It brought back a lot of memories and I still need to go back and visit some of the people I know still on campus. So anyway I came home, cleaned the house, and now I am sitting outside relaxing....not looking forward to the colder temperatures in a few months.

Speaking of temperatures. We will basically be seeing highs in the mid 70's for the rest of the week and staying gloomy. There is a chance for a hit or miss shower every single day for the rest of the week as well. Luckily no huge change in the weather pattern, meaning no big cold blast of air anytime soon. Keep your umbrella handy and have a good one.

Andrew Buck Michael

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Frosty night ahead

Not a lot has happened since last night's entry... Browns still are horrible.  They are hard to watch.  I went home last night and Dawn and I decided we were hungry since we hadn't ate since we left the Ohio State game at 4PM so we we went out to Roosters at 12:30AM... always an interesting crowd.  Slept in then regretfully watched the Browns.  I do have a lot planned for the next couple days off.  I am doing an all-over on my Maxi tomorrow.  I need to check the frame on it since I haven't rode it since I hit the loose gravel a month ago.  Super excited to get my bike up and running and get back on the road.  I am also checking out a new hangout spot for the moped group in the Short North. Other small stuff like haircut and helping another guy re-assemble his Gila to get rid of an air leak... fun times. 

Clearing skies for Sunday night will allow temperatures to fall into the upper 30`s for lows with outlying areas dipping a few degrees cooler.  With temperatures falling close to freezing, there is a Frost Advisory issued for much of Ohio.  If you have any sensitive plants you may want to cover them or bring them inside for Monday morning.  Temperatures will jump into the mid-upper 60`s for Monday with plenty of sunshine.  More clouds Tuesday as the chance for rain returns for late Tuesday into Wednesday.  Our highs will stay in the mid 70`s for the end of the week and the chance for rain returns for the end of the week as a stronger cold front pushes in, heading into early next weekend.  Grab your jacket and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Buckeyes, Reds, and Gusty Winds

Well the Buckeyes managed to squeak out a win again today...  It was an ugly game and the tackling still was a huge problem.  I was lucky enough to have a ticket offered to me by Dawn's cousin and Dawn hung out with her neighbors who were in town.  It was a fun game, but I got a little sunburned on my nose and forehead.
Before the game we met up in the Gateway area and then walked over.  I had no idea that they added a rooftop section on top of Newport Music Hall.  I actually played at Newport back in the day when I was in college.  Anyway, the former Panini's now has a stairwell that has a nice patio up on top of the building.  Pretty sweet, but I am not sure if I would want to be up there with a hundred other people.  If I remember correctly they wouldn't even let people get to the balcony of Newport the last time I played there.
Yesterday I was at St. Francis DeSales High School football game for the game of the week.  It is always hard to try to round up people for our live shots two hours before the game, but I always manage to pull some strings and get a group together.  It was the homecoming game for the school's 50th year of having a football program.  On top of that, it was alumni night so I had about 40 cheerleaders for one of my live shots.
In other great news... the Reds clinched the playoffs... again.  I had to bring back this image for old times sake.  I was lucky enough to be asked by our sports director, Nathan Baker, to help out the night they clinched in 2010.  He had me as the photographer in the locker room and boy was it fun.  I was sticky for days... and so was the equipment.  I even managed to talk the intern into grabbing an empty champagne bottle for me as a keepsake.  Figured I would dig out the image with me and Dusty Baker that was on the Reds homepage the day after they clinched two years ago.  Hope they can last longer in the playoffs this time.

We had wind gusts over 50 mph today and luckily the cold front that came through is moving out of here and we are seeing the winds calm slowly.  The winds will calm down more heading into Sunday, but it still will be breezy with winds out of the northwest at 5-15 miles per hour.  There will be a mix of sun and clouds as well for the rest of the weekend along with cooler temperatures.  Sunday will start off in the low 40`s and only warm into the lower 60`s.  More sun Monday, but a chance for morning frost with low temperatures in the upper 30`s and highs back in the mid 60`s.  A chance for rain returns later Tuesday as we get back into the lower 70`s and that rain will stick around into Wednesday as well.  Our temperatures will not take a huge hit later next week as the system sticks around and brings another chance for rain heading into next weekend.  Hope you enjoy the cooler temperatures!  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Friday, September 21, 2012

Back on the morning show...

Waking up in the middle of the night once again and coming back to the morning show was about as expected... my body just wanted to be numb until caffeine started flowing.  I am shadowing Dana Turtle to see all the weather hits and whether I need to be at the wall, desk, weather center, or anywhere else.  I will be filling in on the morning show next week.

Rain holding off until the afternoon today and then it should move out of here early least the majority of the rain.  There may be a light spotty shower or two in the afternoon Saturday, but the majority of the rain will be out of here early.  We will get into the lower 70's today and then 60's for highs for the rest of the weekend.  Another weak wet system early-mid next week.

I will be back again this afternoon for Friday Night Football... so a jam filled day... (I prefer jam over jelly)  (And yes I am loopy and silly this morning)  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Photo shoot

Today has been quite interesting.  It was my turn, along with Adam Aaro, to get our new head shot pictures for the news.  It was super professional.  Someone was there to do my makeup and give me pointers on my new hair style/makeup. The studio was impressive and the photographer also used part of it to store some of his British cars including a sick Triumph roadster car that he restored.  We also talked a little about mopeds too... naturally.  They will print off about twenty of the best photos and then I get to pick the one that I like the best... pretty rad.  So the photo you see of me on the web, or station's facebook, or station's twitter, or if I do a phoner into the station... it will come from today's shoot.

A comfortable evening for Ohio.  Most of the area will stay dry, but there is a slim chance for a stray shower.  Our temperatures will stay a little more mild with and overnight low in the mid 50`s and clouds sticking around.  We start of Friday dry, but showers and a few rumbles of thunder will arrive in the afternoon and will stick around thru Friday night.  We will warm into the low 70`s for Friday then our highs will fall into the 60`s for the weekend, so cooler.  The rain will clear out early Saturday, but a few isolated showers may persist, mainly to the north.  We finish off the weekend with the cool temps and sunshine, which will roll into the start off next week.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Parents visit

After a busy day at work I hurried home to pick up Dawn and meet my parents and brother for dinner. They are health nuts but find Wendy's acceptable to eat(even though I know they feel guilty doing it). It was great to see them as they were passing through town to help my other brother, Clark, move to Wooster for a new job. My brother, Marcus, who is going to Ohio State, is who met us. I also got to see their new car because their 2000 Town and Country finally was on its last legs with almost (maybe over) 400,000 miles. My dad takes great care of his cars. Good times. I am now home after a long day to watch the finale of Big Brother with Dawn. She got me hooked halfway through the season.

Next best chance for rain is Friday late afternoon/night as another cool blast of air arrives for the weekend. We will get into the kid 70's the next few days, but then mid 60's this weekend. We could see a few stronger cells late Friday, but not enough heat and instability for a major outbreak. Then we cool off for the keep the jacket nearby. Have a good one.

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Call me Andrew Powers

 My "Sunday" was a meeting two hours earlier than my normal shift at work... went very well.  It was with a talent coach and she had some very good pointers to clean up my performance a little bit... nothing too big. We finished the meeting chatting about mopeds.
 I then hurried back to Dayton with a UHaul hitched to my truck.  I dropped the trailer off at the house because I was getting new tires while loading the trailer.  HUGE thanks to Chris Mulcahy for running me to the tire shop and for helping me load.  We did it pretty quickly.  The new tires are sooooo smooth and quiet, surprisingly.  (But not cheap)
It was kinda sad to completely clear out the house and say goodbye to Dayton in my rear view mirror., but onward I pressed, up to Columbus.  Mopeds doing about 65 on the highway when the trailer wasn't fishtailing.  Scary stuff.
 I was left to unload by myself because everyone was working.  It went pretty quick, but I still need to organize everything.  I put it in there in its basic spots, but not how I really would want it... Then again, if we are looking into a house in a few months then I don't know how much I will really take out of the boxes.
  I had to try to figure out how to get the trailer and truck out of there and it was quite the maneuvering trick to get the truck and trailer out of a dead end street.  There was no way that I wanted to back it all the way down.  Austin Powers might have been hilarious, but he didn't have a trailer.  Now I am home, sore, and dirty... but happy to have everything moved and secured.

It was a bit cooler this afternoon and evening once the rain moved out.  Tonight lows will be near 40, so maybe a little light frost to the Northern outlying areas.  Plenty of sun til the end of the week when rain will return for Friday night and for the third week in a row it looks like the rain will move out of here just in time for the Buckeyes football game.  I MAY be going to the game.  I know someone who has great tickets that they may be trying to find someone to give them to.  Still up in the air, but I would LOVE to go back to another game... It has been two years now... I want to feel those chills from the best damn band in the land march onto the field.  Anyway, no rain til Friday night and it looks pretty light.  Cool temperatures for the foreseeable future, warming into the mid 70's later this week and then 60's for the weekend.  I am off to try to get Dawn to give me a back massage...likely won't happen.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, September 17, 2012

Longest workout in nine years

I am not in shape... I admit it.  I am trying to get back in tip top shape, but not there yet... So I am not sure what possessed me to decide to run 3.25 miles to a friends house to work on his moped with him, but I did... and then I came all the way back so 6.5 miles total and boy am I exhausted.  I haven't ran that much since I was in cross country back at Arcanum High School.  But, I did it... (with a little walking)  The Gila was mounted before we all had to peace out... and I (gulp) had to run home.
Timing of the coming rain tonight still looks like the heaviest will be overnight into early tomorrow for the Ohio Valley.  Then we cool off and dry out until the end of the week.  The timing for the end of week rain is still a bit of a toss up... models can't agree on a time frame yet so I will keep an eye on that.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bourne, Browns, Hawk

At least most of the title of this is positive.  I had a Bourne marathon last night and this morning.  Great movies, in my opinion.  I love the twists and turns and makes me wonder how corrupt "the man" really might be.  The Browns are such of a letdown.  They compete and then fall apart... It is getting hard to root for them, but I will...  I got into the station and we are lucky enough to have "Sixer" back on the top of the transmission tower.  That's what we call the hawk that sits up there.  I set up a time lapse of him looking around for food below and he occasionally would stop and look at his reflection in the camera lense.

Got a lot planed for my days off for the next few days.  Monday will be a lot of running errands and trying to make contacts for my environmental beat that I have for work.  So if you every have an environmental story... let me know!  Tuesday I have a meeting with a talent coach at work to go over my material over the last few weeks.  I will hurry, from there, pick up Dawn, then pick up a Uhaul trailer then head back to Dayton.  I still have a little left to bring up here.  I am also getting new tires on my truck while I will be back in Dayton.  I will drop off the trailer at the house, load up a moped in the truck bed, run Dawn to her cousin's(to work), run my truck to the tire shop, ride my moped back to the house, load up the trailer, ride my moped back to the shop, load my moped in my truck, drive back to the house, get hooked back up to the trailer, pick up Dawn, drive back to Columbus, unload the trailer, and drop it back off by 6PM when they close.  Yea... jam packed Tuesday.

Cool and clear tonight...great for a walk.  Increasing clouds for Monday, so starting off mostly sunny with mostly cloudy skies by the late afternoon.  We will be a little warmer with highs near 80 and then showers and storms arriving for the evening, overnight, and for Tuesday.  The heaviest rain looks to be early Tuesday.  That will cool off our highs back into the mid-upper 60`s for Tuesday and Wednesday and the morning lows on Wednesday and Thursday will be in the mid 40`s with some outlying areas possibly dipping into the upper 30`s.  Some Northern locations may see a light frost.  Sunshine will return for Wednesday and Thursday, but more rain for late Friday into early Saturday.  After the cool afternoons on Tuesday and Wednesday we will rebound back into the mid 70`s for highs for the rest of the week and into next weekend.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Keep those jackets handy!

Boy what another fantastic day!  Just a few high clouds and perfect fall temperatures.  Yesterday was a bit of a roller coaster.  I started the morning sweating and running around doing a story on Newark water and how part of the water table is is contaminated from trichloroethylene.  There was an ODOT garage from 1940-1986 where they used TCE as a cleaning agent and now EPA has dropped their levels for dangerous percentages and the state is forced to buy several surrounding properties.  Anyway, I was doing that story sweating and then during my last interview with ODOT the cold front came through with some heavy rain and by the time I got back to the station, edited my story for the 6PM news, and then got out for my LIVE shots for Friday night football in Gahanna... I was chilly.  It was already in the upper 50's by the time the game started.  Refreshing, but I went from AC to heater in one day... gotta love Ohio, right?!

Today, Dawn and I went back down to the hospital to visit and bring Mike some lunch.  I got to hold Anderson and he is so adorable.  Dawn found him adorable as well, but I think after a few times of babysitting him, she may want to continue holding off on kids for a few more years.  Eventually.  After the nail-biting Ohio State win, Dawn went up to Cleveland to visit her family while I finished unpacking the last of the boxes and cleaning the house.  I happened to turn on the TV and saw that the Bourne movies were on so I taped them and know what I am doing tonight home alone. 

The cooler temperatures will stick around for a while.  Sunday will be another beautiful day with mostly sunny skies and highs in the mid 70`s.  We warm up a little more by Monday with a high near 80, but more clouds throughout the day and rain arriving later in the day.  Scattered showers and storms for Monday night into Tuesday.  The cold front will push the rain out of the Ohio Valley and we should dry out by Tuesday evening, but cooler.  Tuesday and Wednesday look like the coolest days since early May with highs expected in the mid-upper 60`s and lows for mid-late week in the upper 40`s.  So keep that jacket handy.  We will warm up for the end of the week back into the mid 70`s with another chance for rain just as next weekend rolls around.  Enjoy the great weather for Sunday and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rain for tomorrow

Super busy day today. I was Live for the noon show doing a big reveal downtown. Then I was Live in the dinner time shows for a low dam being demolished along the Olentangy at Fifth Ave.

The cold front tomorrow is not expected to bring severe weather. Showers and maybe a rumble or two but that should be it. Temps will be much cooler for the weekend with a few clouds so keep the jacket or hoodie handy.

I am in the waiting room now... Dawn just became a great aunt. So I guess that would make me a great uncle in law. Haven't seen the baby yet (correction, we got to see the baby by the time this posted) but wanted to jump on here real quick. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mobile Update: Rain coming earlier

I discovered a shortcut to the bike/running path today while on a morning jog. Shady, but a shortcut. Still not sure about it. Apparently the locals call it the Itch Ditch. Appealing, I know.

The rain coming is speeding up and looks to be here Friday now. I think it could be here as early as the late morning according to the forecast models today, the out of here by the evening. It will be in and out of the Ohio Valley with much less of a severe threat compared to last week. We will not have that sticky, hot air. So to break it down, hot and hazy tomorrow, Thursday, then scattered showers with a few storms Friday. We will cool off for the weekend with only a few clouds. More rain for the middle of next week. I hope to have a more in-depth look at our chances for any severe weather for Friday in tomorrow's entry. Hit the pool before it is too late and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mobile Update: Pool side

My brother that lives a few blocks away is leaving Columbus in a day so I couldn't pass up pool time. Then he tells me he has a flat tire so I am now getting ready to help.

Oh, Yuengling Oktoberfest was good. Not great. It has more Yuengling taste than Oktoberfest so I was slightly disappointed. I set my expectations too high. Still a good brew regardless but if you are wanting a rich Oktoberfest I would stray away.

Warmer gorgeous weather will continue thru the end of the week. Then a repeat of rain for Saturday and cooler. More in-depth soon, enjoy the sunshine for now and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mobile Update: Yuengling Oktoberfest

I don't always drink Oktoberfest, but when I do, I make it work my while.

My blog has gotten a TON of hits from Yuengling Christmas Ale in a previous entry... but I had no idea Yuengling offered an Oktoberfest until the cashier at Marc's mention it to his boss. I asked if they still had any and he ran to get it for me before I could even blink. Review to come, once it cools.

I also have another first today. I drove a stick shift car. I drove a tractor on the farm, but this was a little different. I have always had an automatic car or truck. I made fajitas for Dawn and my brother, who came over. Afterward he took me out and I ate up his clutch. I got a little better but his Accord is SO MUCH more sensitive than my truck. I have to floor the brakes to stop. Anyway, glad someone was willing to teach me. Thanks Clark.

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather. Tomorrow for my "Sunday" I am going to get my hair cut for the first time with the station's stylist... should be interesting. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Loving the energy at new station

I will be the first admit that I live my life through photos.  This blog over a year ago is what got me to really take it to the next level... then came along Instagram.  I looked back over the last week and I have about a hundred photos.  Some I post, most I do not.  I love the fact that a lot of the people I work with have that same hobby.  We are taking photos, sharing, commenting, critiquing,  and continuing.  I have not had a good photo of me at the wall since I was in Lima as the Chief Meteorologist.  Shame. 

Here is a little side note.  My wife got on my case because she was saying that the words in the teleprompter are there for me... not true for me at the wall.  I have to add the text for closed captioning for the hearing impaired.  I actually see myself instead of the words when I am at the wall.  BUT, if you read carefully you will notice that the text that I put into the close captioning is the same as my blog forecast for the day.  Unique and multi platform...gotta love it.

Speaking of the forecast... An isolated shower is possible Sunday night, but they are more miss than hit and very light.  High pressure roles in for Monday and much of the week ahead.  More sunshine Monday and that sun will be sticking around until the end of the week when the next cold front will bring in a chance for rain by next weekend.  Highs the next couple days will be in the mid-upper 70's followed by mid 80's at the end of the week with low humidity.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Busy 24 hours, no more bandages

I tried something new yesterday... blog entry from the road.  I figure I am going to be out and about so much I may post a few of the quick entries as I am running around.  They might not always have my forecast, but at least they should be fun.  It seems like a week ago since that.  I did a lot of training around the station on new photog gear and editing software.  I then went out to Dublin Coffman for the football game.  I got to enjoy a fun evening with friends and spotted a moped near campus.  Then I came back into the station just after midnight and helped Bill Kelly track storms.  We did have one tornado warning for the area, but luckily it was only radar indicated rotation and no tornado was reported touching down.  I got home and went to bed just after 6AM.

I am finally done with bandages for my arm.  The tape was starting to cause my skin to react with a rash after 8 days on and only taken off for showers.  The road rash heeled up GREAT in those eight days.  It is still very tender and a little scabbing, but not a normal scab... almost like a soft scab.  Anyway, hopefully getting some air and what not I should be back to 100% very soon.  Which is good because my mopeds will be up in Columbus soon.  I am going to look at a garage to rent on Monday and then I will have to run home to get everything when I get some free time.  I think one of the local rad mopeders will be chipping in on the garage as well which will be sweet and my wife will be a little happier that the cost will go down. 

Quite a fantastic Saturday after such a stormy Friday night.  The cool weather will stick around for early Sunday and then a cold front swinging down from the north my trigger off an isolated shower or two for the afternoon on Sunday with highs in the lower 70's.  High pressure will build into the are for the the workweek with plenty of sunshine and temperatures slowly warming through the week ahead.  By the end of the week we will be back in the mid 80's, BUT with low humidity.  Long term forecast has another cold front arriving near next weekend with another chance for rain.  Enjoy the cool temps and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Friday, September 7, 2012

Mobile update... Friday Night Football

Checking in for Dublin Coffman high school football game. Looks like the sky may open up but the first line of storms seem to be splitting as they approach us.

More storms overnight. Hail, strong winds, and even a tornado spinning up can't be ruled out. The rain will be heavy at times and will clear out early tomorrow. Looks dry by the Buckeyes kickoff. Stay alert to local outlets and put fresh batteries in your NOAA weather radio. We will be much cooler and less humid starting later tomorrow. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I found an old friend...

Quick entry while I have a quick second...  I just did a live shot outside and got SOAKED!  It was the only thunderstorm for a hundred miles, but I had to bring the story about the West Nile Virus Advisory.  Luckily the rain played a nice little added role to talk about standing water... roll with the punches, roll with the punches.  But things are going well and I finally caught up with Pete yesterday morning.  He is his good old self... but maybe a little less goofy compared to what Dayton may remember... almost like he has grown up.  I have been busy building some sweet new graphics and settling in at work.  Tomorrow I start my training with the cameras and editing equipment so that should be fun.

Other than a spotty shower tonight we will remain dry for the Ohio Valley.  Friday will be toasty near 90 for the high and the humidity making it feel like the mid 90's so stay hydrated.  Clouds increase tomorrow with showers and thunderstorms for Friday night into early Saturday morning.  Most of this rain will be overnight so the rain will arrive just around or after sunset and then push through and out of here by daybreak or shortly after.  Some of the rain will be pretty strong and there is a slight chance for severe weather.  Mainly strong winds and hail, so stay alert.  I will hopefully have an update from the road tomorrow.  The rain will push out of here just in time for the Ohio State game at noon on Saturday.  The rain will bring in much cooler temperatures for the rest of the weekend and early next week.  We do appear to bounce back to near 80 for later next week, but enjoy the highs in the lower 70's for the start of the week.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Getting settled

After 8 hours of work our spare bedroom/workout room/office room is finally organized and Dawn is up and working from home.  The living room and kitchen need a little more work... and the master bedroom... and all the paintings need hung... so still a decent amount of work, but we are slowly getting settled into our new home.

Boy has it been humid.  The humidity will stick around again until Thursday when we will see showers and storms roll through with cooler temps on the way for the end of the week then more rain, much more rain, for Saturday as a stronger cold front will bring in much more fall-like temperatures for the rest of the weekend and into early next week. The humidity next week will be MUCH lower.  So enjoy the heat and humidity for another day or two then we start to see improvements.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A new chapter... Columbus, Ohio

Well, the move is done... other than unpacking all the boxes.  Dawn, Buckeye, and I had a ton of help from our amazing friends and family in Dayton and Columbus.  We did have a small hick-up trying to get our moving truck... apparently the rental was only for an "in town move" and we had to run to another place to get a truck for the move because a lot of people already changed their plans to help us for the "one way move."  We still stuck to our schedule and a HUGE thanks to everyone who helped us yesterday.  I get a happy, giddy feeling every time I drive into work and get to pass Ohio State and downtown Columbus.  I love this city and have missed it a lot over the last four years.  As excited as I was to get up here... Dayton wasn't ready to just let me go...

I went out to lunch Thursday, the day after my final day on-air.  A couple of the local meteorologists at the competitors stations wanted to take me out one final time and it was a lot of fun.  I figured it was my final opportunity to ride my moped in Dayton.  I was on my way home when I hit a patch of loose gravel.  If you have talked to anyone who rides a motorcycle, moped, scooter, or bicycle... loose gravel is your worst nightmare.  I was slowing down and only going about ten miles an hour and the bike slid out from under me and my skin met the pavement.  If you check my Instagram or Twitter feed you can see a much more impressive photo of the road rash, but I figured I would leave it off of here.  I have been bandaging it up to keep the bleeding and pus to spread minimally.  I have been cleaning it and taking care of it... no worries.  And the bike saw barely any scratches...just pedal, seat, and luggage rack...if you look hard.
Light showers and a few storms will continue Sunday night for the Ohio Valley.  The remnants from Hurricane Isaac is keeping us mostly cloudy with hit or miss rain.  The warm temperatures, humidity and isolated rain will continue into the start of the week.  Labor Day will not be a washout so firing up the grill will be possible...just might want to take a quick peak at the radar to see if any rain is around the corner.  The system will move eastward and we dry out a little more for the second half of the week with cooler temperatures on the way for next weekend, but we may have to trade that off for a little rain Saturday.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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