Sunday, September 23, 2012

Frosty night ahead

Not a lot has happened since last night's entry... Browns still are horrible.  They are hard to watch.  I went home last night and Dawn and I decided we were hungry since we hadn't ate since we left the Ohio State game at 4PM so we we went out to Roosters at 12:30AM... always an interesting crowd.  Slept in then regretfully watched the Browns.  I do have a lot planned for the next couple days off.  I am doing an all-over on my Maxi tomorrow.  I need to check the frame on it since I haven't rode it since I hit the loose gravel a month ago.  Super excited to get my bike up and running and get back on the road.  I am also checking out a new hangout spot for the moped group in the Short North. Other small stuff like haircut and helping another guy re-assemble his Gila to get rid of an air leak... fun times. 

Clearing skies for Sunday night will allow temperatures to fall into the upper 30`s for lows with outlying areas dipping a few degrees cooler.  With temperatures falling close to freezing, there is a Frost Advisory issued for much of Ohio.  If you have any sensitive plants you may want to cover them or bring them inside for Monday morning.  Temperatures will jump into the mid-upper 60`s for Monday with plenty of sunshine.  More clouds Tuesday as the chance for rain returns for late Tuesday into Wednesday.  Our highs will stay in the mid 70`s for the end of the week and the chance for rain returns for the end of the week as a stronger cold front pushes in, heading into early next weekend.  Grab your jacket and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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